Left behind children in the North

two "migrant children home" sign has been hanging in the north area of Guangming primary school and Mao Sheng Temple community, North District Women’s Federation presented sporting goods and books to the two "migrant children home, migrant children in the north area finally got home.
according to the introduction, "migrant children’s home is north of the City District Women’s Federation, the Education Bureau to further strengthen the work of migrant children, migrant children pay attention to healthy growth, efforts to solve their physical and mental growth, family education and other aspects of the problem and the establishment, not only to build an interactive platform for migrant children. But also meet the needs of their extra-curricular learning, cultural life, rights protection and other aspects, to promote the healthy development of migrant children warm homes. Light small existing school migrant children more than 240 people, accounting for 50% of the total number of students, the school education management, academic counseling, companionship, feel the city, self-care education and other aspects of the activities, so that children with their parents to Ning feel social schools and teachers students love and help Mao Sheng; Temple community is the bridge within the jurisdiction of migrant children from the community, the existing migrant children more than 120 people, the community for the establishment of migrant children archives, established migrant children care group, and set up a bunch of a supporting group, through these measures, the area of the migrant children have a better learning environment in their spare time. (author: Su Yanqin)


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