North of the city of Xining district retrieving homing to carry out the work quickly

to make the personnel first time out of the day inside the complex, north of the city of Xining city district government office "after retrieving" educational activities, help staff to overcome the "holiday syndrome", for the homing, adjustment of status, quickly into the work role.

North District departments and units in accordance with the principle of "early planning, early preparation, early hands-on, early results of the arrangement, made a detailed plan for the work in 2013, on the key and difficult work in the rainy day, early consideration, target targeted measures with high precision, positioning, and immediate action immediately. Dry. District Organization Department actively planning, tense preparation in 2013 to preach to the central rural areas, the central document no.. District Development and Reform Bureau, bureau of economic cadres in-depth project construction line, strengthen the supervision and guidance of the region’s project construction, the early realization of economic development, a good start". District Animal Husbandry Bureau of water use of the favorable opportunity of the Spring Festival, strengthen the spring plowing, deep farmers and merchants through various forms and vigorously promote the development of modern urban industry preferential policies and investment environment. The tension spring district comprehensive management office, in-depth area to resolve conflicts, eliminate hidden dangers, focus on strengthening the train station around the supermarket, hotel, restaurant and traffic order rectification. District Environmental Protection Bureau to start in 2013, coal to gas work on the list of units to be included in this year’s transformation of the implementation and mobilization. District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau transferred cadres, day and night in the cultural activities of the Lantern Festival rehearsals and performances of the scene, to coordinate the public watch, at any time to solve the problem. (author: Fan Shengdong

  right Guoxing);

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