Listen to the interview and investigation the Xining Daxing wind research group cadres

Since April, the Department of Xining municipal Party committee organization consisting of 5 research groups, in-depth the city’s grass-roots units, organize and carry out the work of research activities, explore to resolve the problem of influencing and restricting the development of the organization, in order to put forward new ideas, new measures to enhance the scientific level of the organization.

to ensure that the research progress, research, combined with the province, the ministers of the organization to determine the key tasks, combined with the hot and difficult issues facing the organization work under the new situation, combined with the Organization Department of the party, and the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, municipal Party committee issued the key research task, carefully identified 11, reflect the characteristics of Xining the cadres and the masses attention, organization of urgent research topics, the establishment of 5 research groups were led by the leaders of the Ministry of the relevant offices listed by the research outline and questionnaire survey, making research plan.

research, in-depth research group, rural counties, communities, schools, hospitals, enterprises, institutions, and grassroots cadres and the masses "back to back" research, "face to face" listen, "heart to heart" interview, grasp the problem, the organization of the organization for the advancement of the development of first hand materials. Pay attention to the new situations and new problems, the contradictions and difficulties of concentration, weak local research, using the survey, individual interviews, field investigation, questionnaire survey, sampling survey, research extension and other forms of access to information, data and related data. The focus of investigation visited a total of 7 counties, 27 municipal departments and the municipal state-owned enterprises, 6 township streets, 14 rural communities in 16, handing out a questionnaire of 7 sets of a total of 1317 copies, to solicit opinions and suggestions more than and 310, has organized 732 people to carry out all kinds of Forum 55 times. (author: Su Jianping)


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