North enhance the ability to enhance the station

Recently, the city held a regional organization, publicity, united front and political and legal work conference, the meeting summed up the work in 2014, the deployment of the work of the task in 2015.The

meeting from "achievements, clearly understand the situation, new requirements and new deployment", "focus, solve problems, promote the progress of the work, improve the positioning, reform and innovation, put forward specific requirements in three aspects to enhance the ability and level of" requirements after all units and departments must take members of the General Assembly branch and other forms of learning, learning to convey the spirit of the meeting; we should study and implement the spirit of the meeting as an important task at present, combined with the study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen session of the third and fourth plenary session, emphatically grasp strictly, improve the style, the masses of the thought center at the grassroots level, services at the grassroots level of thought; to implement the spirit of the meeting and make annual work closely together, strengthen production safety hazards investigation, and actively respond to the demands of the masses, to resolve All kinds of unstable factors, actively and steadily do a good job during the Spring Festival to ensure that the region’s economic and social harmony and stability.


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