Share four ways to make your visitors return

this is a most useful tool for tourists to return. In essence, it is a can be automatically converted automatically update your content on the web site for the mail and automatically sent to your website on the members of the software. In the past, if we want to send out a week briefing and weekly response, but in fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to set up, and to regularly update. Fortunately, we can use the RSS software to do this email. It can be said is the biggest feature of this software can send your automation automation services, daily updated website content to your site members.

2) on your site article review

more than 10 years of experience in network marketing, the Internet is a constantly changing game. Although we can use a few years ago the tactics to increase new visitors, but in the best method to increase your website traffic problems is to stabilize the amount of your return visitors. Think of some of the major websites. As the secret to their success is a stable return visitors every day.

4) to provide users with useful information

3)If you are a

this is the most effective way to make your users return one of the. If you can provide some useful information on a regular basis, then your regular visitors will come back. In this paper, by the Hangzhou Huanglong driving 贵族宝贝hzhlj>

1) using RSS mail tool

Internet users in 1990s, so you can remember a chat forum. However, continued to flourish in the Internet today, many companies still choose to see a chat forum on its website. This is you to establish a website community is the effective tool. This is the best way to get the user’s interest. It gives you a chance to you and exchange visitors.

Use the message board

recently I saw a founder of iContact and chief executive of Ruian Alexander interview. IContact is a provider of more than 700 thousand users email marketing software company. He said at the time, in an interview: "if you do not consider your visitors return, your site will not have high flow. You may only be a waste of time and money in some won’t you visit the website of the people". Here are five can successfully convert your visitors as devout followers strategy.

if your website on your website to actively participate in the review, so they will regularly return. One of the best ways to keep your readers active is also active in the website, a positive reply to the readers in the article. Here I suggest the use of a called "subscribe to comments" WordPress plugin. With this plugin, if someone is a comment on my site, then it will send me an email. This plugin is free.

According to my

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