Liu Jun the industry website and the enterprise website optimization difference

has been engaged in enterprise station construction and promotion of the work, the recent departure of friends and founded his own company, focus on enterprise site promotion work. Not feeling should do very good before, but after just know that everything can not see the appearance, only you do know, we must first give the positioning of their own enterprises (how to locate Liu Jun on the enterprise website) paoti, Liu Jun today and share is the difference between the station and the station in industry enterprises the optimization of the above, in the Liu Jun optimization of the site, the enterprise occupies most part of the station is engaged in two kinds of feelings, profound differences in site optimization to the difference between the two sites, resulting in many different places in the optimization of their practices, now Liu Jun mainly from the following three aspects they talk about the difference between


first, enterprises and industry differences in the structure of the website


the first look at the two picture chart

first we should clear the industry is what is and what is the enterprise industry station station, station is what industry needs, enterprises need to do what the station is, so that we can find out what is different in the site structure, because the structure in the site is necessary to satisfy the user, if the extra column will affect the users of a website too much experience, so the website structure is determined on the website of the object and the use of

stand for the enterprise, are generally relatively simple, but is to show the image of the enterprise website, or display products business station is relatively simple, only a small amount of several columns, such as company, company presentations, exhibits several columns, simple and contact, so the structure is more simple, but the industry is not the same, industry not only need to have products for sale, purchase, industry news and consultation, there might be a massive two level domain to achieve its desired, so that the industry structure in the station is very complex.

second, enterprise stand and face industry user groups with different


stand for the enterprise and industry station in the different user groups are mainly in the following aspects: general enterprise site is facing his existing and potential customers are, in order to promote their products, corporate image display, sales of the company products, increase customer trust on the basis of the establishment of the station, and Industry for the entire industry market, he needs to depart from the overall grasp of the industry, industry consulting, industry generally passed to us is information. Thus, the structure of their complex problems. Enterprise stand generally do is keywords, if a company has a few good words make up, then the enterprise stands in some aspects is successful, while the industry station does the brand need to do, only to remember the brand in this industry, in order to gain a foothold in this industry. So the industry and enterprise in the face of the fan station station.

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