Guyana accredits Zambia, Botswana diplomats

first_imgAs Guyana forges ahead with plans to establish a Green State, Government is looking to tap into the expertise and resources from the Republics of Botswana and Zambia as it accredits diplomats from the two southern African states.New Botswana High Commissioner, Tebogo MotshomePresident David Granger on Wednesday accepted Letters of Credence from the two non-resident diplomats at the Ministry of the Presidency.The newly accredited High Commissioner from the Republic of Botswana, Tebogo Teko Lily Motshome, lauded the good bilateral relations between Guyana and her country, while highlighting the importance of finding common ground to tackle global phenomenon.“We need to choose a path, as nations, that serves the interest of all and upholds the international values that preserves and nurtures our prosperity and security, and that contributes to our collective goal of a better, safer, more just, more prosperous and sustainable world,” High Commissioner Motshome stated.On this note, President Granger touted his Green State agenda, saying that this strengthened cooperation with Botswana will be beneficial to Guyana as it embarks on this path.Newly accredited High Commissioner of Zambia to Guyana, Alfreda Mwamba“The Green State will place emphasis on the protection of our environment, the preservation of our biodiversity and the promotion of renewable energy and practical measures to ensure climate adaptation. These objectives are aligned with those articulated in Botswana’s Vision 2036… Our shared commitment to sustainable development can form the basis of mutually beneficial exchanges of experiences,” he asserted.Meanwhile, the Head of State further posited that the renewed bilateral ties with the Republic of Zambia will also enable Guyana to establish its Green State plan.“Guyana is keen to learn from its experience in promoting ‘green’ jobs. Your appointment will create the opportunity for both our nations to exchange good practices and experiences in ‘green’ development,” the President said after receiving Letters of Credence from High Commissioner Alfreda Chilekwa Kansembe Mwamba.The newly accredited Zambian diplomat in her remarks recognised the need to build on this relation in the areas of agriculture, tourism and Public Sector cooperation.“Zambia seeks to enhance bilateral cooperation between our two countries in whatever shape or form… for our mutual benefits… How could we reinvent the will of the 60s and 70s… Is it not time for Guyana’s teachers and doctors return to Africa and boost the foundations of (countries in that region),” High Commissioner Mwamba stated.Guyana and Zambia established diplomatic ties since February 1971. These relations were cemented by the close personal friendship between Guyana’s first Prime Minister Forbes Burnham; and Zambia’s first President, Dr  Kenneth Kaunda, both passionate advocates of the African Liberation. President’s Kaunda’s visit to Guyana in 1975 helped to deepen relations between the two states.On the other hand, relations between Guyana and Botswana were established in October 1975. This bilateral relation was strengthened by the State visit to Guyana of President, Sir Seretse Khama in 1975 and by the work of skilled Guyanese in Botswana’s Public Sector.Additionally, Guyana and Botswana have worked closely with each other within the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group, the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations.last_img read more