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love the sea fight one after another algorithm does not mean to come to an end > Shanghai Dragon

: content timeliness and originality

August 28th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued news sources included all know that. Shanghai is the latest in a series of self update algorithm, attack release promotion of the soft news station. News sources included: the principle of hope have included news editing ability, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and a certain scale of the news site in its target domain. In addition to the news site has certain provisions, news sources included also needs to be judged according to other aspects.


Shanghai dragon real purpose is not to please the search engine, but by the user as the main object. Site traffic, conversion rate is based on a user under some. The user experience is not good, so the website traffic can not high, less likely to have a good conversion rate. The site layout is reasonable, clean, clean, clear the web page to increase user experience, attract repeat is very important. Some medical websites in order to attract the attention of users, plus a lot of pop on the website, advertising etc.. You point to where they go, this is a very hate. In violation of the principle of the algorithm also reduces the pomegranate, user experience. Don’t carry out large-scale website revision, replace the domain name, the user in the search ranking website, click on the go is 404 or not open the page, not only reduce the flow, the user will also turn off the page, not to the point of this site.

news source refers to the station information for the first time by search engines and priority included, by the network reproduced in the media become the media news source network. Requests the news source site content is of high quality, aspect. The original things to attract the spider crawling, indeed write original content must cost the brain, time-consuming, some owners feel worthwhile, write out the content being a second copy paste to his own website, but also included. Your website is the original content, the spider will think you are friendly to it, the search engine will give you a high weight website. Relevant to the content and theme of the site, regardless of how well written content, no related topics, or not to bring into the website the value of high rate of flow. In addition to timely update, not everyone else know you again to update, then there is no need to pick. Exclusive original, relevant to the subject, the first time released the latest news content can be the first time included the love of Shanghai.


two: user experience to do

many owners will ask why my site suddenly no longer love Shanghai included the news? Based on site and content no problem, you need to check your server instability, such as page open speed is slow, the content will lead to a temporary failure of capture. Either for a good server, either by the complaint center back to love Shanghai, love Shanghai will give a reply.

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