How to search for investment projects

be sure to lock a good entrepreneurial business objectives, to find a good entrepreneurial projects, so as to make the venture along the right direction, so how to find a good entrepreneurial projects, how to find a good investment?

need to choose what kind of project? I think a lot of people should have asked themselves this question, such as: you have a project half a year profit margin in 8%-12%, I think such a project can not do it again. Half an average of 10% (to do such a project is undoubtedly a waste of life), even if it is not affected by various factors, such as the market (which is almost impossible), that year down, only 20% of the profits. In other words, the investment 1 million, a year before the income of 200 thousand (if the investment is only a profit of about $20 thousand, it is better to work), it takes about 5 years to recover. It also has to ensure that no other big investment expansion impact, once someone to make a large scale similar projects, it must be eaten by opponents, then who can guarantee that you can profit 10% per year?

would be bankrupt or being swallowed. What does the project with annual profit of 20% mean? This can only be explained that the industry has been very saturated, and can not continue to invest, unless you can monopolize the city often if the real monopoly of the national market, 20% is very good, but it is impossible. Even if you may have a monopoly on the national market, you can refuse the strength, the amount of principal and interest to the bones in the foreign actuarial not to compete with you?

at this point for example: a 35 year old woman. Every autumn, she invested 300 thousand acquisition, northeast of pine. After no more than 2 months, on the net income of 500 thousand. In other words, the two month net return is 167%. She is so every year, other time at home playing mahjong or travel. Moreover, she is a big income every 5 years (which may be the law of this line), invested in the acquisition of 1 million, the net income is how much? It’s not known. Do not believe you can come to Jilin investigation.

the personality is not a vague concept of personality is composed of many concrete content, it includes the following characteristics: Innovation: project must be novel, is the market is not saturated, still have can open up the field; creative: creative, and have their own unique characteristics selling point.

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