Eastern delegation troops deep condolences

On the occasion of the eighty-seventh Army Day approaching, the city of East district leadership team and the district office, government office, Civil Affairs Bureau and other departments responsible person to the provincial military region independent infantry regiment, to the majority of officers and soldiers sent a 20 thousand yuan condolences to the king of the city of. Sympathy, leadership and the soldiers are cordial discussion to the profound feelings. The troops over the years for the eastern economic development and social stability contribution to express my sincere thanks and said it will as in the past the care and support of military construction, make full use of social resources, for the troops to do practical things and solve problems. The head of the eastern army over the years has been adhering to the "excellent traditional Yongjun does not partition and membership regardless of arms" were highly appreciated, and that in the future to continue to carry forward and a pro military tradition, play advantage, and actively carry out the man to help people Huimin activities. Subsequently, we also visited the military independent infantry around the history museum, and a cordial conversation, lunch experience military life.  

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