How do the high quality chain

platform! connection?

single-phase connection:

use of resources: there are sites of individuals and enterprises more and more, then we can use the friends make their site to our website, this is the best, but also the most stable


what is the high quality of the chain:


high quality of the chain:

! method steps connection!

tools / materials


: now buy connection with the increase of Shanghai dragon malicious competition, has become one of the main means of purchase link ranking to improve, but according to the quality of the website, the price is not the same, and buy connection, to buy long-term short-term, basically no what role! Do not recommend the grassroots webmaster choose to buy single

single-phase connection refers to the website of the other side to our site, we do not point to their site, this connection is very useful for the website rankings, since the single connection so good to ranking, so how to obtain a large number of single phase

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER believes that as long as the love of Shanghai included and effectively connected to your site even outside the chain of high quality the chain, in fact is not the case. The high quality of the chain contains many aspects, such as: the chain to close, the stability of the chain, the weight of the chain, the chain and so on. The high quality of the chain is not just a search engine that has the help to the website, and high quality of the chain should be in line with the user, so that users can connect to find the information they need, so the chain is outside the chain of high quality


black chain resources: black chain is black hat Shanghai Longfeng commonly used a form of the chain, it is the use of hacking into others website server, manually add the chain, and the use of CSS language, to connect text hidden, make the webmaster easy to perceive! But the chain this form once is management >

with the Shanghai dragon, more and more people pay attention to network marketing, but you want to make your site to get good rankings, not only to enhance the quality of the content of the website, one of the most important factors in the high quality of the chain is also ranked. The chain said we are not unfamiliar, but how much of the chain is the high quality of the chain, the key to our rankings? The author would like to tell you what kind of the chain is outside the chain of high quality

submitted to the soft outside the chain of soft Wen contribute indeed can be regarded as the high quality of the chain, because the soft Wen is not original, and the article also close to the user, can help users. And submitted to the soft words, will be many websites, so the chain can be regarded as the high quality chain. To introduce some good soft Wen contribute platform: A5, network owners, NetEase news contributor, 51 station network, etc.. These are good soft Wen contribute

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