Organization and implementation of the province’s four categories of migrant workers returning home

recently, the provincial human resources and social security department and the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, provincial poverty Alleviation Office, provincial Party committee, the provincial women’s Federation, the four departments jointly issued the "notice" on the implementation of Qinghai province and other personnel returning migrant workers entrepreneurship training five year action plan, the plan from this year until 2020, to carry out entrepreneurship training work in the province to further promote the migrant workers, participatory poverty, college graduates and veterans returning personnel.

it is reported that the "notice" clearly defined, comprehensive coverage of all groups to do the training needs survey, the return of entrepreneurial intention, personnel training needs and in the initial stage of all personnel into the scope of entrepreneurship training service. The precise poverty personnel entrepreneurial aspirations priority admission to entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship support with participatory poverty, especially poor women enjoy the priority of the various support policies in their own businesses; to carry out targeted entrepreneurship training, to have the entrepreneurial training requirements and aspirations, have a certain business conditions of personnel, carry out "start your business (SYB)" in the early days of training; the staff, combined with the market for enterprise development, carry out the "improve your business (IYB) training.

at the same time, positive innovation entrepreneurship training, promoting the "entrepreneurship + skill" training, combined with regional characteristics, carry out the "enterprise + Hand-Pulled Noodle", "business + farmhouse" and "business + e-commerce" and other training programs, and strive to cultivate not only understand the theory and understand the business, not only to grasp practical skills and good business business, both their own rich and complex talent led the people around to get rich; and effectively improve the quality of entrepreneurship training. The implementation of the government to purchase the results of entrepreneurship training system, select the best training institutions to undertake entrepreneurial training program, do a good job tracking follow-up support entrepreneurship training.


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