Another brand event walking the Chinese water tower

As a walking Chinese water tower, a content of international hiking activities, the 2014 ring of Qinghai Lake hiking activities will be held from August 2nd to 5 in Qinghai lake. The foot from the Gan River, the end of the 151 scenic spots, the entire line of 120 km, there will be nearly a thousand men and women gathered in Qinghai Province, together with the joy of the plateau, enjoy the fun of hiking.

"to participate in such activities as hiking allows us to enhance physical fitness, relieve stress, relax, and can breathe fresh air, feel the experience of the original ecological landscape, ethnic customs, Yijuduode, Buxucixing, will stick to it." Just participated in July 18th in Guide, walking the Chinese water tower charm the Yellow River line of Gansu outdoor enthusiasts Lu patriotic said. Qinghai’s unique natural endowments, created Qinghai to create "ecological sports" congenital fertile soil, alpine mountains, blue sky, desert, grassland pastoral scenery become outdoor venues around the "tour pal" walking great.

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