Fishing the North Coast: Klamath salmon count up

first_imgWe’ve got a long way to go, but it looks like the worst may be over for the run of fall kings on the Klamath. In 2016, the number of returning Fall Chinook adults to the Klamath River was estimated at 27,353. At the time, those were the lowest returns ever recorded. In 2017, CDFW predicted the numbers would go even lower. Only 18,410 kings were predicted to return, prompting a full closure of the fall season on the Klamath. North Coast ocean anglers also took a hit. Both the California and …last_img read more

Smile Week to transform children’s lives

first_imgRay Maota The Smile Foundation aims to restore the dignity of children born with facial disfigurements like a cleft lip and palate. (Image: Flickr) Dr Jonathan Louw, CEO of Adcock Ingram Healthcare, said they were humbled to be part of this philanthropic initiative. (Image: Adcock Ingram) MEDIA CONTACTS • Sanri van Wyk  Taryn Fritz Public Relations  +27 11 888 8548 or +27 72 333 1011 RELATED ARTICLES • New ward opened for Smile Week • R13.8m surgical skills centre for South Africa • Drug giant lists on JSE • Brazil health plan adapted for South AfricaTwenty children with facial disfigurement caused by a cleft lip, cleft palate or paralysis will finally get the chance to smile after receiving reconstructive surgery during the Smile Foundation’s Smile Week.The event, being held at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town from 25 to 29 July 2011, is a partnership between the foundation and pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram. The children receiving surgery are of varying ages and include Amber, who was born with a cleft palate and is only six months old.“These children’s parents, families and communities will soon celebrate the fact that they have a beautiful smile and can go off to school when they’re older without fear of being teased or isolated,” Moira Gerszt, chief operating officer of the Foundation, said in a statement.“Our partnership with Adcock Ingram began last year. With their support, we will have made a difference in the lives of almost 40 children by the end of this Smile Week.” Before the start of Smile Week, 20 children had already received reconstructive surgery.Once identified, patients are assessed to determine the severity of their condition. Depending on the extent of their disfigurement, they are then either put on the list of the nearest participating hospital, or put on the surgery list of the Smile Week in their area.According to Dr Jonathan Louw, CEO of Adcock Ingram Healthcare, the surgery provides more than just smiles. “The funding that Adcock Ingram contributes towards these life-changing operations not only lessens the deformity of these children, but ensures that every child is able to swallow both solids and liquids with ease,” he said.“Our partnership with the Smile Foundation reiterates our commitment to adding value to life and changing one child at a time.”The Smile Foundation and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital have entered a three-year partnership to implement Smile Week, with the NGO funding the surgery and associated resources required, and the hospital providing infrastructure, staff, care, treatment and expertise.The paediatric hospital recently opened the first paediatric endoscopic surgical training centre in sub-Saharan Africa. A R13.8-million (US$2-million) facility, the centre aims to develop and improve the endoscopic surgery skills of surgeons in South Africa and elsewhere on the African continent.Ten years of smilesOver the past 10 years, the Smile Foundation and its six academic hospital partners have given the gift of a smile to more than 700 disfigured children across South Africa.In the Western Cape alone, 80 children have received surgery since the first Smile Week was launched in the province.“We are proud to have some of the best surgeons in the world to take part in this project,” said Theuns Botha, Western Cape health minister. These doctors include Dr Saleigh Adams, Dr Dirk Lazarus, Dr Greg Hein and Dr Suvier Singh.“These operations will enable children to smile. No money can buy that. This project is a joint investment in our youth and the future wellness of our people.”The Smile Foundation sources patients through hospital referrals, word of mouth, donor referrals, media awareness campaigns and the foundation’s toll-free number of +27 87 808 8682. Its six partner hospitals are Tygerberg Academic Hospital and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in the Western Cape, Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Gauteng, Universitas Hospital in the Free State, and George Mukhari Hospital in North West.last_img read more

Getting to Zero Carbon in Menlo Park

first_imgRising sea levels are a threatCreating a model framework for a low-carbon city that could be inundated by rising seas in the next century may seem like a questionable endeavor. The elephant in the room of sea level rise is coming into sharper focus as the San Francisco Bay area grapples with the extent of its infrastructure and built environment that is projected to be flooded in the not-too-distant future.As the region begins to consider wetland restoration, levees, and other flooding protections, Menlo Park has specified minimum elevations above future flood levels for new buildings. For example, Facebook’s recent Building 20 has parking at ground level, underneath the building structure, effectively elevating it at least one story — a good example of how to create new infrastructure that is resilient to future flood levels.If the latest developments in Menlo Park are any indication of what’s to come, we’re seeing zero net energy buildings, significant new solar installations, rooftop parks, blackwater recycling, electric shuttle bus fleets, and a serious commitment to supporting alternatives to driving. And we’re just getting started on our path to zero carbon, laying a solid foundation to become climate neutral by 2025 and helping other small cities do the same. Net-Zero Families, Not Net-Zero HomesCalifornia Leads the Nation in Net-Zero ProjectsA Business Model for Net-Zero Energy Districts The Department of Energy Chooses a Definition for Net ZeroBlog Review: Thriving on Low Carbon Carbon Fees Are Not the Best Solution to Climate PollutionTracking Our Company’s Carbon Footprint Small cities can have a big impactWe need bold leadership from cities and local leaders now, more than ever, to achieve a stable climate for our future. A recent C40 report [C40 is an organization focusing on climate change issues] found that serious action is needed by 2020 just to limit global warming to 2 C°, deemed the upper “safe” limit by climate scientists and the Paris Agreement. Cities in particular are well poised to take ambitious action to lead the way. Small cities like Menlo Park can develop a framework for what zero carbon can look like in transit-poor, car-centric suburbs. Menlo Spark, together with assistance from Rocky Mountain Institute, has set out to do that. RELATED ARTICLES By DIANE BAILEYWhat happens when a small Silicon Valley city flanked by Stanford University and Facebook headquarters sets its sights on a climate-neutral future? A zero carbon pathway and a fresh approach to the built environment emerge. But how?About five years ago, two environmental quality commissioners in the City of Menlo Park, Chris DeCardy and Mitch Slomiak, resolved that this small city, a center of world-class innovation, could be a leader on climate action and needed to do more. In 2013 they convinced the City of Menlo Park to commit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 27% from 2005 to 2020. Then they embarked on a feasibility study to see if Menlo Park could go even further, becoming climate neutral. It turns out to be entirely possible, leading to the creation of Menlo Spark, a non-profit with a mission to reach zero carbon in Menlo Park by 2025. It also turns out that small cities have an important leadership role to play on climate action, because they account for more emissions and represent a larger share of the population than big cities. The good news is that the City of Menlo Park just took a giant step toward that zero carbon framework by updating its General Plan to create a vibrant, modern, sustainable community. Cities don’t change overnight, but this plan creates a big opportunity with the addition of more than 2 million square feet of commercial development, 4,500 new multifamily housing units, and several hotels.The plan has a lot of forward-leaning policies that minimize GHGs from new development, promoting complete streets and mixed-use buildings to redevelop an aging industrial waterfront area and bring services to the disadvantaged community of Belle Haven. The accompanying zoning update also promotes a live-work-play environment that reorients streets toward pedestrians, public transit, and bicycles, and includes leading-edge sustainability standards. Going from car-centric to people-centricMenlo Park, just like the rest of Silicon Valley, has a serious jobs–housing imbalance that exacerbates long commutes, gridlock, and a lack of affordable housing. The 4,500 additional housing units envisioned by this new plan aren’t a magic bullet that immediately corrects the imbalance. But it’s a significant amount of new housing near a big job center, so much so that transportation models predict a large reduction in traffic (vehicle miles traveled) relative to the status quo.In response to community concerns about housing affordability and displacement, the plan encourages up to 20% below-market-rate housing for developments at a bonus zoning level. The plan also articulates a clear preference for the affordable housing to serve residents of Belle Haven who have been displaced. Here again, it’s not a silver bullet, but a solid start to addressing the local housing crisis.To help improve mobility, transportation demand management (TDM) plans are required for developments greater than 10,000 square feet, to reduce car trips by 20% below standard rates, with the possibility to reduce car trips more when future public transit improvements are in place. TDM plans could include, for example, participation in a transportation management association, preferred parking for carpools and vanpools, bikeâ€share programs, subsidies for alternative transportation such as free transit passes, alternative work schedules, carâ€share memberships, and emergency rides home. Other requirements include public paseos (parklets) to improve connectivity and bicycle parking standards. Getting to zero-carbon buildingsWhile the state of California is on track to usher in zero net-energy (ZNE) homes by 2020 and commercial buildings by 2030, Menlo Park tailored a novel approach that ensures zero-carbon buildings before the state ZNE standards kick in. To achieve a zero net-carbon city, collectively, the buildings must produce or procure enough carbon-free renewable energy to offset the buildings’ carbon-based energy consumption annually, including the carbon associated with energy generation and distribution (i.e., zero net-source energy/carbon). In contrast, a zero net-energy building doesn’t take the composition of the grid into account (i.e., zero net-site energy/carbon).Menlo Park’s updated zoning regulations now require new developments to use 100% renewable energy, not only for electricity, but for all energy, including natural gas (based on energy use with conversion between kWh and BTU), gently guiding a transition to electric, fossil-fuel-free buildings. The policy has a lot of flexible options built in to ease the transition, such as purchasing renewable energy from the local utility, installing solar or other renewables within the City of Menlo Park, or purchasing renewable energy credits equal to the energy demand of the project each year. This is a remarkable step; Menlo Park is the first area that we know of to extend renewable energy requirements to cover natural gas uses, which account for more than twice the GHG emissions of electricity.New buildings also will need to support local solar facilities, starting with an on-site renewable energy feasibility study and a requirement to install at least 30% of the maximum renewables feasible on-site. All new buildings will need to monitor and maintain energy efficiency by enrolling in EPA’s Energy Star Building Portfolio Manager. The new zoning regulations also usher in these sustainability upgrades:Buildings must be LEED Silver for 10,000 to 100,000 square feet, and LEED Gold for over 100,000 square feet. LEED standards will also apply to major renovations.Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers are required for new parking facilities.Recycled water (e.g., greywater) is required for large projects over 250,000 square feet and the projects must prepare an alternate water source assessment.Zeroâ€waste management plans are required. Diane Bailey is an environmental advocate, scientist, and the executive director of Menlo Spark. This post originally appeared at RMI Outlet, a website associated with the Rocky Mountain Institute.last_img read more

Army flag march in Itanagar after mob violence, film festival venue destroyed

first_imgFriday night’s mob violence in Itanagar, triggered by the Arunachal Pradesh government’s move to grant permanent resident certificates to six non-tribal communities, left one person dead in police firing and another grievously injured. The government clamped prohibitory orders and suspended Internet service. The Army staged a flag-march on Saturday. These measures came after protesters went on the rampage, destroying private and government property.The violence coincided with the start of the first Itanagar International Film Festival (IIFF) that was envisaged the Frontier State as a film destination. A mob ran through the festival venue – Indira Gandhi Park in the heart of the city – destroyed five inflatable cinema halls, cars and almost everything else standing.This forced the organisers, a Goa-based firm, to call the festival off.The mobs continued to vandalise property and burn vehicles till about 4:30 am on Saturday, much after Chief Minister Pema Khandu tried to douse the flames by announcing that his government would not discuss the PRC issue during the current Assembly session “keeping in view the present situation”.Officials in Itanagar said a mob – women and elderly among them – surrounded the Assembly building and threatened to burn it down. They damaged the vehicle of former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki at the gates as most of the other MLAs stayed the night in the Assembly for fear of being assaulted.The police resorted to firing when another group tried to storm the Secretariat building in Itanagar. A man from Kimin in Papum Pare district died in the firing while another person, injured, was being treated at the Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences at Naharlagun nearby.Security was particularly strengthened around the house of Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein as the protestors threatened to bury the body of the man killed in police firing at his residence. “We had to call in the Army for a flag-march to instill a sense of security among the people and clamp Section 144,” a senior police officer said.Mr Mein, along with Mr Khandu, had sought the granting of PRC to six of the Frontier State’s non-tribal communities – Adivasi, Deori, Gorkha, Moran, Mishing, and Sonowal Kachari – some of whom are Scheduled Tribes in Assam.These six communities are dominant in Changlang and Namsai districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Mr Mein represents the Lekang Assembly constituency in Namsai district.Internet shut, call for calmIn an order on Friday night, the State’s Home Commissioner G.S. Meena said telecom service providers have been asked to suspend internet services for the next 24 hours. “This is in view of the law and order situation to avoid rumour-mongering through the internet,” he said.The Chief Minister on Saturday appealed for calm, accusing “vested interests” of misleading the people over the PRC issue. “The government had never intended to bring a Bill on the PRC issue, which was blown out of proportion leading to misunderstanding among the people,” he said.A joint high power committee (JHPC), headed by Environment and Forest Minister Nabam Rebia, to look into the PRC issue had prepared a report that was to have been discussed in the Assembly, he said.“JHPCs formed earlier, one of which involved Takam Sanjoy, had also recommended PRC for the communities concerned,” he said, adding that his government would never take a step that would affect the indigenous communities.A former MP, Mr Sanjoy is the president of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee.Naga rock band hitOne of the worst affected by the mob violence was Nagaland-based singer, composer, and songwriter Alobo Naga, the frontman of popular rock band Alobo Naga and The Band (ANTB). He had reached Itanagar on the fateful day to perform at the film festival.Many of Alobo Naga’s shows across the globe have been in conflict zones. He had a first-hand experience of violence in Itanagar, the place he least expected to be “caught in the crossfire”.Winner of the Best Indian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2012, Mr Naga said he had never imagined in his worst nightmare that he would become the victim of mob violence.“Trouble had started brewing when I arrived here. I thought the film festival venue would be a safer place to park my music van than the hotel. This (Saturday) morning, I found my van burn along with my guitar, keyboard and other music instruments,” he told The Hindu from Itanagar.The van, he said, was worth Rs 25 lakh and the music instruments priceless.Other participants at IIFF too were counting losses like the Nagaland rock band. A Guwahati-based supplier of acoustics and tent material said the mob destroyed “almost everything” running into a few million rupees.Apart from damaging at least 20 vehicles at the Dorjee Khandu Convention Centre – in Itanagar’s VIP area – where the main screen of the film festival was installed, the mob destroyed five inflatable screens at the Indira Gandhi Park besides everything else standing there.“We had installed five inflatable halls with a screen, each with a capacity for 130-150 people. They are all damaged,” an organiser said, declining to be quoted.“Many artistes invited for the film festival were caught at the venue the whole night. The protestors did not harm anyone but cars and equipment of many artistes,” film-maker Utpal Borpujari said after participants were escorted out of Itanagar.The organisers had curated 51 films, seven from film-makers of the north-eastern sates, for the festival. The films included Bulbul Can Sing by national award-winning director Rima Das of Assam.last_img read more

Steven Smith will succeed as captain, says Michael Clarke

first_imgFormer Australia captain Michael Clarke believes that incumbent Steve Smith’s batting won’t be affected by his elevation to the top job, and insisted that the newly appointed Test skipper has been handed the reins at the best possible time.Smith will oversee a new-look Australian team in the upcoming two-Test series in Bangladesh after Ashes squad members Clarke, Brad Haddin, Chris Rogers, Ryan Harris and Shane Watson recently announcing their retirements.However, Clarke said Smith’s outstanding form — of which the recent highlight was the 215 he scored over eight hours during the Lord’s Test against England ought to ensure he’s in the perfect frame to assume the captaincy.Also read: My body and my mind need some time away from cricket “I think the positive for Smithy is he’s at the top of his game right now and that’s probably the best time to take over the captaincy. He’s comfortable with his batting and how he’s going about it,” Clarke was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday.”He’s just going to have to manage both and I think he’s smart enough to do that. I want to see the boys go to Bangladesh and have success and I’m pretty sure they will — there’s plenty of talent in that team – so now it’s just going to take time for them to play together and build that camaraderie,” the World Cup winning captain said.Clarke, who scored 151 on debut against India at Bangalore in 2004, described cricket as a sport where sometimes all a player needed was the opportunity to prove he was good enough to play at the highest level.advertisement”The one thing I know about this game is people ask ‘is so-and-so good enough’, well, you don’t know unless they’re given an opportunity,” he said.”I think about my Test debut and (you can ask) was I good enough then? I have no idea and I’m sure the people around me had no idea. But they made a call and and thankfully I was able to fulfil that potential. I think Australia is in very good hands (with the players vying for selection) and now it’s just about opportunity,” Clarke said.last_img read more

Gov’t to Start Granting Electric Power Wheeling Licences July

first_imgMinister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Phillip Paulwell says he intends to start granting licences for electric power wheeling in July. In his Budget Debate presentation in Parliament on Wednesday, April 24, the Minister, noted that this is another policy initiative of the administration “to make our energy sector more robust and realise efficiencies”. He explained that “wheeling” is the use of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) grid to transmit power from a self-generating entity in one location to itself in another for a fee. “This is a benefit to those businesses, who generate their own electricity, because it means that if that company has excess generating capacity in one location, wheeling allows it to use that excess in another of its locations,” he said. The Minister noted that the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has indicated that the rate will vary between US$50 to US$175 per megawatt-kilometre per month, and that the final rate will be determined after public consultation. By Alecia Smith-Edwards, JIS Reporterlast_img read more

Service Changes to BC Bus North

first_imgPrince George – Valemount: departs at 8:30 (not 7:00) and arrives Valemount 12:25 (not 11:05)Valemount – Prince George: departs Valemount at 1:25 p.m. (not 3 p.m.) and arrives at 5:20 p.m. (not 7:05)Prince George – Fort St. John:o   Schedule times are in Mountain Standard between Fort St. John and Chetwyndo   Fort St. John terminus moves from 100 Ave at 100 Street to 99 Ave at 100 Street;o   Departure times at most points en route are earlier, reducing overall travel time by a one-half hour.Dawson Creek – Fort Nelson:o   Schedule times are all Mountain Standard Time, and departure times are earlier.o   Fort Nelson terminus moves from Phoenix Theatre to the Recreation Centreo   Fort St. John stop moves from 100 St. and 100 Ave., to 100 St. at 99 Ave. Reservations are required on BC Bus North. Book online at or call toll-free: 1-844-564-7494. FORT ST. JOHN B.C. – Changes are being made to the B.C. Bus North for passenger safety.Passenger safety in winter conditions will be increased with schedule changes that give drivers as much available daylight to transport passengers to their destinations.Travel days during the week remain the same, but changes taking effect November 5 include:center_img Prince George – Prince Rupert:o   leaves each end at 8 a.m, which is unchanged, but arrives at 7:25 p.m., 25 minutes earlier.o   Some departure times en route are earlier.o   The stop in Telkwa moves from the Post Office to the One Stop ShopMany changes have been made to the new schedule, so customers should visit for the changes that affect them.last_img read more

Bob Zimmer MP comments on the United We Roll Convoy

first_imgZimmer says,” A whole bunch of people from Western Canada that want to get our resources to market”“My comments were that we should be thanking all the oil and gas folks for keeping us warm in the winter, the fuel that flies our planes back and forth from Ottawa comes from the Kinder Morgan Pipeline,” said Zimmer“Wanted to say, show your support to all these folks out here, great to see so many. They have the road completely blocked off with all the trucks. It is good to see. Great show of support, we need to keep the pressure for the Trudeau government that we will actually get our resources to market.” continued Zimmer“It’s pretty sad that we are a world leader in energy, at least we were until the policies over-regulation are doing their very best, Trudeau is doing his best to shut it down, thanks for coming out and all that came from FSJ, I recognized a few when I was speaking,” said Zimmer, “Keep up the good work” OTTAWA, ONT – The United We Roll Convoy has arrived at their final destination at Parliament Hill and Bob Zimmer was in attendance.The Convoy made up of workers and supporters of the oil and gas industry left from Red Deer, Alberta heading to Ottawa to express their concern for the industry.Bob Zimmer posted a video to his FB Page titled; ‘ Awesome show of support for our energy workers and industry with the truck convoy today! #UnitedWeRoll #UnitedWeRollConvoylast_img read more

Market gathers momentum

first_imgMarkets had a good showing last week and continued their gains from the previous week. The Midcap and Smallcap segment outperformed the benchmark indices on expected lines. BSE SENSEX was up 607.62 points or 1.68 per cent to close at 36,671.43 points. NIFTY gained 171.90 points or 1.58 per cent to close at 11,035.40 points. BSE Midcap gained 2.08 per cent and BSE Smallcap was up 3.91 per cent. This positive movement in the smaller stocks has brought smiles on the faces of many investors after a very long time. The gains in India were even though Dow Jones was down 576.08 points or 2.21 per cent at 25,450.24 points. The rupee gained 76 paisa or 1.07 per cent to close at Rs 70.15 to the dollar. Also Read – A special kind of bondThe election code would kick in immediately after the announcement of Lok Sabha election schedule and hopefully, some of the name calling by politicians would reduce. In any case, this election is going to be dirty and one should expect people not only accusing each other but then running to the Election Commission to file a complaint. Markets are in a much better frame of mind and FPI’s have seen buyers in recent weeks. This has helped in bringing about stability and the crossing of key resistance levels of 36K and 36.5K on the SENSEX and 11K on the NIFTY. The important point here is the fact that these levels have sustained through the week. Further, the breadth of the market has increased significantly, and larger number of stocks have seen increase in volume and price rise. Stocks gaining 10 per cent and more during the week are significantly higher than in previous weeks. The only sectoral indices which were down last week were the BSE IT and BSE TECK. This was on the back of the fall in prices of Wipro after the trust of Azim Premji sold shares worth Rs 700 crore. Other IT stocks like HCL Tech and Infosys were also weak while TCS gained ground. There is nothing negative about the IT space except the feeling that the major IT companies may guide for a muted growth when FY20 guidance is given for March 2019 results. Also Read – Insider threat managementThe CPSE ETF and ICICI Bharat-22 had very strong showing last week and registered strong gains as their underlying shares rallied. In the case of Bharat 22, ITC and Axis Bank also registered significant gains. These ETFs are likely to continue their momentum as more PSUs declare interim dividends. Essar Steel has finally found a resolution and is sold to Arcelor. One needs to keep their fingers crossed and hope that no more cases are filed by the erstwhile owners of Essar Steel. The way this group has misused public funds would be an interesting case study in the IIM’s of this country. Jet Airways plan to manage its resources seems to be seeing the light of day with SBI, Etihad and Naresh Goyal seemingly hammering out a plan of sorts. One hopes that this is also resolved sooner than later as already 20 per cent of the airline’s aircraft have been grounded so far for non-payment to lessors of aircraft. Markets are likely to continue to gain ground in the coming week with a correction or two also there. The momentum is there, and people will closely follow the elections and the efforts of the ‘mahagathbandan’ as it announces its parties and candidates for the first phase of elections. Ride the momentum and use sharp rallies to book some profits and take money off the table! (The writer is founder of Kejriwal Research and Investment Services. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Fruitseller shot dead by criminals

first_imgKolkata: A fruit seller was shot dead by some miscreants at Kamarhati on Monday night.Later police arrested three youths from Kamarhati area. The deceased identified as Saheb Ali of Kamarhati used to sell fruits near the Kamarhati police outpost. On Monday around 7 pm an altercation broke between three youths and Ali over some issue. After a few minutes, local residents heard a firing sound and saw Ali fell the ground. Immediately, the three youth fled from the spot. Ali was immediately rushed to a private hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. Meanwhile, Belgharia police station was informed. Later, his family members lodged a murder complaint. Police started a probe and came to know that the three youths were talking about some monetary transaction. Police came to know that Ali had borrowed money from one Asif of Kamarhati for business. To be clear about the motive police started searching for Asif. After he was detained, Asif confessed that he had gone there to recover his money along with two others identified as Pappu and Nepali. They had plan to threat Ali. To terrify him, Nepali brandished a gun at the time of altercation. But the bullet fired accidentally. After Asif’s statement, police nabbed Pappu and Nepali from a hideout in Kamarhati area. The accused persons have confessed to the crime.last_img read more