Search traffic flow is the core of Shanghai Dragon King

1, keyword selection and layout research, strategy of drainage.

want to get more browsing, to have strategy of optimization selection of keywords, such as our website, only pay attention to the popular keyword optimization is certainly not enough, because a hot word competition is not good, get good rankings do go up, there is also the possibility of instability, the other is because the portal site high weight, the content of the page ranking will be very good, do not make good use of this advantage, absolute Bo Tim Tin Mat. Long tail keywords research and hot words are very critical, which keywords can bring considerable traffic, and bring to the website of Shanghai Longfeng effect is worth to study, the drainage strategy requires us to have a better understanding of this.

many webmaster friends in English and I often asked to "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon how to do" and "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ranking skill is what" questions like this, this is a very big problem, I believe we are very difficult to answer, but it is our most eager to know the exact answer to the problem. Ask this friend and I actually as before to Shanghai dragon absolutely no direction and controllability, this is very dangerous, because if there is no direction and controllability for Shanghai dragon, we will become a dragon Shanghai migrant workers, doing grueling work every day, with little return. According to my observation and I grew up in the same station, so today I am writing this article is to remind ourselves, but also give us some inspiration, let everyone know more clearly to the core of Shanghai dragon.


flow is the core of Shanghai dragon


on the surface, Shanghai dragon website optimization is the most direct purpose is to rank, the ultimate goal is to get more conversion, access to customers and revenue, and from the search engines to get more quality traffic is just a middle process, so many people choose to ignore the part of flow, and it is precisely the choice of the neglected part is the core of the Shanghai dragon. Because the conversion rates and can not be fully counted in Shanghai Longfeng category, the category should be counted as web site operators, just because in recent years, we pay more attention to the each part of the website and the Shanghai dragon combination will produce "conversion rate is the core of Shanghai dragon" wrong understanding, and we do ranking, the higher the ranking, flow certainly more, the website only had the flow to talk about transformation gains, so can never ranking as the core of the Shanghai dragon. After figuring out the Shanghai dragon core, we have to do is to optimize, the targeted to specific executive level, in order to get more search traffic:

most people do Shanghai Longfeng, easy to overlook the we do Shanghai dragon’s original intention, also is that in front of me Shanghai dragon core. We can think, we do website of Shanghai Longfeng intention is ranked? Is flow? Or the conversion rate of

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