Taobao off Shanghai dragon disappeared after what can we do

why Taobao should screen love Shanghai, the beginning is actually very simple, because Taobao wants to profit, so the forbidden love Shanghai crawl, assume that if Taobao in the commodity information is love Shanghai crawl, so everyone to buy things directly to love the sea search, do not go to Taobao search the. There are businesses will go to Taobao to buy the through-train service? It is to love Shanghai by auction. Why Taobao banned Google? Because Google has not left ranked bidding. We know that the left side of the search page ranking is the most direct, most users access the search results.

then Taobao customers now can not do


such as the site, why not love Shanghai K, there are also links to call, because it produces the value of the user, the love of Shanghai is very welcome to produce a value to the user, to the user who has the value of things is good for love Shanghai search engine, but a large number of API direct call, appear the number of duplicate content roughly.

This part of Why is Taobao launched Taobao


flow indirectly introduced some large platform. But for the bidding, users also conducted two searches, if the user can not find their own demand for products in Shanghai love, but also to Taobao, the Jingdong, where some large sites to search for the two time.

in 2010 at the beginning of June, the release of a new algorithm, which based on API mode of Taobao are all down, but the JS call Taobao customer links are all right, after June, Taobao continues to kill off site procedures, we can look at all of the sites owned by Taobao in robots in the forbidden love sea grab.

to see the Taobao customer can do this, we will see Taobao off the way we know love Shanghai is a valuable product information is very popular, similar to the Taobao site product information, valuable product information refers to the person to edit the value of information to the user. We can look at the "beauty" website, he is Taobao’s guest, but he put Taobao off the pattern has changed, as well as from the love Shanghai import traffic to Taobao, Taobao to take the Commission, but has not been in love with the sea K. Is the user to share user information.

want to get Taobao search engine traffic, does not want to own search engines, but also do not want to waste the love Shanghai every day tens of millions of traffic, so ma on the launch of the Taobao customer, directly to the station to provide API call. These should be a lot of traffic to click into Taobao, since Ma is very clever, so Robin Li is not stupid, since you do not let me grab your resources, so you want to get my traffic now, how is it possible, so love in Shanghai Taobao guest website in succession June 2010 K most.

general user is very hate two search, if one can in the end, why.

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