n 2015 Baotou 16 entrepreneurial Park incubator was identified

The number of

business incubators are vigorously expanding and grow with each passing day, the entrepreneurial base, the national provincial and municipal standards strict self requirements, Baotou 16 new business park, effectively promote the development of business incubator.

2015 in Baotou city issued a "development plan" of Baotou City Park incubator building, planning for the future three years in Baotou City Park incubator construction and development from the aspects of the overall objectives, key tasks and safeguard measures, new policies to support more specific optimization, especially financial support in every city in the forefront of the autonomous region that reflects the support of strategic orientation of entrepreneurship, boost employment. The introduction of the new policy, to further mobilize the enthusiasm of the Pioneer Park incubator, the leading and boosting the effect of the policy to be fully released, the Pioneer Park Incubator in park management, site construction, business services and absorb the initial number of entrepreneurs have different degrees of improvement and development.

2015, Baotou city has also launched a business mentor, the Pioneer Park incubator have set up their own entrepreneurial guidance team, through entrepreneurship policy consulting, project evaluation, entrepreneurship training, small loans, business guide, marketing, business management and related services and other professional services, to promote rapid growth the enterprises in. For the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, through a series of services to help enterprises to strengthen the core competitiveness, optimize business model, a steady transformation and upgrading. At present, Baotou City Park incubator enterprises survival rate of more than 80%, the cultivation of the main business, reduce business costs, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment and other aspects of the function and basic role is reflected.

Incubation Platform for the majority of entrepreneurs have more power to carry out entrepreneurial activities, mining is better suited to their own entrepreneurial resources, create more entrepreneurial projects in the premise of optimizing the allocation of.

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