Sogou WeChat search ranking rules decryption

is WeChat keywords function name and WeChat public number in the introduction to the effect on the rankings, this is very obvious. To pay attention to is the same as the love and Shanghai’s main search keywords, the greater the effect in the front row.

2, the authority of

1, the correlation between

and the need to pay attention to the text and text related user query precise matching, more accurate, more on the role of the ranking. In the search engine fuzzy matching is definitely the enemy but accurate matching, for a very simple example, in the WeChat search search Sogou website Shanghai dragon optimization ", as shown in Figure two, although contain" Shanghai dragon website optimization "this query, but apparently the first more accurate.

, network marketing search, text correlation second is less than third, but still ranked better than it, watch, a WeChat certification, a Tencent is micro-blog certified.

text is a basic correlation factors of all search engines are available, this is also a factor in the most intuitive. The text is correlation between your WeChat public number related text information and the user query, WeChat search public numbers show the text is a function of the public number name of WeChat.



was just out of the WeChat Sogou search, I would say that as long as there is a search ranking, and as long as there is the sort of sortingrules. If your public number can appear in the front, if your article can than others rank well, then obviously you can get more traffic and fans. What is the Sogou WeChat search ranking rules? What factors will affect the subscription number and the ranking? What kind of subscription number and push articles will have better ranking? This is the wood to say.

Sogou WeChat search, to see how the authority of the public number? The answer is this certification, and love Shanghai V, micro-blog certification is a truth. But the different certification for ranking is also influential: WeChat certified weight > Tencent micro-blog certification > certification without weight.



Sogou WeChat search has a day, exclusive collection of the subscription number and the contents of the article, a search that was. Although the sky was a loud, WeChat search debut, but did not achieve the desired effect, most of them are people in the Internet, many ordinary people do not know. In spite of this, but WeChat search still has a huge traffic, with Shanghai than that of course is not love, but for the average person, enterprise, media and so on is that is considerable, you know, thin dead camel than ma.

WeChat Sogou search public number


collation < > The following examples such as

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