Love Shanghai algorithm experience for users in the end is how to judge the site

can accelerate the speed of opening page


in our Shanghai dragon eyes, each master Shanghai dragon will say that the top of the Shanghai dragon is good user experience, have a good user experience, you will have good rankings and flow. The net odd admit that the user experience is a very important part in the Shanghai dragon, but ordinary enterprise is very difficult to do user experience, we are selling products to the site, it is difficult to make the user experience.

above there are several reasons for this, we can see that these reasons are in order to make the site open speed more quickly, users get a better web experience, we use the page optimization suggestion tool we can understand the love of Shanghai eye in the user experience of the website is what, can not be said to be comprehensive. But at least it is a standard of judgment, which is open to the speed of your web page, the faster the user experience is good.

behind the net strange Shanghai dragon to do the test, the results are as follows:


reduce the element volume, reduce the speed of


the picture above you can see, meet the requirements there will be love Shanghai display hook green, with the Red Cross will be used to display the Red Cross, we points out things can be seen from the grey words it is clear why correct reasons several points:

a redirect means more request once, try not to use the redirect

love to give out the data, page open speed should be decided on your site test results of scoring. This tool will also fall in love with the sea to your site where need to be improved while a list:

launched in Shanghai last October 24th love "page optimization suggestion tool upgrade on-line tool" launched the net strange Shanghai Longfeng through this tool can understand the love of a user experience judgment in Shanghai.

this page optimization tool is what things? Love by Shanghai’s official statement is: the web page format and writing norms, make people more understanding ", and the search engine more friendly, according to the official means how to get the page optimization can provide better user experience.

can reduce the number of network links


> The The basic

cannot open the link, will affect the page open speed

According to the Shanghai

page to render, open speed is affected by

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