City newspaper held in the community Qinghai love Qinghai campaign

July 21st, the West Metropolitan Community Liaison Station, School of life and environmental science Qinghai Normal University Youth Volunteer Association and the Xining City District Jiefang Road Street office community comity held "Qinghai, Qinghai love research campaign, zero distance contact with the residents.

in the event, the volunteers of the great beauty of Qinghai publicity booth attracted community residents to stop, "please help me get a set of promotional materials." "how reasonable arrangements for self drive tour" "the tour end needs a few days", "Qinghai Lake mountain, Kumbum Monastery is the number of tickets"…… University students volunteer to give publicity to the community residents, while patiently answer the residents of the consultation.

is in another Advisory stage, surrounded by more residents, there are a lot of tourists from the field is carefully fill out the "Qinghai in my eyes" questionnaire. Liu from Qingdao, please use a word to describe your eyes of Qinghai column filled in the "beautiful, endeavour". Liu said that he came to Qinghai last month, a total of seven or eight tourist attractions, the impression of Qinghai is very good. "I like Qinghai very much. I like Xining very much. I hope to visit Qinghai again." Mr. Liu said.

many residents of such activities held by the newspaper praised, that this allows community residents to obtain a more comprehensive travel information, but also a more profound understanding of the United States and Qinghai. Through zero distance, face to face interaction, let us have a clearer understanding of Qinghai tourism image and rich tourism resources." Resident MS Ho said.

of Qinghai Normal University life and geography, the chairman of Young Volunteers Association Tao Simei said, for tourism promotion through in-depth community, tourism to send home, bring beauty to the home, let residents enjoy convenient quality tourism services at home, let more people understand the abundant tourism resources of Qinghai residents, increase the understanding of the great beauty of Qinghai. This land more love for my life.

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