Once again expand the scope of subsidies for elderly people in Xining over the age of 90 thousand an

In order to make the old people share the fruits of reform and development, improve the quality of life of the elderly, this year the city will once again to expand the scope of subsidies for elderly people over 70 years old, the benefit of the elderly increased to 90 thousand and 400.

for a long time, the municipal government has always attached great importance to the elderly living conditions, according to the municipal government of the "opinions" on strengthening the work of elderly preferential treatment, since 2007 the city began to implement the elderly preferential payments system, for more than 90 years old and 100 years old were given 600 yuan per person per year and 1200 yuan in subsidies. At the same time in 2010 will be over 80 years old is also included in the scope of subsidies, subsidies 480 yuan per person per year. The expansion of the face of 70 years of age per person per year allowance of $360, accounting for 25 million 410 thousand yuan, the current funds have all been in place, can be cashed in the near future.

the old subsidy policy is an important policy, preferential policy is "12th Five-Year" old people in our city to implement a combination of social assistance and social welfare nature, fully embodies the municipal government of the city’s elderly care. In order to ensure the implementation of the work, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Committee on aging of multi-party coordination, actively cooperate with the district (county) strict three approval, three standings publicity system, the implementation of dynamic management, is currently being carried out in an orderly manner, to verify the registration, approval, publicity, payment etc.. (author: Xiao Yu)


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