City public resources trading platform basically completed

after intense preparation and construction, the city’s public resources trading platform basically completed. This is my city, deepen reform and build an important measure of government services to "upgrade", is a major change in public resource management system, marking the city to establish a new management service of public resources trading system open, competitive and orderly, fair and effective supervision of the services in place.
it is understood that the city integration of the construction trade, government procurement, land transactions, property transactions and other professional trading platform available, in order to form the sun trading platform unified and efficient, open and fair and honest, realize the innovation of supervision mechanism, regulate trading behavior, optimize the allocation of public resources target. City public resources trading platform is built, new construction, renovation and expansion project construction project survey, construction supervision bidding, government procurement directory or the use of fiscal funds of the government procurement, the state-owned land use rights and mining rights transfer management rights transactions or recruit take hang transfer, state-owned and state holding property etc. the relevant departments of the government assume the public resource projects will be unified into the public resources trading platform centralized trading, unified leadership, unified business, unified supervision and management.

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