Kumbum Monastery jumped to the first scenic spots in Qinghai reached 1 million 610 thousand visitors

was upgraded to a national 5A scenic spot of our province Kumbum Monastery key scenic spots, annual tourists and tourism revenue of two indicators, and climbed to the first position, become Qinghai’s scenic big boss.

reporter in February 28th from the province’s key scenic spots and cultural tourism integration work on the topic of the meeting was informed that in 2012, the Kumbum Monastery area of 1 million 610 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 269 million yuan, an increase of 11.9% and 20.4% respectively. These two major indicators, currently ranked first in the province’s major scenic spots, as one of the top two scenic spots in, Kumbum Monastery scenic area to show the leading development of the trump card style of Qinghai.

in recent years, starting from the creation of distinctive cultural tourism brand, the province from top to bottom to promote the construction of Kumbum Monastery scenic area. Especially since last year, in order to create a national 5A scenic area as the impetus and the new opportunity, Huangzhong County focus on the construction of Tibetan Buddhism cultural tourism resort, Xining folk crafts exhibition center location, organize the preparation of the plan for a series of clear ideas and cultural tourism development of scenic area. Invested 120 million yuan to complete the tourist service center, scenic water circuit transformation and other tourism infrastructure and public service facilities projects. Focus on the organization to carry out the comprehensive improvement of the scenic environment, the month ahead and other activities. 130 million yuan investment in construction of the Hehuang Culture Museum and other cultural tourism projects, build cultural industry base 30, to create "eight petal lotus" cultural tourism industry park, "the eight petal lotus" cultural industry production value of 380 million yuan last year.

Duocuobingju, the Kumbum Monastery scenic tourism environment to optimize, tourism and cultural integration to improve the income generating capacity, enhance the quality of tourism brand, the foreign tourist attraction is continuing to enhance. This year’s Spring Festival Golden Week, Kumbum Monastery scenic tourists reached 21 thousand and 900 passengers, continue to lead the Qinghai tourism market. (author: Zhang Lifeng)

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