Hao Peng stressed in Xining when the investigation and classification of local policies to effective

5 25, governor Hao Peng in Xining to study the inventory of real estate inventory. He stressed that the real estate inventory to a head connected with the supply side structural reforms, a holding people live, to regional characteristics, in view of the real estate market conditions, classification guidance, promote the healthy and orderly development of real estate market, to meet people’s diverse housing needs of the people, promote people-centered NEW urbanization.

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, Hao Peng visited the Xining real estate enterprises match factory of affordable housing construction projects and part of the real property rights trading center in Qinghai Province, in-depth understanding of housing construction and real estate development especially real estate inventory. In Nanchuan road and Rui Jiayuan, Hao Peng has entered the studio to change the placement of Li Mingqiang and Ma Jujun home, one by one look at the apartment layout structure, concerns about their property charges expensive, life is not convenient. Master told the governor: live here, the property is not expensive, the environment is not worse than the high-grade district, really satisfied!" Hao Peng is very happy. He told the relevant person in charge of the accompanying, to get through the transformation of the stock of commercial housing and shantytowns, demolition resettlement between the channels, improve the proportion of money to change the proportion of the shed, so that more people enjoy the housing reform bonus. In the property rights trading market in Qinghai, Hao Peng is engaged in second-hand housing transactions and rental of the masses cordial conversation, a detailed understanding of housing transactions and rental market situation. He pointed out that to develop the implementation of views to foster the development of the housing rental market, the implementation of preferential policies by hirepurchase simultaneously, effectively meet the housing needs of the masses.

in the afternoon, Hao Peng chaired a forum to listen to the transformation and real estate shantytowns to inventory report and related financial institutions, real estate development enterprises and the market intermediary person in charge of the Xining speech. Hao Peng pointed out that to promote the supply side structural reform is a major strategic plan under the new economic norm, to resolve the real estate inventory is one of the important tasks, we should conscientiously implement the requirements of the central reforms, to make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government, follow the objective law of the development of real estate market at the same time, the comprehensive use of relevant policy tools, targeted to take measures to do a solid job in the real estate inventory to work. Hao Peng stressed that to resolve to promote the steady growth of real estate inventory, to promote private investment through the healthy development of the real estate market, driving related industries, the release of effective demand, contribute to the smooth functioning of the economy; to promote structural adjustment in resolving the real estate inventory, to effectively digest the real estate inventory and orderly accelerating new town the organic unity, to promote the development of population urbanization and service industry, to provide space for public entrepreneurship peoples to realize innovation; to resolve the real estate inventory in the people’s livelihood, promote urban shantytowns monetized resettlement, the development of housing rental market, make good use of the housing provident fund, to meet the rigid demand for housing and improve housing demand; in resolve effectively prevent the risk of real estate inventory, strengthen policy guidance, reduce real estate digest inventory cycle, regulate market order, Ensure the sustained and healthy development of the real estate market.

Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiao, and Yang Fengchun attended the above activities.


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