Watch the Christmas Lights in Your Muscles

first_imgScientists use fluorescent tags to shine light on the biggest proteins in the human body.The caption of a photo in Medical Xpress is boring, but the photo itself is ready for Christmas! It’s a microphoto of the giant protein titin—largest protein in the human body—lit up in Christmas lights. Titin is essential to our muscles. The caption reads, “Remodelling of cardiomyocytes includes sarcomere assembly and growth (red and green stripes, 12 hours).” OK, now the plain English: cardiomycetes are heart cells. Sarcomeres are muscle structures containing titin. The cells come together (“remodelling”) in a programmed way to form sarcomeres, which make up our muscle fibers. But how did they get such a Christmasy picture at Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine?As twinkling lights brighten the holiday season, Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine researchers are cheered by red and green lights for an entirely different reason. Using colorful probes, a team has tracked the full lifecycle of titin, the body’s largest protein known to play a key role in muscle tissue. Observing titin from synthesis to degradation has provided novel insight into the formation of sarcomeres, the main contractile units of heart and skeletal muscle. The results were reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).Collage made from single cells expressing treen and red fluorescent titin proteins. Credit: Gotthardt Lab, MDCThe Christmas lights are added on for effect, just like people place lights on Christmas trees. But the structure itself, with its regular patterns looking like limbs on a Christmas fir tree, is very real. And when the lights go on, the tree itself becomes an object of beauty, just like the Christmas tree was beautiful in the forest.“Cardiomyocytes are highly specialized and cannot skip a beat,” said Michael Gotthardt, who heads MDC’s Neuromuscular and Cardiovascular Cell Biology Lab and spearheaded the research. “We can watch how titin is made and inserted into the myofilament while everything is still working. It’s beautiful to see.“The scientists at MDC were surprised to find that titin is much more dynamic than earlier believed. It’s not just an idle scaffold. It moves in a choreographed dance. Everything in the insertion is coordinated carefully so that the heart never skips a beat. Imagine trying to do heart surgery in situ on a beating heart!The red and green fluorescent lights are attached to titin proteinsHeart muscle cells appear to have a pool of soluble titin spread throughout the sarcomere, ready to replace proteins damaged in the repetitive process of muscle expansion and contraction. Overextended proteins are moved out of the cells and then degraded. All of this happens over the course of a few hours, which sounds fast, but is actually much longer than for any other sarcomeric protein.Individual sarcomeres are organized into muscle fibers.Ribosomes are ready near the site to transcribe mRNA into titin as needed. The proteins are kept in a compartment ready for assembly, then are moved into position as needed. Spent proteins are removed in an organized manner.The body has about 700 named skeletal muscles, not counting smooth muscles and cardiac muscles.As we work our muscles, many coordinated steps are taking place at the cellular level beyond our normal experience. Scientists are just peering now into the secrets that people have been relying on for every finger, arm, leg movement and heartbeat since the dawn of creation.That’s a Christmas present to delight in more than anything you could find under the tree. Many live for 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 years with these systems operating reliably without fail. “And they run on potatoes!” Dr A. E. Wilder-Smith would exclaim. These girls have no idea what wonders are going on inside their muscles.According to the Bible’s account of the pre-Flood generations, these systems worked in Methuselah for almost a millennium (989 years). Every moment of every day and night, Methuselah’s heart never skipped a beat. The performance of God’s creations vastly exceed the capabilities of the world’s greatest inventors. Should we not give thanks for these gifts? (Visited 94 times, 13 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Celebrating 10 Years of Event Caches

first_img SharePrint RelatedMeet the German Robin Hood. — Schinderhannes (GC23VXF) — Geocache of the WeekJuly 17, 2013In “Community”North American Edition of Geocacher of the Month: Comment NowMay 19, 2014In “Community”Featured Geocacher of the Month Award WinnersAugust 25, 2011In “Community” Share with your Friends:More The cache page for the first ever Event Cache starts with the modest quote, “Come have a beer and meet the people whose names you’ve been seeing in the log books. Austin seems to have enough people interested in geocaching to pull this off.” The date was March 24, 2001. The name of the event was “Austin Geocachers Happy Hour (GC389).”As it is defined today, an Event Cache is where local geocachers and geocaching organizations meet and discuss geocaching.Rich Carlson, Eoghan, along with Rachel Benavidez, Pumpkin Princess, hosted the first event. Rich and Rachel married in 2003.First geocaching event March 24, 2001Rich’s instructions for finding the group of geocachers at the coordinates were simple (and still work at Event Caches today): “Look for GPS units on the tables or someone wearing one of the t-shirts.”Rich recently spoke to about that first event one decade ago. He says: “In early 2001, interest in geocaching was really taking off. Lots of creative new cache types were being hidden. Austin went from one cache on January 1st to a couple dozen by early March, including micros, multis, letterbox and themed caches. As Pumpkin Princess and I sought out each new cache listed we saw a similar set of names showing up in the logbooks and started to get curious about what these other people were like. So I posted the coordinates to my favorite pub, offered the enticement of a free beer to the first finder, and hoped that someone would show.”More than a dozen people logged a smiley for the event. Rich knows why: “We’re social, story-telling animals. We love to tell tales of the hunt and feel a sense of community.” And there’s one more reason he says people love Event Caches: “Swag, of course.”As far as being the first to host a geocaching event Rich says, “That I was the one to host the first event is more a matter of luck than anything else. Using coordinates and posting the event as a cache was the obvious approach for a geo-get-together. I happened to be in the right place and find out about geocaching at the right time. Just like being FTF a new cache – if I hadn’t done it someone else certainly would have.”It wasn’t long before Event Caches wove themselves into geocaching culture. Rich says it all happened fast: “…that event has merged somewhat in my memory with the other events hosted and attended shortly after by TresOkies, 3Lanes, AustinExplorer & Coppertone, RoxBob & Martha,  DamnYankee, TxHiPowr, GoHorns, and others.”Rich says Event Caches fill a need in the geocaching community, by building community: “I can’t speak for what others get out of them, but I like that I get a chance to meet people who I know up front share a common interest. I also like getting to see the variety of interesting people drawn to geocaching.”Rich and Rachel are still active geocachers. They’re attending the Event Cache, ‘10th Anniversary of the First Ever Event‘ in Austin, Texas this weekend. More than a hundred geocachers are expected to attend the event.Join in the fun of swapping geocaching stories and meeting your fellow geocachers face-to-face. Find an event near you, explore our Geocaching Event Calendar.last_img read more

9 months agoReal Madrid goalkeeper Casilla on his way to Leeds

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Real Madrid goalkeeper Casilla on his way to Leedsby Carlos Volcano9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveReal Madrid goalkeeper Kiko Casilla is on his way to Leeds United.Marca says Casilla is set to join Leeds and has already travelled to England, being photographed at Madrid’s Barajas Airport.This means that Luca Zidane will become the third-choice for Santiago Solari.There had been talk about recalling Andriy Lunin from his loan at Leganes, but he is now set to stay there for the remainder of the campaign. last_img read more

Video: Urban Meyer Tells David Letterman About The Tattoo He’s Getting

first_imgurban meyer is now a spokesman for bob evansA ring isn’t the only thing Urban Meyer will be getting as a result of Ohio State’s national championship. The Buckeyes’ coach will also be getting a tattoo. Prior to his team’s game against Oregon in the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship Game, Meyer promised his players he would get inked up if they beat the Ducks. They did, 42-20, so the 50-year-old will be visiting a tattoo parlor at some point in the near future. Friday evening, Meyer made an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman. He talked about the tattoo he’ll be getting at about the 1:05 mark. While a Block O on top of his head seems like an interesting idea, odds are Meyer will probably opt to get something on his chest or back like Rick Pitino.last_img read more

Service Changes to BC Bus North

first_imgPrince George – Valemount: departs at 8:30 (not 7:00) and arrives Valemount 12:25 (not 11:05)Valemount – Prince George: departs Valemount at 1:25 p.m. (not 3 p.m.) and arrives at 5:20 p.m. (not 7:05)Prince George – Fort St. John:o   Schedule times are in Mountain Standard between Fort St. John and Chetwyndo   Fort St. John terminus moves from 100 Ave at 100 Street to 99 Ave at 100 Street;o   Departure times at most points en route are earlier, reducing overall travel time by a one-half hour.Dawson Creek – Fort Nelson:o   Schedule times are all Mountain Standard Time, and departure times are earlier.o   Fort Nelson terminus moves from Phoenix Theatre to the Recreation Centreo   Fort St. John stop moves from 100 St. and 100 Ave., to 100 St. at 99 Ave. Reservations are required on BC Bus North. Book online at or call toll-free: 1-844-564-7494. FORT ST. JOHN B.C. – Changes are being made to the B.C. Bus North for passenger safety.Passenger safety in winter conditions will be increased with schedule changes that give drivers as much available daylight to transport passengers to their destinations.Travel days during the week remain the same, but changes taking effect November 5 include:center_img Prince George – Prince Rupert:o   leaves each end at 8 a.m, which is unchanged, but arrives at 7:25 p.m., 25 minutes earlier.o   Some departure times en route are earlier.o   The stop in Telkwa moves from the Post Office to the One Stop ShopMany changes have been made to the new schedule, so customers should visit for the changes that affect them.last_img read more

Bob Zimmer MP comments on the United We Roll Convoy

first_imgZimmer says,” A whole bunch of people from Western Canada that want to get our resources to market”“My comments were that we should be thanking all the oil and gas folks for keeping us warm in the winter, the fuel that flies our planes back and forth from Ottawa comes from the Kinder Morgan Pipeline,” said Zimmer“Wanted to say, show your support to all these folks out here, great to see so many. They have the road completely blocked off with all the trucks. It is good to see. Great show of support, we need to keep the pressure for the Trudeau government that we will actually get our resources to market.” continued Zimmer“It’s pretty sad that we are a world leader in energy, at least we were until the policies over-regulation are doing their very best, Trudeau is doing his best to shut it down, thanks for coming out and all that came from FSJ, I recognized a few when I was speaking,” said Zimmer, “Keep up the good work” OTTAWA, ONT – The United We Roll Convoy has arrived at their final destination at Parliament Hill and Bob Zimmer was in attendance.The Convoy made up of workers and supporters of the oil and gas industry left from Red Deer, Alberta heading to Ottawa to express their concern for the industry.Bob Zimmer posted a video to his FB Page titled; ‘ Awesome show of support for our energy workers and industry with the truck convoy today! #UnitedWeRoll #UnitedWeRollConvoylast_img read more

Market gathers momentum

first_imgMarkets had a good showing last week and continued their gains from the previous week. The Midcap and Smallcap segment outperformed the benchmark indices on expected lines. BSE SENSEX was up 607.62 points or 1.68 per cent to close at 36,671.43 points. NIFTY gained 171.90 points or 1.58 per cent to close at 11,035.40 points. BSE Midcap gained 2.08 per cent and BSE Smallcap was up 3.91 per cent. This positive movement in the smaller stocks has brought smiles on the faces of many investors after a very long time. The gains in India were even though Dow Jones was down 576.08 points or 2.21 per cent at 25,450.24 points. The rupee gained 76 paisa or 1.07 per cent to close at Rs 70.15 to the dollar. Also Read – A special kind of bondThe election code would kick in immediately after the announcement of Lok Sabha election schedule and hopefully, some of the name calling by politicians would reduce. In any case, this election is going to be dirty and one should expect people not only accusing each other but then running to the Election Commission to file a complaint. Markets are in a much better frame of mind and FPI’s have seen buyers in recent weeks. This has helped in bringing about stability and the crossing of key resistance levels of 36K and 36.5K on the SENSEX and 11K on the NIFTY. The important point here is the fact that these levels have sustained through the week. Further, the breadth of the market has increased significantly, and larger number of stocks have seen increase in volume and price rise. Stocks gaining 10 per cent and more during the week are significantly higher than in previous weeks. The only sectoral indices which were down last week were the BSE IT and BSE TECK. This was on the back of the fall in prices of Wipro after the trust of Azim Premji sold shares worth Rs 700 crore. Other IT stocks like HCL Tech and Infosys were also weak while TCS gained ground. There is nothing negative about the IT space except the feeling that the major IT companies may guide for a muted growth when FY20 guidance is given for March 2019 results. Also Read – Insider threat managementThe CPSE ETF and ICICI Bharat-22 had very strong showing last week and registered strong gains as their underlying shares rallied. In the case of Bharat 22, ITC and Axis Bank also registered significant gains. These ETFs are likely to continue their momentum as more PSUs declare interim dividends. Essar Steel has finally found a resolution and is sold to Arcelor. One needs to keep their fingers crossed and hope that no more cases are filed by the erstwhile owners of Essar Steel. The way this group has misused public funds would be an interesting case study in the IIM’s of this country. Jet Airways plan to manage its resources seems to be seeing the light of day with SBI, Etihad and Naresh Goyal seemingly hammering out a plan of sorts. One hopes that this is also resolved sooner than later as already 20 per cent of the airline’s aircraft have been grounded so far for non-payment to lessors of aircraft. Markets are likely to continue to gain ground in the coming week with a correction or two also there. The momentum is there, and people will closely follow the elections and the efforts of the ‘mahagathbandan’ as it announces its parties and candidates for the first phase of elections. Ride the momentum and use sharp rallies to book some profits and take money off the table! (The writer is founder of Kejriwal Research and Investment Services. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

ECA and sports trials to be more student friendly at DU

first_imgNew Delhi: Starting this year, student who wish to apply at Delhi University under the Extra Curricula Activities (ECA) category and sport trials would witness a change in the admission process in the academic session 2019-20. In fact, the administration is preparing to make the quota admissions more student-friendly, that even before the start of the session, said an official. Moreover, the announcement has already been made by the admission committee that this time the trial of these quota will begin from May 20. “And the aspirant of this quota will not have to wait for cut-off,” he added.Earlier, only after the cut-off was released in the DU for past year, student can apply for ECA and sports but this time aspirant will undergo through the trial from the third week of May. However, in the last year of the DU, 60 per cent of the sports quota admission and the weightage of 40 percent of certificate was considered. And this time there may be a change in this also,” he added. Moreover, the discussions on how to keep the weight of the trial and certificates are still going on, he said. By 2017, students had to upload only one certificate for sports, but arrangement had been made to upload three certificates last year but this time committee is discussing that if administration would continue the previous year arrangement or implement the 2017 system to upload the certificate. “In short, the administration is all set to prepare to make ECA and sports trials more students friendly than earlier, so that the process will be simple and hassle free for both students and the DU administration,” official added. Mpostlast_img read more

Britain takes aim at social media company bosses in world first

first_imgLondon: Britain will make social media bosses personally liable for harmful content and shut down offending platforms under a government action plan published Monday — the first of its kind anywhere. The long-delayed and eagerly anticipated proposals lay the groundwork for legislation that could be passed in the coming months. They were drawn up after consultations with social media moguls such as Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and have faced little resistance from other platforms that have also been blamed for allowing the spread of hate and abuse. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USSome of the proposals have sparked concerns from free speech groups. “What we’re proposing today is that companies that deal with user-generated content should take greater responsibility for keeping those users safe,” culture and media minister Jeremy Wright told BBC radio. “These are world-leading proposals. No one in the world has done this before.” The proposed regulations would see social media companies accept “duty of care” obligations that require them to identify and remove “online harms”. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsThose that fail would be first issued warnings and then hit progressively with more punitive sanctions. The government paper suggests that these include “the creation of new liability (civil fines or extended to criminal liability) for individual senior managers”. The most serious would see internet service providers block non-compliant websites and apps. “This would only be considered as an option of last resort and deploying such an option would be a decision for the independent regulator alone,” the plan says. The regulations would only apply in Britain and should have no immediate impact on users elsewhere in the world. But they may prompt other governments to take notice and follow suit. Wright suggested the fines would be substantial. He noted that those available to European Union authorities implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules on data privacy reached “up to four percent of a company’s turnover”. “We think we should be looking at something comparable here,” Wright told BBC television. Wright’s office is navigating a minefield of problems regulating an industry that largely functions outside the bounds of existing legislation — and whose harms are open to interpretation and remain undefined. A joint letter sent by media executives to the British government in February stressed that legislation must be “technically possible to implement in practise… (and) “be targeted at specific harms”. The government paper lists both “harms with a clear legal definition” and “harms with a less clear legal definition”. The first include terrorist activity and a range of cyber-stalking and hate crimes. The second lists disinformation and “violent content” as a whole. What types of harm fall where would be established by a new regulator whose enforcement powers would be funded by the social media companies themselves. The social media boom was born in the spirit of a libertarian Silicon Valley ethos of innovation and non-interference from government. But the industry is now facing a litany of dangers that range from the spread of state propaganda to promotion of teen suicide and — most graphically last month — the live broadcast of the slaying of 50 Muslim worshippers in New Zealand. The techUK industry lobby group admitted Monday that platforms’ attempts at self-regulation have fallen short. But it also urged the government to avoid “creating discrepancies in law between the online and offline worlds”. “Government have said that this will apply to all user-generated content (and) not only to big tech firms,” techUK policy chief Vinous Ali said. “If we are going to throw the net out so widely we need to make sure the proposed regulator takes a risk-based and proportionate response.” Britain’s Article 19 free speech group also warned that the proposed legislation “could violate individuals’ rights to freedom of expression and privacy”.last_img read more

Mahagathbandhans prospects to improve in next two phases Mayawati

first_imgAzamgarh (UP): Rubbishing the BJP’s claim that it was doing good in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the opposition ‘mahagathbandhan’ on Wednesday said that on the other hand the prospects of the opposition alliance was improving day by day. “Our (electoral) prospects are improving…the prospects of the opposition alliance will further improve in the remaining two phases of Lok Sabha polls,” BSP chief Mayawati said at a joint rally with SP chief Akhilesh Yadav here. She said ever since the ‘mahagathbandhan’ was formed to take on the saffron party, “BJP leaders have lost their sleep.” Mayawati appealed to the voters to ensure a historic win for Yadav, who is the joint opposition candidate from the Azamgarh seat held by the SP in the outgoing Lok Sabha. Hitting back at the BJP, the BSP chief said, “We are not ‘mahamilawati’, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is ‘mahamilawati’.” The PM has termed the mahagathbandhan’ as the ‘mahamilawati’ (adulterated) alliance. Dubbing the Congress and the BJP as two sides of the same coin, she said, “Dono kaa chaal chalan ek hai (both have same nature and character).” She said Modi will try to create more confusion in the days to come and appealed to the voters not to fall prey to his designs. “Unkey (Modi’s) achchey din ladd gaye (his good days are over) and bad days are staring at his face,” she said.last_img read more