The new station to quickly get out of the sandbox search engine

finally, check your chain website or page has no illegal content or unhealthy content, one case (for example: I have a website management, due to illegal websites outside the chain, caused the search engine included more than half a year), search engine and unhealthy or illegal the website link will be the focus of attention, and even into the sandbox. So the chain as a foreign chain page or have a general overall understanding.

second, gradually give up the BBS signature of the chain, the energy transferred to the major news websites and large blog, most of the sandbox is because of frequent irrigation caused by the forum. With the chain, BBS signature is one of the most uncontrollable chain, and search engine also gradually to reduce the weight of the chain forum. So try to shift your focus from BBS signature chain.

we often encounter a new station, this is the confidence he has hoped to bring their own income ranking in the search engine. But often weeks or months of search engines are not included, not to mention the ranking, the sandbox effect is what we often say that the search engine, below I simply talk about how to quickly get out of the sandbox search engine.

again, check text pointing his chain, and the chain page similar links in the search engine more and more intelligent today, search engine has been completely to the outside of the chain can judge at text consistent by the same person or a team, which has violated the search engine for the original interpretation of the chain the concept of "vote". This to their own voting by search engines should slowly distinguish, so try to get the text aim diversification, let the spider cannot simply distinguish sources of chain out.

first, we must be clear in order to cause the sandbox effect formed an antidote against the disease. The sandbox effect corresponding to the station is divided into new and old station, the new station sandbox effect is the most common, the main reason for a short period of time suddenly get a large number of external connections, the search engine will doubt bulk or buy connection, need to have some time to listen and judge. At this time, if you do not say a lot of junk connection link, then deal with the chain in their station classification, abandon the relatively low weight of the station. Much of the text to Admin5, such as Chinaz platform. One thing to note: the number of links to a number of links to do this and do roughly the same day before. Must not be suddenly reduced or is added. To do step by step. Don’t be quick.

sum up: to jump out of the sandbox search engine must be done: the mass, the link step by step, at the source of the chain check text diversification, website content validity and health. As long as these points out the search engine sandbox point the day and await for it.

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