Pay attention to the provincial winter heating prepare Xining to secure the normal heating in winter

Cold weather, the provincial capital is most concerned about the issue of heating. Recently, the Xining municipal housing security and the Housing Authority asked Xining property services companies to enhance the level of property services, planning ahead, to carry out the preparatory work of heating. At present, the ongoing preparatory work of Xining city heating property service enterprise, the heating equipment cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that the winter heating service work carried out smoothly, so that the city’s residents to enjoy a warm and comfortable winter.

– heating price of 5.77 yuan per square metre per month

the requirement to stop heating, should be in the heating period before the start of the 30 day to sign the agreement to stop heat

the specific heating price agreed by heating operating units in the scope of government guidance in consultations with users, but shall not exceed the maximum amplitude. Heating is implemented according to the area billing system, urban residents heating prices by households comprising the construction area of land, non resident users heating prices according to the actual construction area of land leasing.The planning and design of

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