Tips for search engines love on your website


for the new site for many of my friends are to get a good income through the station, but there are a lot of friends in the web site no matter the website has a traffic and user groups began to increase the number of ads, so the user experience is not good, especially many owners put the window and some love the brightly coloured advertisement, if users visit your site immediately pop up some advertising such a large extent will be in the user will generate resentment which leads to the next will not browse on your new site, and search.

since we are doing Shanghai Longfeng optimization so we mainly rely on the love of Shanghai to get traffic, you should know the love of Shanghai is the largest search engine company, China most of the netizens are to search and find information using in the sea, so we in the early site content and site site planning must if the health to content on the record but love Shanghai very much of a website, the general weight record of the site to the love of Shanghai is very high, because you filed on behalf of your site is normal station, so we must keep the record in the early to implement good for us later base.

rookie webmaster circle in the webmaster more and more, we should not only put the website to do beautiful but also to take into account the search engine optimization, because our main source of traffic is to rely on search engines to search, so we should be here to work, today and share about how to make search engines love on our website, let the spider to patronize our site.

is a website then since we must choose a good space to set up early, many webmaster rookie for the sake of some space and cheap to buy these cheap space later led to simply use and access to normal, so many webmaster is throw good money after bad, so we should build a station since then you must select the server and space provider good here, I suggest that you can go inside the flat-share in stationmaster net looking for suitable space and server of your own, after all, is the largest webmaster exchange places, their service and reputation is very good, so we should choose to have their own choice the brand and product operations team, so as to ensure good quality.

is a search engine for the acquisition of taboo, many novice webmaster add content in the early stages of love with the collector to increase the content of the website, sometimes an hour increase of tens of thousands of articles, this is tantamount to the indirect behavior in Dutch act so we don’t go to the shortcut Road, is very popular for the original the search engine, a good website original content is essential.

, three, refused to support the original acquisition of

four, the user experience in the first row of

, a formal site and the site for the record

two, the overall website browsing speed

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