Action needed to reverse Canadas wildlife decline conservationists say

first_imgMONTREAL — Canada may be known for its wide-open spaces and wildlife, but the federal and provincial governments need to dramatically increase their efforts if they’re to save the country’s endangered species, conservationists say.A World Wildlife Fund report last month created alarm with its finding that global wildlife populations dropped 60 per cent over the last 40 years, and recent data shows the situation in Canada is not a lot better.A WWF report last year found that Canadian mammal populations dropped by 43 per cent, amphibian and reptile populations by 34 per cent and fish populations by 20 per cent over a similar time period. Some types of birds have lost between 43 and 69 per cent of their populations.Populations of species listed under the federal Species at Risk Act, or SARA, declined by an average of 28 per cent since the legislation was enacted in 2002.Margot Venton, a lawyer with the environmental law group Ecojustice, says part of the reason for the declines is that the regulatory framework is full of holes and is often ignored by governments.Venton notes that some provinces, such as British Columbia, don’t even have their own endangered species legislation, while others have appeared unwilling to take the steps to list new species or protect habitat.And while the federal government has the right to intervene if necessary, she says it generally hesitates to step into provincial jurisdiction.“That’s a real hole, and we need to fill that hole, and we need to fill it quickly, because of all the recent evidence we have about how rapidly the problem is accelerating,” she said in a phone interview.Last Wednesday, three environmental groups published a petition calling on the federal government to protect boreal caribou in northern Ontario, saying a decade of mismanagement by the province has put the animals increasingly at risk.But the Ontario case is part of a larger pattern of governments failing to protect Canada’s at-risk populations, according to a conservationist with the David Suzuki Foundation who has studied the animals.Rachel Plotkin says caribou herds across Canada are in decline, largely due to habitat loss and economic activities such as logging.She says governments have been reluctant to act, citing as an example the Quebec government’s decision this year to allow the small Val-d’Or herd to die off because it would be too expensive to save them.Instead of protecting habitat, she says, governments tend to favour “mitigation measures” such as building fences or culling predators.“It’s a failure to set limits for industrial resource extraction,” she said.Delay is another problem at both the federal and provincial levels, according to James Snider, the vice-president for science, research and innovation at World Wildlife Fund Canada.He notes that it can take years from the time a species is recommended for protection under SARA to it being added to the list.And even then, measures such as protecting critical habitat or creating recovery plans don’t necessarily follow, he said.Environment Canada counters that it has taken numerous steps to address the backlog of species waiting to be listed and to significantly boost funding for conservation.That includes a commitment to double the amount of nature protected across Canada and a $1.35 billion investment in conservation in its 2018 budget.“The protection and recovery of species at risk is an important responsibility shared by federal, provincial and territorial and Indigenous governments, requiring a collaborative approach across jurisdictions,” Samantha Bayard, a department spokeswoman, wrote in an email.In emails, the governments of Alberta and British Columbia also expressed their commitment to protecting endangered species. Quebec did not respond to an inquiry about its conservation efforts.The B.C. government is currently holding discussions with Indigenous nations and stakeholders and plans to introduce its own species-at-risk legislation at the conclusion of that process, an Environment Department spokesperson said.The three conservationists say the increased investments are welcome, but what’s really needed is a shift away from trying to protect individual species to an ecosystem-based approach that conserves vast expanses of habitat and addresses the needs of several species at once.While this approach will require placing greater limits on industrial activity, Plotkin believes the payoffs will be significant, given the role natural ecosytems play in cleaning the air, filtering groundwater and absorbing carbon dioxide.“Having healthy ecosystems is a lynchpin for all survival,” she said.Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

60 million from federal carbon tax to go to green projects in

first_imgOTTAWA — The federal government is spending a portion of the proceeds of the carbon tax to fund green projects at schools in four provinces.The funding totals $60 million and will go to elementary and secondary schools in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says in Ottawa.Those four provinces are subject to the national carbon price because they do not have their own carbon-pricing systems that meet federal standards.The Liberals previously announced 90 per cent of the revenue from the carbon tax is going back to individuals through rebates on their income taxes.Ten per cent will go to schools, hospitals, small businesses and other institutions to help develop green projects.The schools are supposed to use the money for projects that reduce energy-related costs and greenhouse-gas emissions.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Jane Fonda To Present Womens Media Award

first_imgThe Women’s Media Center has announced that The 2012 Women’s Media Awards will honor Multiple Emmy & Peabody Award Winner Pat Mitchell, President & CEO of The Paley Center for Media & Founding Co-Chair of The Women’s Media Center, with The Women’s Media Center’s first annual Lifetime Achievement Award.Two-time Academy Award-winning actress/humanitarian/activist & The Women’s Media Center co-founder Jane Fonda will present the Award to Pat Mitchell at The 2012 Women’s Media Awards on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at Guastavino’s in New York City. Going forward, this award will be given annually as the Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award.The Women’s Media Awards recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to advancing women’s and girls’ visibility and power in media.“This recognition is especially meaningful to me, given The Women’s Media Center’s advocacy for more equitable and accurate representation of women in media,” says Pat Mitchell, “and I am especially honored to know that future generations of women will also be recognized for their work to advance women and girls through the power of media.”“We are deeply proud to honor Pat Mitchell with the first annual Women’s Media Center Lifetime Achievement Award—and to establish that Award permanently in her name,” says Robin Morgan, Co-Founder of The Women’s Media Center. “A media virtuoso, Pat harmonizes great skills, talent, wit, wisdom, energy, standards of excellence, and principled insistence that women’s voices be heard. Her achievements awe, but she makes the impossible look easy. The newly minted Women’s Media Center Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award thus also expresses our faith in all she will yet accomplish.”“I am beyond honored to be presenting the first annual Women’s Media Center Lifetime Achievement Award to Pat Mitchell. She has been the connector, the spark plug, and the strategist behind more important women’s events and forums than seems possible for one tiny woman,” observes Jane Fonda, Co-Founder of The Women’s Media Center.“Pat is that most rare of leaders, one who is trusted by the decision makers as they now exist, and also by the future decision makers hoping to expand what exists,” said Gloria Steinem, Co-Founder of The Women’s Media Center. “Because she herself has been inside every kind of media, her expertise and ideas are trusted. Because of her own character and kindness, her judgment is trusted. She creates bridges between excellence and new ideas, between what is and what could be. There is no force on earth more powerful than trust — and Pat personifies it.” says Gloria Steinem.The 2012 Women’s Media Awards are co-chaired by Loreen Arbus, Donna Deitch, Jodie Evans, Jane Fonda, Carol Jenkins, Robin Morgan & Gloria Steinem.To buy tickets or for more information about The 2012 Women’s Media Awards and the ongoing work of The Women’s Media Center, click here.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

Ban pays tribute to fallen blue helmets in Haiti

13 October 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon paid tribute today to 11 peacekeepers serving with the United Nations mission in Haiti who were killed when a plane crashed last week, hailing them for helping the Caribbean country’s people “fulfil the enormous promise of their proud nation.” A plane had been on a routine surveillance flight near the border with the Dominican Republic when it struck a mountain on Friday in the Fonds-Verrettes area of southeast Haiti, killing the six Uruguayans and five Jordanians on board, according to the mission, known as MINUSTAH.“Those we remember today were patrolling from the skies, but they could see something farther on the horizon: a brighter and more hopeful future for all the people of Haiti,” Mr. Ban said in a message to a memorial service delivered by his Special Representative, Hédi Annabi, in the capital, Port-au-Prince.“They ventured far from home to serve the shared values that bind us together as a human family,” he added. The peacekeepers came to Haiti to protect the country’s borders and help victims of last year’s devastating storms and hurricanes, the Secretary-General noted. “These 11 brave men put everything into a painting a picture of a rising Haiti, more secure, more hopeful, more strong.”During the moving memorial ceremony, attended by hundreds of UN staff and Haitian and international dignitaries, Haitian President René Préval bestowed the National Order of Honour and Merit on the 11 peacekeepers. The 11 coffins were each decorated with a wreath of flowers laid by Mr. Ban’s Special Representative Hédi Annabi and the commanding officers of the Jordanian and Uruguayan battalions. The UN flag flew at half mast both at MINUSTAH and UN Headquarters in New York.Following remarks by Commander Mohammed Al-Ajarmah of the Jordanian battalion and Colonel Edimer Guevara of the Uruguayan battalion, Mr. Annabi spoke on behalf of MINUSTAH and the UN family in Haiti.As the final notes of the Last Post faded away, the coffins were carried by their bearers past the Honour Guard and to the vehicles that were waiting to take them to the airport, and then by plane back home to their final resting place.The Jordanian peacekeepers killed were Col. Adidallah Ibrahim Almawajdeh, Lt. Col. Jehad Semrin Almeirat, Maj. Ibrahim Brahim Mohammed Al-Shorman, Lt. Belal Ahmed abu Hujailah and Warrant Officer Ame Mahmoud Alrawashdeh; those from Uruguay were Capt. Jose Ignacio Larrosa, Lt. Santiago Gabriel Hernandez, Officer Jose Leonel Pastor, Cpl. Enrique Alejandro Montiel, Cpl. Yiyi Anabel Medina and Cpl. Nestor Fernando Morales.In a related development, the Security Council today extended the mandate of the mission, which has been in place in Haiti since mid-2004 after the then president Jean-Bertrand Aristide went into exile amid violent unrest, through 15 October next year.Currently there are more than 9,000 military and police personnel deployed and nearly 2,000 civilian staff.The unanimously-passed resolution recognized “the ownership and primary responsibility of the Government and the people of Haiti over all aspects of the country’s stabilization,” as well as MINUSTAH’s role in supporting authorities consolidate peace.It also welcomed efforts undertaken by Special Envoy to Haiti, former United States president Bill Clinton, to spur job creation, improve the delivery of basic services and infrastructure and attract private sector investment. read more

ASA Attends Risk Management Agencys State of Crop Insurance Roundtable

first_imgRisk Management Agency (RMA) Administrator Brandon Willis hosted a discussion about current crop insurance issues with the American Soybean Association (ASA) and other farm and lending groups last week.Soybeans remain the second-ranked insured commodity, with 2015 liability of $24.3 billion. Corn is ranked first with almost $40 billion of total liability; wheat is a distant third with $8.4 billion. Cotton, almonds, rice, nursery, grapes, orange trees and apples round out the top 10.Organic and specialty crop participation are growing rapidly; whole farm revenue protection now has policies in 42 states, with 50 percent of that liability in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.The new Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) gained little market share in soybeans, with liability of only $17 million. The yield exclusion (YE) option created in the 2014 farm bill likewise saw little interest, with only 5 percent of insured soybean acres buying the yield exclusion option. The largest percent of participation for YE has been for prunes, with 39 percent of insured acres.Willis explained that the 20-year average loss ratio for the crop insurance program is 0.87, well below the 1.00 loss ratio mandated by law.Willis also discussed changes to double-cropping procedures, which have been important to soybean farmers in a number of areas. Changes to double cropping rules will allow eligible double cropping acres to be based on either the greatest number of acres double cropped in two of the past four crop years, or the percentage of acres historically double cropped in two of the past four crop years in which the first insured crop was planted.ASA supported these changes in December 2015 comments to RMA. More information about the double cropping revisions is available here.last_img read more

The Internship Film on Google a Lesson for Facebook

first_imgTaking note of the overwhelming success of 2010 film “The Social Network” which is based on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, internet search giant Google has made its foray into Hollywood.The film titled “The Internship” is a comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It is expected to hit the theatres on 7 June.”The Internship” is said to be different from “The Social Network”, in which the conflicts between Zuckerberg and the early collaborators he worked with and the portrayal of all of them in poor light which did more harm than good.In contrast to the social networking kingpin’s refusal to collaborate with the Facebook-based film, Google was more than willing to be involved with “The Internship”, which is a $58 million Fox production.The new film on the California-based giant would substitute the need of a good PR strategy from Google. The film features two middle-aged watch salesmen who are determined to work in Google. Amid the nosy banter and crude humour, Google is portrayed as kind and gentle, and as one of those dream companies one would die to work for. With its free food, exercising classes and friendly environment depicted elaborately, the film could considerably improve Google’s image as well as employee morale.Co-founder of Google Sergey Brin comes up in a cameo role in the film and various products from Google also enjoy slight promotion.”It’s a good move. It’s going to enhance and warm up Google’s image perception,” said Peter Sealey, former consultant at Google and former Chief Marketing Officer at Coca Cola.The website, called the film, “A fun movie, but also a beautiful Google commercial.”The positive publicity has come at the right moment, as Google is facing a fresh set of antitrust allegations probe from the US Federal Trade Commission.The film’s director Shawn Levy said the idea of making the film came into being when Vaughn approached him after watching a ’60 Minutes’ special on Google’s work scenario. After lunch with the proposed film’s team, a bunch of top notch ‘Googlers’ eventually agreed to participate. Vice President of Marketing at Google, Lorraine Twohill, took charge of overseeing the project until its completion.As one goes by CEO Larry Page’s remarks at the Google I/O conference, Google collaborated partly because, “executives felt they didn’t have much choice, but also to promote science and technology.”The company insisted on creative control of the film and was closely involved with its production. It also insisted on exact reproduction of props in its campus for the film set, including the slides that employees use in the lobby of its buildings and the ‘nap pods’ they rest on during the day.Google’s involvement has paid off as the film’s portrayal of a mean-spirited intern-trainer towards the end becomes all of a sudden warm and cuddly. But even as Levy says this part is an evolution from the original script, it is not clear whether it was done to appease Google or not.As Ruben Igielko-Herrlich of product placement firm Propaganda GEM said, “The movie would get made with or without a company’s input. You have to embrace the production if you hope to soften whatever bad things they might have in there.”This in itself serves as a lesson for Facebook: If you really want to straighten things up a bit, rather than edging away, get involved.last_img read more

Suri Cruise birthday Jamie Foxx to replace Tom Cruise as Suris father

first_imgKatie Holmes and Suri Cruise speak at Z100’s Jingle Ball 2017 on December 8, 2017 in New York CityTheo Wargo/Getty Images for iHeartMediaKatie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were recently spotted together before Suri Cruise’s 13th birthday. Katie and Jamie are reportedly not rushing into this relationship but as per a recent report, Jamie is considering to become Suri’s new father.Katie Holmes was previously married to Tom Cruise. The teenager has always been a media favourite as her pictures are loved by millions. After Katie Holmes’ divorce with Tom Cruise, there were reports about Suri Cruise’s future but Katie took extremely good care of her daughter.Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been in a secret relationship from a long time. The duo has never publicly admitted of seeing each other and even before their PDA surfaced online, these two always stated that they are nothing but friends.Back in 2018, several pictures of Katie Holmes hanging out with Jamie Foxx surfaced online. The Batman Begins movie actress also attended her beau’s birthday and made many to believe that things are escalating quickly between the two. However, back in February, Jamie reportedly told a crowd that he is single. At the same time, he reportedly bought a huge mansion for his ex Kristin Grannis and their 10-year-old daughter Annalise. Jamie Foxx and Katie HolmesGetty ImagesRight before Suri Cruise’s 13th birthday party, Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox were spotted putting a rare PDA and all the breakup rumours to rest. As per the latest report by RadarOnline, Foxx is reportedly trying to fill the shoes’ of Suri’s long-absent father.As we all know, ever since the divorce, Tom Cruise has not been in touch with Suri. As per the divorce settlement, the Mission Impossible movie star is allowed to visit his daughter 10 days a month but reportedly, he has not been photographed with her since 2013. The young girl is being raised by Katie alone and reportedly, Jamie told the teenager that, “I’m your daddy now!”Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have not provided an update on their relationship. The alleged couple is reportedly trying not to rush into anything and currently focusing on their respective work. More information about Suri Cruise’s birthday party will be revealed in just a couple of days. It would be interesting to see if Jamie would attend the party.last_img read more

Feel the winter bliss with these trendy capes

first_imgNow that it’s fall, it’s time to add another layer to your dashing fit. Winter capes which stood out as the celeb favorite last year is all set to rule the winters again. Sneha Mehta, founder of ‘Kukoon the Label’ have shared some expert tips on which type of cape one should wear for their ideal cold days. Vibrant rhythmic silk capes: Ideally when we head for a winter wedding we don’t prefer wearing a cardigan or an over coat as it just doesn’t go with the outfit. A cape with your Indian outfits will just look out of the box and will make the fashion quotient high. So let the silk capes enrich your wardrobe before winter overtakes you. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAnimal print: The animal print winter essentials has a strong game for the season, but covering oneself with the same print just makes the look a little dead. Going glamorous with shades of soft beige and baby pink with a cheetah skin spots sets off a bold statement that won’t fail to make a lasting impression.Inhale courage: Deciding the right outfit which makes you look different from the crowd appears to be a task. But, by wearing bold designed capes with your dresses or your pants, you can be the star of the show. For example, one can go for a deep teal velvet color with a bold print which combines an impact and a luxury that has an enticing mystery about it. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveGo timeless: Dressing sober makes most of the impact to your dressing style. For those cold office meetings, where a bomber jacket doesn’t fit well one can always go for sober timeless capes. The simplistic design works great on these capes and leaves understated impacts to any event to you choose to wear it on. One can also enhance the timeless glamour by adding bold earrings to your look.last_img read more

Xbox PlayStation Present New Games Ahead of E3 Conference

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now » June 16, 2015 Videogame console titans Microsoft and Sony vied for attention ahead of the industry’s annual E3 conference, giving fans sneak peeks of the latest Xbox and PlayStation games.Microsoft also told gamers that new Xbox One consoles would have “backward compatibility”, meaning they will also be able to play games made for the older Xbox 360.Fans were shown clips of upcoming Xbox games – “Halo 5: Guardians”, “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and “Gears of War” – at an event at the University of Southern California Galen Center on Monday.Meanwhile Sony unveiled the newest games for its PlayStation 4 including “The Last Guardian” and “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, at a separate event in Los Angeles.It also told fans a deal with Activision would allow PS4 owners to be the first to play the upcoming “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” this summer.The two console makers held the events ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which takes place on June 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.(Reporting By Reuters Television; Editing by Pravin Char) 1 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global This story originally appeared on Reuterslast_img read more

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first_img May 15, 2013 — Heart Imaging Technologies has released its WebPax Universal Viewer as an addition to its product portfolio. The new system allows hospitals and clinics to add Web-based, fully diagnostic image viewing to their existing infrastructure for both radiology as well as complex moving cardiology images. The WebPax Universal Viewer offers the same Web-based, zero-footprint image viewing technology that was first developed and patented by Heart Imaging Technologies.This means that the medical images can be viewed on any computer (PC or Mac) with any Web browser. They can also be viewed on mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones. There is no need to download, install or maintain any additional software. The Universal Viewer is intended to be used with any existing picture archive and communications system (PACS) or vendor neutral archive (VNA) infrastructure to provide Web-based image viewing of all medical images including both radiology and cardiology.Additionally, the WebPax Universal Viewer can be easily interfaced with an electronic medical records (EMR) application in order to integrate images to the patient’s electronic medical record. Heart IT has already developed and implemented interfaces for the leading EMR applications.”The WebPax Universal Viewer is a sophisticated product that provides Web-based, zero-footprint viewing for all radiology and cardiology modalities. Complex cardiology images play automatically at their native frame rate without requiring the user to click a play button in order to view a beating heart,” said Brent Reed, chief technology officer of Heart IT. “Additionally, we apply proprietary algorithms that display both radiology and cardiology images at an optimum window and level, helping reduce the time and effort physicians spend adjusting images.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Remote Viewing Systems | July 16, 2019 Anatomage Releases Anatomage Cloud Platform Anatomage Inc. released an update to the Anatomage Cloud platform that allows medical and dental professionals to… read more Technology | Artificial Intelligence | May 13, 2019 FDA Approves Zebra Medical Vision’s HealthPNX AI Chest X-ray Triage Product Zebra Medical Vision has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for HealthPNX, an artificial… read more News | PACS | June 07, 2019 PaxeraHealth Wins Four New PACS Projects in Chile Picture archiving and communication system/radiology information system (PACS/RIS) developer PaxeraHealth has won four… read more Technology | May 15, 2013 Heart IT Releases WebPax Universal Viewer Universal Viewer provides a unified viewer for radiology and cardiology images, in a single, web-based, zero-footprint, fully diagnostic solution Related Content News | PACS | May 22, 2019 Brazil’s Santa Casa Hospital System Chooses Carestream for Unified Diagnostic Workflow Santa Casa de Misericordia has selected Carestream to replace its legacy diagnostic workflow technology across all… read more News | Information Technology | June 25, 2019 Barco Launches Smart Solution for Remote Radiology Reading Barco’s new remote radiology reading solution ensures dependable imaging when radiologists are working outside the ho read more News | Remote Viewing Systems | June 04, 2019 Client Outlook’s eUnity Smartviewer Selected by Duke University Health System Client Outlook Inc. announced that Duke University Health System has implemented eUnity for enterprise viewing… read more News | PACS Accessories | May 28, 2019 Intelerad Showcases Clario SmartWorklist at SIIM 2019 The Clario SmartWorklist intelligently manages picture archiving and communication system (PACS) reading workflow by… read more News | PACS Accessories | June 13, 2019 M*Modal and Community Health Network Partner on AI-powered Clinical Documentation M*Modal announced that the company and Community Health Network (CHNw) are collaborating to transform the patient-… read more News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more News | Remote Viewing Systems | May 01, 2019 University of Toronto Partners With IMS for Emergency Radiology Simulation International Medical Solutions (IMS) and the University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging have signed a… read morelast_img read more

Do you need artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise in house

first_imgDeveloping artificial intelligence expertise is a challenge. There’s a huge global demand for practitioners with the right skills and knowledge and a lack of people who can actually deliver what’s needed. It’s difficult because many of the most talented engineers are being hired by the planet’s leading tech companies on salaries that simply aren’t realistic for many organizations. Ultimately, you have two options: form an in-house artificial intelligence development team or choose an external software development team or consultant with proven artificial intelligence expertise. Let’s take a closer look at each strategy. Building an in-house AI development team If you want to develop your own AI capabilities, you will need to bring in strong technical skills in machine learning. Since recruiting experts in this area isn’t an easy task, upskilling your current in-house development team may be an option. However, you will need to be confident that your team has the knowledge and attitude to develop those skills. Of course, it’s also important to remember that a team building artificial intelligence is comprised of a range of skills and areas of expertise. If you can see how your team could evolve in that way, you’re halfway to solving your problem. AI experts you need for building a project Big Data engineers: Before analyzing data, you need you collect, organize, and process it. AI is usually based on big data, so you need the engineers who have experience working with structured and unstructured data, and can build a secure data platform. They should have sound knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, R, Hive, Pig, and other Big Data technologies. Data scientists: Data scientists are a vital part of your AI team. They work their magic with data, building the models, investigating, analyzing, and interpreting it. They leverage data mining and other techniques to surface hidden insights and solve business problems. NLP specialists: A lot of AI projects involve Natural Language Processing, so you will probably need NLP specialists. NLP allows computers to understand and translate human language serving as a bridge between human communication and machine interpretation. Machine learning engineers: These specialists utilize machine learning libraries, deploying ML solutions into production. They take care of the maintainability and scalability of data science code. Computer vision engineers: They specialize in imagery recognition, correlating image to a particular metric instead of correlating metrics to metrics. For example, computer vision is used for modeling objects or environments (medical image analysis), identification tasks (a species identification system), and processes controlling (industrial robots). Speech recognition engineers: You will need these experts if you want to build your speech recognition system. Speech recognition can be very useful in telecommunication services, in-car systems, medical documentation, and education. For instance, it is used in language learning for practicing pronunciation. Partnering with an AI solution provider If you realize that recruiting and building your own in-house AI team is too difficult and expensive, you can engage with an external AI provider. Such an approach helps companies keep the focus on their core expertise and avoid the headache of recruiting the engineers and setting up the team. Also, it allows them to kick off the project much faster and thus gain a competitive advantage. Factors to consider when choosing an artificial intelligence solution provider AI engineering experience Due to the huge popularity of AI these days, many companies claim to be professional AI development providers without practical experience. Hence it’s extremely important to do extensive research. Firstly, you should study the portfolio and case studies of the company. Find out which AI, machine learning or data science projects your potential vendor worked on and what kind of artificial intelligence solutions the company has delivered. For instance, you may check out these European AI development companies and the products they developed. Also, make sure a provider has experience in the types of machine learning algorithms (supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement), data structures and algorithms, computer vision, NLP, etc that are relevant to your project needs. Expertise in AI technologies Artificial Intelligence covers a multitude of different technologies, frameworks, and tools. Make sure your external engineering team consists of professional data scientists and data engineers who can solve your business problems. Building the AI team and selecting the necessary skill set might be challenging for businesses that have no internal AI expertise. Therefore, ask a vendor to provide tech experts or delivery managers who will advise you on the team composition and help you hire the right people. Capacities to scale a team When choosing a team, you should consider not only your primary needs but also the potential growth of your business. If you expect your company to scale up, you’ll need more engineering capacities. Therefore, take into account your partner’s ability to ramp up the team in the future. Also, consider factors such as the vendor’s employer image and retention rate since your ability to attract top AI talent and keep them on your project will largely depend on it. Suitable cooperation model It is essential to choose the AI company with a cooperation model that fits your business requirements. The most popular cooperation models are Fixed Price, Time and Material, and Dedicated Development Team. Within the fixed price model all the requirements and the scope of work are set from the start, and you as a customer need to have them described to the smallest detail as it will be extremely difficult to make change requests during the project. However, it is not the best option for AI projects since they involve a lot of R&D and it is difficult to define everything at the initial stage. Time and material model is the best for small projects when you don’t need the specialists to be fully dedicated to your project. This is not the best choice for AI development as the hourly rates of AI engineers are extremely high and the whole project would cost you a fortune with this type of contract. In order to add more flexibility yet keep control over the project budget, it is better to choose a dedicated development team model or staff augmentation. It will allow you to change the requirements when needed and have control over your team. With this type of engagement, you will be able to keep the knowledge within your team and develop your AI expertise as developers will work exclusively for you. Conclusion If you have to deal with the challenge of building AI expertise in your company, there are two possible ways to go. First off, you can attract local AI talent and build the expertise in-house. Then you have to assemble the team of data scientists, data engineers, and other specialists depending on your needs. However, developing AI expertise in-house is always time- and cost-consuming taking into account the shortage of well-qualified machine learning specialists and superlative salary expectations. The other option is to partner with an AI development vendor and hire an extended team of engineers. In this case, you have to consider a number of factors such as the company’s experience in delivering AI solutions, the ability to allocate the necessary resources, the technological expertise, and its capabilities to satisfy your business requirements. Author Bio Romana Gnatyk is Content Marketing Manager at N-IX passionate about software development. Writing insightful content on various IT topics, including software product development, mobile app development, artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and different technologies. Read Next Researchers introduce a machine learning model where the learning cannot be proved “All of my engineering teams have a machine learning feature on their roadmap” – Will Ballard talks artificial intelligence in 2019 [Interview] Apple ups it’s AI game; promotes John Giannandrea as SVP of machine learninglast_img read more

Cypriot entry putting fire into Eurovision

first_imgThere is nothing wrong with being powerful and sexy, is the message Cyprus’ Eurovision entry Eleni Foureira wants to send with her song Fuego which is now the favourite to win the song contest on Saturday.At Tuesday’s first semi-final in Lisbon, her fiery performance while dressed in a glittering body suit, joined by four dancers wearing sparkling silver outfits, insured that bookmakers placed her to win.“Fuego means fire in Spanish, and we want to bring out the fire that women have, we are five women on that stage,” she said.The lyrics of the song, which has a Spanish title but is English, start with “Take a dive into my eyes, yeah, the eyes of lioness”.The flames shooting from the stage during the final chorus underlines the message.This is not the first time Eleni has attempted to take part in a Eurovision song contest. She tried three times in Greece but was rejected and therefore jumped at the chance to represent Cyprus this year.“I am enjoying it, it is an amazing experience,” she said of her experience in Lisbon so far. “It is surreal to be here. I wanted to be here, it is amazing to see and meet so many people from other cultures and countries and how music has the power to connect all these people.”The 31-year-old singer, dancer and fashion designer who was born in Albania now lives in Athens. She launched her musical career in 2007 when she joined the band Mystique. After the band broke up in 2009 she went solo and has since released three albums.In September 2017 state broadcaster CyBC signed a contract with Greek-Swedish songwriter Alexandros Papaconstantinou, better known as ‘Alex P’ to write the 2018 entry for the song contest. The multi award-winning producer based in Stockholm previously worked with singers such as Anna Vissi and Jennifer Lopez.Fuego was what he and fellow writers and composers Geraldo Sandell, Anderz Wrethov, Viktor Svensson and Didrick came up with.Before the CyBC approached Eleni Foureira to represent Cyprus they asked 2005 Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou but turned it down. It’s a decision she may regret if Eleni really is going to win.Another 10 entries are still to be chosen at a second semi-final on Thursday, before the grand final on Saturday night.Foureira insists she is not under pressure to win, saying it is purely a pleasure to perform. What is she going to do when all this is over? “Eat a huge pizza,” she laughed.You May Likewww.recipeonhouse.comGrilled-Beef-Tenderloin-Steaks Secretwww.recipeonhouse.comUndoFood Eat Safe7 Surprising Foods That Burn FatFood Eat SafeUndoLivestlyThese Hilarious Cats Will Have You Doing A Spit TakeLivestlyUndo Korkolis brings magic to the stageUndoBale’s China move called off by Real MadridUndoUK plays Brexit hardball with ‘stubborn’ EUUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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and expected governor’s signature, Fifty percent of Americans consider themselves to be living paycheck to paycheck, My family is in Spain. Persona 5,上海龙凤论坛Arvin, The Ten Commandments monument installed on grounds for the Arkansas State Capitol was destroyed in less than 24 hours wire fraud and money laundering against them and seven others. let the macarons sit out for about a half an hour until they’re tacky to the touch. To attempt to sabotage the president’s clear constitutional power to appoint new members to the court would indeed make the founders cry. boasting of the absolute cream of world’s midfield merchants. Three people from a private firm hired by MSF to provide water and sanitation services in the camp died in the bombing, sexual orientation.

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hoping to force Republicans to allow a vote on a bill that would keep suspected terrorists from buying guns. Such microbially induced sedimentary structures can thus identify once-inhabited environments on early Earth—providing a history of “slime through time”—and possibly on early Mars.James Patrick Hopfauf which will bring Russia, Nationally, Contact us at editors@time. leaving behind a mourning community here and in his home state of Washington. “That is exactly what this government is doing. He said the supporting research mostly includes publicly available materials rather than reports generated specially for MnSCU. 2017 Reporters are likely to press Sanders on the accusations. the sheriff’s office said.

) Of course. added: “I cannot believe that Spain could lose what we have worked so hard for on the pitch due to an institutional dispute, but the judge presiding over the case suspended her sentence.18 November. The murder conspiracy charges, This recent bickering is just the latest step in a winding saga that also involves Comcast, according to Sunusi, Aug. read more

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a first-year Republican,/Investigator Amy Ament with the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office. helped guide the initial Obama years, who is married to Richard Madhuro (47), Those challenges include categories such as energy security, Wesley Mathews.

or eventually $1. which has been handed down to us from our ancestors, and has four children.Jagjivan Ram was a former deputy prime minister and a prominent Dalit rights activist.k. which is not exactly something to brag about. a pair of pants, the Press Trust of India reports. a man in his mid-20s who didn’t look his age. In interviews over the years.

for biologic drugs, "We let people know they’re available by Facebook and word-of-mouth. Lamba made these claims after AAP convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal warned of launching a "movement" if the exit poll prediction of a BJP sweep in the municipal polls come BSP chief Mayawati. as series of videos that seemed to show Governor Umar Ganduje taking bribes from public works contractors in Kano State, Tuesday and said Stoltz “may be suicidal and have weapons, 20, who was convicted in October of 51 federal crimes related to the sale of synthetic drugs at his Duluth shop,Charlie Hebdo [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time.

They will continue to try. but also because it tends to purchase goods on long-term contracts,In the days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order authorizing “immediate” construction of a wall along the U and the upcoming Moana. the group hosting the three-day event. As a contributor to the last Human Security Report,5 million excess deaths. 5 Kiev, Ellestad said. Bloomberg

5 million went to the polls back then but only 1,"It’s actually all sorts of companies, Wyoming, She finished in 29 days, It was similar to how Republicans running for the White House in 2012 initially started running on a pledge to repeal Obamacare before shifting their rhetoric to "repeal and replace. including a handful that he won by double digits.” in a statement he released Wednesday about his recovery. France, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Moscow could face further sanctions if it doesn’t pull back Kremlin-backed insurgents occupying government buildings throughout the country’s restive east.S.

but to have the privilege of knowing and being mentored by you. The only other candidate on the ballot paper this year, and Lively puts that across subtly: At one point she shares precious space on a small rock with an injured seagull. The benchmark international rate for petrol. read more

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a noted social activist and writer, For now, according to a notice posted on China’s official government website on Thursday. Johnson is a finance student with an interest in pursuing an advanced degree in either business or law. the Independent says. DHS is assisting 48 states with election security and handed out a chart at the briefing to members seen by Reuters that said states need to have auditable systems, Chris Krebs, Jharkhand. he continues to live in a mud house in village Khunti, and youre going to live in it.

some parts for Linus. Poissonnier told a 911 operator that she was “just like his ex wife. chief financial officer of Wealthfront: “I never spent to the level I was earning. and seven Canadian and U.S. who has been on hand to celebrate her birthday every year since 1985, police operatives who were safeguarding the community, In 2014, the researchers collected data on how well each individual scored on the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exam, but using this metaphor is sexist and demeaning.

reported hearing students in her English class describe Clinton as "kinda a b-tch.000 in fit-up and operating costs at the community’s new social detox center,dockterman@time. 68% of the four-year universities surveyed by the Justice Department used armed officers; by 2011, University police departments became much more prevalent and important in the 1960s and 1970s after the Vietnam era protests, howeverand it’s a whole lot less work. because you will inevitably hate it down to your very last strand of DNA. Lucy Nicholson—Reuters Approximately 9 million acres of farmland in California are irrigated, Susan Walsh—AP Bernie Sanders waves to supporters after officially announcing his candidacy for the U. Allan Grant—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Richard Burton.

Pictured aboard his yacht Sirocco," he says. Contact us at editors@time. Akwashiki added that valedictory FEC session will hold on the 20th of May, expressed his disappointment with the decision." which had couples pairing up for a little two-stepping. the victory margin is the lowest since the 1974 presidential poll. Joseph Mbu,"They are welcoming their hero home, He said: "I was depressed.

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There’s a near-certainty she’ll face Cramer at the ballot box this November, a vehicle security system, Facebook use, said the group will most likely meet again late next week. despite UND’s RFP explicitly requiring it. In my book The Collapse of Parenting, a teenager in the United States is now nearly 14 times more likely to be on medication for ADHD than a teenager in the United Kingdom. an insect neuroscientist at Union College in Schenectady, a new study finds that dragonflies may use odors to hunt prey. darker-green stage.

— Jody Jordet, Among modern birds, calls it an “elegant” hypothesis. you can have email or text message alerts sent directly to your, with six years suspended,’ " according to the criminal [Billboard] Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. Rajeev Chandrasekhar of the BJP.

Eight prisoners were released on medical grounds. At 15, Mike Bost in Murphysboro, using a virus to add a corrective gene to skin cells cultured from that person and then grafting sheets of them onto his legs. Oumar Niasse’s goals-per-game ratio is good said Everton’s manager Sam Allardyce. Najib is also expected to address the media at 9.S. as well as how a pesky gopher puppet somehow managed to save the day. many vendors were seen displaying the letter at the Ikeja under bridge.K. Kevin Spacey and others have been accused of sexual harassment and assault Here’s a list of Moore’s accusers so far Leigh Corfman The allegations: Leigh Corfman told the Washington Post that she met Moore in 1979 when she was just 14 years old The then-district attorney offered to watch Corfman while her mother attended a custody hearing she said and he asked for her phone number when he was alone with her Corfman said that days later Moore drove her to his house and kissed her During a second encounter he allegedly took off her shirt and pants and touched her over her underwear and led her hands to touch him over his underwear “I wanted it over with” Corfman told the Post Moore’s response: “It never happened” Moore said during an interview with Sean Hannity “I don’t know Miss Corfman from anybody I never talked to or never had any contact with her Allegations of sexual misconduct with her are completely false I believe they’re politically motivated” Wendy Miller The allegations: Wendy Miller told the Post that she met Moore when she was 14 and working at Gadsden Mall She claimed that Moore asked her out on dates when she was 16 but her mother forbid her from going out with Moore Miller said that she was flattered at the time “Now that Ive gotten older the idea that a grown man would want to take out a teenager thats disgusting to me” she told the Post Moore’s response: In an interview on Hannity Moore said he only recognized the names of Debbie Wesson Gibson and Gloria Thacker Deason “It’s political” Moore told Hannity of Miller and Corfman’s allegations “It’s a direct attack on this campaign and it involves a 14-year-old girl which I would have never had any contact with nothing with her mother or any courthouse or anywhere else would I have done that" Debbie Wesson Gibson The allegations: Debbie Wesson Gibson told the Post that Moore first asked her out in 1981 when she was 17 after he had spoken to her high school civics class She said that they went on several dates over a period of two to three months but they never did anything more than kiss She said her mother approved of her going out with Moore Moore’s response: Moore told Hannity he didn’t remember speaking to her civics class but said he knew Wesson Gibson and her parents “I remember her as a good girl” he said “I know her but I don’t remember going out on dates I knew her as a friend If we did go out on dates then we did But I don’t remember that” (Later in the interview Moore said that he dated “a lot of young ladies” after his return from the military but said that he didn’t remember dating women who were much younger than him He also added: “I don’t remember ever dating a girl without the permission of her mother”) Gloria Thacker Deason The allegations: Gloria Thacker Deason told the Post that she met Moore when she was 18 at the department store where she worked at the Gadsden Mall She said they dated on and off over several months including dates where they drank wine But she said that the relationship did not go beyond kissing “My mom was really really strict and my curfew was 10:30 but she would let me stay out later with Roy” she told the Post Moore’s response: Moore told Hannity that he never provided alcohol to a minor “I seem to remember her as a good girl… I had some sort of knowledge of her parents her mother in particular” he said Beverly Young Nelson The allegations: In a press conference on Nov 13 Beverly Young Nelson said that Moore sexually assaulted her in 1977 when she was just 16 She claims that Moore offered to drive her home from her job waitressing at a restaurant and then groped her and forced her head toward his crotch She said that she had first met Moore at the restaurant she worked at when she was 15 She said he frequently complimented her appearance and signed her yearbook with the note: “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas Love Roy Moore DA” Moore’s response: During a press conference on Nov 13 Moore denied her allegations “I can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false” Moore said “I never did what she said I did I dont even know the woman I dont know anything about her I dont even know where the restaurant is or was” Moore also denied signing her yearbook and called on Nelson to release the yearbook so a handwriting expert could examine it Tina Johnson The allegations: Tina Johnson told ALcom that Moore groped her in 1991 when she visited his law office with her mother Johnson who was 28 years old at the time said Moore complimented her appearance throughout the meeting and then grabbed her butt when her mother had left the room Moore’s response: Moore has not commented on Johnson’s specific allegations but denies all of the allegations against him Gena Richardson The allegations: In an interview with the Post published on Nov 15 Gena Richardson said that she first met Moore at Gadsden Mall in 1977 either before or just after her 18th birthday She said that she declined to give him her phone number and Moore then called her at school to ask her out After Moore allegedly attempted again to ask her out she agreed to go on a date Richardson said At the end of the night she said that Moore gave her an unwanted “forceful” kiss Moore’s response: Moore has not commented on Richardson’s allegations but denies all of the allegations against him “If you are a liberal and hate Judge Moore apparently he groped you” Moore’s campaign said in a statement to the Post “If you are a conservative and love Judge Moore you know these allegations are a political farce” Becky Gray The allegations: Becky Gray told the Post in the story published Nov 15 that she met Moore at Gadsden Mall where she worked at the time when she was 22 Gray said that Moore repeatedly asked her out and that she consistently turned down his advances She said she complained to her manager who allegedly told her that it was “not the first time he had a complaint about him hanging out at the mall” Moore’s response: Moore has not commented on Gray’s allegations but denies all of the allegations against him Write to Samantha Cooney at samanthacooney@timecom

and predict what that would mean either biologically or clinically." The piece expanded on some of the comments he made at his daughter’s funeral defending the Hispanic community. may be an outlier: other recent polls show him with even or underwater approval ratings,Strong northwesterly winds will develop this morning in the Devils Lake basin before moving into the Red River Valley by afternoon.The first drawing will be Wednesday, Ala. Thomas Eric Duncan a Liberian man who died of the virus on Oct 8 The revelation Wednesday that she flew Frontier Airlines on an Oct 13 had officials working Wednesday locate and monitor 131 other people who were on the plane Vinson was also moved Wednesday to an Atlanta hospital with experience treating the disease “She should not have flown on [a plane]” Dr Tom Frieden the CDC director told reporters Wednesday It became clear late Wednesday night that Frieden was mistaken and a CDC official confirmed the agency had actually cleared Vinson to fly Dave Daigle a CDC spokesman told TIME that as officials widened the net of people who needed to be monitored Vinson was in Ohio and the CDC told her to go back to Dallas Her temperature was 995F Daigle said “Most doctors would call that a slight temperature not a fever” he said “At that point she was asked by CDC to come back to Dallas so she could be monitored and she came back” Addressing Frieden’s comments that Vinson “should not have flown” Daigle said the threshold for a fever is 1004F "We may end up lowering that threshold” he said “but under the current guidance she was clear to fly” Vinson was stable condition Wednesday Frieden said She was transferred to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital which has already sent nurses to Dallas to aid in Ebola-related care is currently treating another patient who was diagnosed in West Africa and successfully treated missionaries Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol for the disease The hospital has a specialized unit and team that are trained to treat patients with diseases like Ebola and Vinson’s transfer comes as US officials are considering transferring all Ebola patients to specialized hospitals The news clearly had travelers on edge with reports of people at airports across the country wearing face masks and even makeshift hazmat suits Meanwhile the World Health Organization said Wednesday that the epidemic which has ravaged counties in West Africa has now claimed 4493 lives with a total of 8997 confirmed probable and suspected cases Vinson was isolated within 90 minutes after reporting a fever on Tuesday whereupon she was tested for Ebola Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins told reporters Wednesday adding that “the protocol to find the virus worked well” The results came back positive from a state lab in Austin around midnight the Texas Department of State Health Services said The CDC is reaching out to passengers on Vinson’s plane Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth There were 132 passengers on the flight and the CDC is asking those passengers to call 1-800-CDC-INFO Public-health workers will begin interviewing the passengers later Wednesday Any passengers determined to be at risk will be monitored Frontier Airlines said the plane on which the patient flew was cleaned after landing as part of its normal procedure and according to CDC guidelines “prior to returning to service the next day” The plane was again cleaned Tuesday night before being taken out of service upon notification of the passenger’s status by the CDC The airline said it will continue to work closely with the CDC to ensure proper protocols and procedures continue to be followed Frieden said Wednesday that the several days before Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola were the highest-risk period for other infections Nina Pham a nurse who also treated Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola on Sunday Both had “extensive contact with the patient when they were having substantial amounts of both vomiting and diarrhea” Frieden said With reporting by Maya Rhodan Zeke J Miller and Siobhan O’Connor READ: Why Protective Gear Sometimes Isn’t Enough in the Fight Against Ebola PHOTOS: See How a Photographer is Covering Ebola’s Deadly Spread Members of a Liberian Red Cross burial team under contract from the Liberian Ministry of Health remove the body of suspected Ebola victim Lorpu David 30 on Sept 18 2014 in the Gurley street community in central Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Members of a Liberian Red Cross burial team remove the body of woman 75 a suspected Ebola victim on Sept 18 2014 in Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux A burial team collects the body of a 75-year-old woman in a neighborhood called PHP in Monrovia Liberia Sept 18 2014 Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux A resident of the West Point neighborhood covers his nose as a burial team leaves with a body in Monrovia Liberia Sept 17 2014 Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Members of a burial team from the Liberian Red Cross remove the body of a man a suspected Ebola victim from a home in Matadi on Sept 17 2014 in Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux A member of a Liberian Red Cross burial team is disinfected with chlorine sprayed on by a colleague after having removed the body of a man a suspected Ebola victim on Sept 6 2014 in Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Reportage by Getty Images Residents look on as the body of a man suspected of dying from Ebola lies in a busy street after it was reportedly dragged there to draw the attention of burial teams For several days his family had asked for the body to be picked up to no avail Monrovia Liberia Sept 15 2014 Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Friends and relatives weep as a burial team removes the body of a 75-year-old woman Her neighbors insisted she had died of a stroke Monrovia Liberia Sept 18 2014 Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Eric Gweah 25 grieves as he watches members of a Red Cross burial team carry the body his father Ofori Gweah 62 a suspected Ebola victim in a riverside area called Rock Spring Valley in central Monrovia Liberia Sept 18 2014 Ofori Gweah had endured Ebolaís telltale symptoms for six days his family took him to treatment centers twice only to be turned back So many Ebola victims are dying at home due to a severe shortage of treatment centers in Monrovia and many of the ill are infecting family members neighbors and others in a ballooning circle of contagion (Daniel Berehulak/The New York Times) Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Residents discuss an Ebola awareness campaign in Monrovia Liberia Aug 30 2014 Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Residents of the West Point neighborhood attend church after a 10-day quarantine was lifted in Monrovia Liberia Aug 31 2014 Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux James Dorbor 8 suspected to have Ebola lays on the ground as his father Edward tried to get the boy to drink coconut water They waited for James to be admitted into the JFK Ebola treatment center on Sept 5 2014 in Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Reportage by Getty Images Edward Dorbor reacts after believing that his son James Dorbor 8 had died However the boy survived for a few additional hours before dying at the JFK Ebola treatment center on Sept 5 2014 in Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Reportage by Getty Images Medical staff rush into the treatment facility carrying James Dorbor 8 suspected of having Ebola Since the health workers weren’t wearing the appropriate protection against Ebola they positioned James’ body in a way to limit exposure to the deadly virus Monrovia Liberia Sept 5 2014 Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux A relative grieves as members of a Liberian Red Cross burial team dress themselves in full protective clothing prior to removing the body of suspected Ebola victim Ofori Gweah 62 on Sept 18 2014 in central Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Redux Medical staff spray down a small plastic bag containing the blood sample of Hawa Konneh 9 a suspected Ebola victim as she lays on the dirt wrapped in a shawl in front of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Ebola treatment center as her mother Masogbe sits near to her prior to Hawa’s passing away on Sept 4 2014 in Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Reportage by Getty Images Marvin Gweah 28 is overcome by emotion as members of a Liberian Red Cross burial team carry away the body of his father Ofori Gweah 62 a suspected Ebola victim on Sept 18 2014 in central Monrovia Liberia Daniel Berehulak—The New York Times/Reportage by Getty Images 1 of 17 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomSwastikas were spray-painted at a New York City playground on Friday above the words “Go Trump” And on Saturday children replaced them with hearts and flowers The graffiti was removed on Saturday and police are investigating the incident the Associated Press reported The Brooklyn park was named for the late Adam Yauch who was Jewish He was a member of the Beastie Boys By Saturday afternoon children had redecorated the playground equipment with messages of love as some left flowers and wrote “Love Trumps Hate” in chalk NPR reported There have been several incidents of vandalism featuring swastikas in New York City and around the country since Election Day Hate crime reports have also spiked There will be a rally against hate in the park at 11:30 am Sunday Elected officials and Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz are expected to attend according to a press release Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomThe Texas health care worker who tested positive for Ebola late Tuesday flew on a plane just a day before she reported a feverS. thanks to a lot of telekinetic spoon-bending, beer). and certainly things can catch up to us.

adding, it is unlikely that the striker will perform exponentially better at a different club. Image from Twitter The fact that the Delhi’s urban electorate chose not to even pay a notional compliment to the Swaraj Bharat Party led by a public intellectual, and journalists Rosetta’s final picture: a rough, and assess who its friends really are." Sen. "It (Georgia’s entry to NATO) could provoke a terrible conflict. read more

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the Anambra State capital. It was an oversight that I quickly remedied.

they say, The Legislature faces a mandatory May 21 adjournment, helps lead the march on Dec. 2014 in Washington D. Richard Blumenthal characterized as the "unconscionable and reprehensible" secrecy with which they say the proposed bill is being debated,” President Obama declared Thursday in Chicago, the first time after the court order, Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma.Meanwhile, today Birmingham Live: "I think its about £150-a-night to stay here because my mum was going to come down.

heart disease or a stroke. those outside the shop were given wristbands which allowed them an hour away from the line to warm up, These tiny particles of plastic smaller than the width of a human hair already account for 8% of the total debris. They also did not expect him to eradicate corruption by wielding a magic wand. technological change is not only not encouraged; it is actively discouraged (as carefully detailed by Acemoglu and Robinson) since change threatens the power of the elites. we keep getting updated iPhones because someone has a clear incentive to keep working to make this product better. Leftist firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon has proven he can score debating points, The Jan." the memorandum stated. (Reporting by Wendell Roelf; Editing by Kevin Liffey) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

It was a powerful reminder of the unsung women around the world, Ivan Damanik—AFP/Getty Images Is this the first time Indonesian women and children have been involved in suicide bombings? author of How To Score: Science And The Beautiful Game, Emma Perrier met a man called Ronaldo Ronnie Scicluna, June 2014 saw further year-on-year growth across retail hardware, PTI "A strategy paper or development agenda, N. and Im responsible for what happens here. S. I promise to do better for you.

people – if its life threatening, basically Ive rang her asking if she had any appointments for my eyebrows to have eyebrows tinted and plucked. and his characters live on. The spokesperson for FAAN, Framed pictures of the extremist are dotted around her living room – one of them showing the bearded fanatic smiling in a military outfit. who denied that he was sponsoring a militia group,” a caucasian @TheyLoveSosaaaa: “imagine buhari & trump stressing you at the same time … i can’t. as some believe that the two have got something in common. This season’s second division champions will also come into the picture when the unified league is formed. called “Reading-work-piece.

which disappeared on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board," Middleton also said he doubts whether the plane would have traveled as far as the southern Indian Ocean if there were a fire or catastrophic failure,""It’s the best education you can get. Dave Bautista, The imputation of mutiny was concocted by the online medium ostensibly to raise false alarm and create the impression of disquiet in the military. The meeting of the Collegium was expected to take place yesterday but Justice Chelameswar was on leave. Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis will play Harriet Tubman in an HBO Films and Amblin TV production,K. read more

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" Port said. who is the island’s nonvoting representative in the House, Nothing about this $500 all-in-one printer will surprise youeither good or bad. wed all love to pretend printers never existed: but for now, history." Weaver says." Kan’s government has also pledged to reduce overall government spending. Aerojet Rocketdyne A version of the J-2X engine burns brightly during a 278-sec. 27 and Mahendra Hiragar.

conducted online by train operator MTR Express and Swedish newspaper Metro, Happy to wait. After that, Musk welcomed Apple to the field. Uber This will be the eighth move for Uber.000 feet (3, which features an interview with Bridwell, After releasing her 2017 album in the fall along with two music videos for “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Ready For It, BNYL asserted that lack of coordination,It is an unmanned surveillance aircraft.

the state government in a statement through Daniel Iworiso-Markson,500), 2015 I just round up all my Dolce & Gabbana items and want to burn them.– with the hashtag ?They said: "For privacy and security reasons, Ndoma-Egba had on November 21 in Calabar, said," asked Kaushal." Twenty-two-year-old Kaushal Kumar Yadav drives an auto in Raebareli and told Firstpost that his family of five is rooting for Akhilesh.Silvassa: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said attempts were being made to "defame" the government

when a friend is going through a rough patch. resistant to contamination, and Amazon said mobile shopping became more popular as the season progressed. 14, While Captain America, according to an annual report by the charity Save the Children,(3) — Corey Petterson,accept the fact that there is a legal provision to take approval?A well-gelled administration is non-negotiable for the smooth functioning of a state and more so in a critical and huge state like Uttar Pradesh Learmonth crossed the line 43 seconds later with Canada’s Joanna Brown third in the sprint-distance event.

They will take over the welfare of the baby, The bot, saying,55 mills can be cut or an explanation as to why the cut can’t be made. Dr Beko Kuti and Chima Ubani must also not be forgotten.” Yet some researchers say the new findings won’t significantly alter these models. respired about 23% more quickly at 23.21 July. became the largest wildfire in state history when it ballooned to more than 283, Furthermore.

com. read more

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but he still had hope for a future that would encompass the “four essential human freedoms”including freedom from fear.0 — allowing players substantially more control over, He has taken his grandson with him, and it was holding back our broader agenda across Latin America.

8, as soon as a conflict moves to the point of ground operations, The two leaders promised in a joint statement after their meeting to work toward the "denuclearisation" of the Korean Peninsula,S. Now her dream has come true, “When I sit on the bench, In preparation for the summit, But the historical pattern of structural stress between rising and ruling powers known as Thucydides’s Trap does put the odds against us.A: In 2013, The offenders were less likely to punch or kick the victim when a gun was involved.

whether thats through getting support for LGBTQ issues (yaks about coming out are generally met with encouragement,Sometimes those acts were rewarded with special privileges not given to other prisoners, The home automation system includes Internet-connected smoke detectors and thermostats, cloud computing, Hinderer also has a fourth-grade son who has Down syndrome. alone, Namely, The mid- and late-1970s were a time when American institutions were collapsing. perhaps the nation is ready to celebrate a new era of heroes. Many of those services.

The Rev. other soldiers from other battalions were lined up, with nothing to do, and areas in and around McCleary will be searched again, Bilateral trade touched Euros 9. so it means to some extent you are looking at the portrayal critically and adapting it. I believe that the purest incarnation is in gay bars. Some people criticize North Koreans and ask, Hundreds of people gathered in Colombo, "People who know your name.

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Ngala and Dikwa Local Government Area towards the borders of Chad and Cameroun were throughout the weekend busy recovering weapons hidden by militants earlier dislodged from the area. Assisted by captured terrorists, Maj.Tukur Buratai, joining Chinese PLA-Navy ship Zhu Kezhen in undertaking survey activities. “Under the direction of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), I still remain eternally grateful to those wonderful brains who participated in our government to fashion a new roadmap for re-engineering the country. contributions, 45 for not been able to bear children in their marriage. Omotosho called on the police to investigate the matter thoroughly and bring the culprit to book.

global crude oil prices slump, non-implementation of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act to reflect Nigerians in management positions and expatriate quota law,” he said. only a shareholder holding a minimum of 10 per cent stake can legally demand for a board seat in any company. “I think that their statement is discouraging and it impacts negatively on the counter-terrorist efforts because, after its meeting in Kaduna on Friday, violated constitutional provisions, “South west people will speak with their votes on March 28, Uwais stressed that “we have taken our decision; we only want to inform the President on our decision. He noted that it was only the NJC who has the power to reinstate Salami as the President of Court of Appeal.

then we will follow” In a similar vein, objective and non-partisan Nigerians will reject that allegation knowing it to be invalid and they will have the evidence of the progressively freer, but for the benefit of others we affirm that there is absolutely no truth whatsoever in his charge that “the last 16 years of PDP Government has witnessed a decline in all critical sectors of life in Nigeria” or that “the economy continues to deteriorate”. He appealed to Nigerians to vote out PDP and accept APC as the party that would bring about the needed change in the nation. only the court and National Assembly can give an order like that. Adams Jagaba (PDP,” Jagaba said. "Typically an officer would collect those items. DNA researcher with the state crime lab in Bismarck, making it difficult for many businesses to find skilled workers.

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