A simple analysis of reasons new second failure

bonus: find a method can quickly let the spider to grab

said the following several usual optimization feelings and the webmaster said

first love Shanghai webmaster tools to register an account after landing, will own the URL, and click grab diagnosis, etc. after the completion of the website to grab the display space on the background download site logs, you will find love Shanghai spiders to go to catch and fast catching up several times, but I do not know this method is included for the last new release and the effect is good, but at least the coming love spiders in Shanghai, this is a big harvest. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai search engine keywords ranking rules

chain for keywords ranking to doubt, especially in some competitive high words, no auxiliary chain is impossible to have good rankings, some in a relatively poor quality of the site, is the use of the chain to support the let keyword generation ranking; so in our study keywords ranking this particular attention to some pages of the rankings produced, they generally do not have the support of the chain, but why would have ranked? Should carefully analyze the structure, it is adopted in the content quality and key word layout etc.. Figure "Xiamen Shanghai dragon" keywords ranking: read more

Analysis of new words ranking on stainless steel and optimization plan

Disallow: /


took over just checked the love Shanghai chain, then carefully check found that the more than 200 chain is almost from the same station query, what IP links.

User-agent: *

four, the chain has a problem of

FTP, found that the root directory has a robots file, which code is:


2. did not make good use of the ALT picture, this is almost a picture or even, can not bear to give a picture of a alt, can be said that the technician before too lazy.

web page is very rough, not beautiful, looked uncomfortable. Can only use one word to describe: chaos. Site is table to the layout, the entire page is ninety percent pictures, text is estimated less than one hundred bytes. Navigation is used in animation, with no bottom accessible website page link. The entire home products in addition to several links and news links, without any link to the spider continue to crawl it with single page not what respectively. read more

Do some experience outside the chain of love through the products in Shanghai

love Shanghai Post Bar, as favored high level account and love Shanghai know, so the chain is an important need to develop their own account. Then as Post Bar members in their own Post Bar hair band link posted success rate than in other Post Bar high success rate. With the same account number IP and the same day that there are limits, 5 in the control stick within it, my feeling is by chance. In Post Bar is mainly how to cheat Post Bar administrator, they delete your posts, so don’t put advertising significantly, or leave your links in reply which are good. read more

Case analysis a new week is how to go first


space: space will also influence weight, access speed too slow or frequent crashes, machine space, will seriously affect the weight of the website, which included the influence and flow. Of course, I do not recommend the beginning to buy expensive space, but please timely choose the better space according to the website development.

1, the choice of the domain name has a certain impact on the level of weight, domain name and website related to the higher level, the higher the weight gain, but also can play some later in the optimization process of the benefits of keywords ranking is relatively easy. If it is English station directly with English or abbreviations in alphabetical order cannot be reversed, so have a great affection for the search engine, so as to enhance the weight; if it is Chinese station, with initials or write letters can be reversed, but the weight was relatively low certainly upside down. Grassroots Adsense nets domain name is Pinyin abbreviation cgzzw, very much in line with the search engine’s appetite, so the weight of the site is very high. read more

How do the forum and industry portal external links

!Methods summarize the most effective !

5: when the signature set is best able to do anchor text links, links and anchor text love Shanghai related domain combination is the best

said the chain, in order to maintain the rank to maintain the chain do forum in the rankings up after the initial site what link? I said my method, I usually do the railway station when you get the content of the web site to do original, needless to say, the chain I do very little to do the forum is zhidingtie sofa to do basic is soft, and now a lot of industry industry station, station > read more

Where is the gold rush on the Olympic nternetWhat does CEO do for food

1. Products are rich, diversified,

2, board of directors

Key points of The Chinese athletes in the Olympic Games

investors and founders tend to use the board as a venue for rights struggle, and are used to the number of directors representing my interests Instead of looking at the quality of the board’s people and its components: how good are the members of the board? What is the role of the board of directors in the development of the company?

two, a strong backing of funds LETV announced a 50 million yuan investment read more

Entrepreneurship 25 years Fosun Group CEO Liang Gang suddenly resigned Guo Guangchang shocked a

fourth, the title of the mail should be how to write to attract more readers, can be easy to understand, and ingenuity. How to use other resources, such as video, animation and so on, to make our title more vivid and vivid.

will take effect today.

, one of the most notable, was Liang Xinjun’s resignation. He was one of the founders of Fosun Group, a bachelor’s degree in genetic engineering from Fudan University in 1991, and an alumnus of Guo Guangchang, who graduated from the Department of Fudan philosophy in 1989. read more

Old godmother does not go public really for do not cheat money buy nets Zhao Pingyuan Food electri

was popular, "Lohas Le Huo" thought, Zhao Pingyuan saw the opportunity: "the first brand." However, "LOHAS" the trademark is not registered, only registered the name "LOHAS".

he is willing to try new things, to the industry and competitor insights sharp, but it will require Phoenix mercy, "this is not reported."

most entrepreneurs, suffering for several years, only one goal, the enterprise listed. But the founder of the old godmother Tao Huabi, guarding the huge industry, determined not to appear on the market. She once said, "the godmother is determined not to appear on the market. That’s a lie."." The following article analyzes why she says so, and has nothing to do with morality. read more

Several aspects should pay attention to the beginnerLiu Qiangdong does not go the ordinary way high

third, do stand, such as life. On the Internet, the importance of contacts, I will not repeat it here. On the Internet and in real life is the same, you play tricks on others, others can see, you sincerely treat people, and certainly there is a return, and others will certainly treat you sincerely. The knowledge on the Internet is endless. No one can say anything on my network. It’s impossible. The network is also more capable of experience, I think. The propaganda on the network is nothing less than your propaganda in real life. This is also the reason why the big media and the famous companies put much energy into the network. Online, we in the group, YY shared knowledge, everyone to contact is not the same, then we can complement each other, learn from each other, so progress quickly, also let oneself understand a basic understanding of a lot of knowledge, can be combined with the characteristics of their own resources to achieve the best allocation. State. read more