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(IT168 library page love Shanghai snapshot)


(love Shanghai library HTML code)


(Sina asked to share information page love Shanghai snapshot)




love Shanghai on JS, flash and frame frame structure is very cold, then love Shanghai for their own library of the content and how to identify? Library products to other websites? We take "detailed view web pages using ALT tags and whether the correct wording" this article comparative analysis in Shanghai library, Sina share and IT168 library. First we look at these three products are as follows:

from the above three products page HTML code that is part of the SWF file, which we often say Flash. The content of love Shanghai search engine optimization guide is very clear that Flash is the bad love Shanghai grab. Then we do the chain of words in the text, in the end there is no use? Then we analysis, this article snapshot pages are crawled to love Shanghai. Then we take a look at this article snapshot love Shanghai library page to find the link in the

HTML code

(love Shanghai love Shanghai library page snapshot)


we can see that the Sina and IT168 library, which is Flash content can not be love Shanghai crawl, the chain inside the natural void. Shanghai love is different, can be seen by the FLAH text, when we click to view the snapshot of the source code, can also be found in the text and the link, then this chain is bound to useful sites. Figure:

(IT168 Library)


We know that

we all know love Shanghai’s own product weight is very high, when love Shanghai to search for certain keywords, love Shanghai products illustrious in the column, some pride in the list. These include love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, news, library etc.. For example, the word "SLR" through love Shanghai in the home search results in 5 is love is Shanghai’s own products, 10 natural ranking, five in the column. One of the small share of the protagonist is a product of the Shanghai love love Shanghai library.


(Sina asked to share information)

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