Talking about the future direction of search engine

phase 1: content related

related content refers to users who search for a keyword in the search engine, the search engine is first from all the content on the website to judge what to write, the first is to analyze from the beginning of title, and the next step is to determine from the anchor text to the content of the article. Keywords the last step is to have H1 tags that contain the keyword density to one by one analysis, so that we can determine the correlation between the content of the search engine is based on this ranking, this is one of them. read more

This is how create a movie station with a daily traffic volume of 5000

I was in touch with the movie station in October 2009, when it was the first time I did a movie station. It took 2000 yuan to buy a movie station from A5’s hands. His main traffic comes from propaganda. About a day, 1W or so. But at that time because the space of good times don’t last long, strike back, etc. the reason for a period of time did not open. Finally, the transfer to foreign servers only start from scratch, but traffic is reduced to more than 2000. The heart was cold then. There’s no way to go on. I watched it for a while. Flow from optimization to few. Maybe there are too many movie stations. Basic small stations are difficult to survive. I’m not waiting for the flow to optimize. I have to advertise myself. I found that as long as publicity is good. There will be more traffic at the movie station. Optimize the flow of this process to slowly and into, and I also know that many of the rookie just do the movie station is a temporary flow can’t get up, after all, big flow of keywords can’t give you a short time ranking. So, rely on publicity. There’s a lot of publicity here. Or can guarantee new sites in the day stability more than 5000 traffic, here I put my skills to share with you. Hope everyone stick to read more

New station was quickly included a little experience

The new

Baidu included generally 10-20 days, it is most likely the webmaster all know! How to speed up the speed of the collection, this may be all together in research content! I took his station by Baidu three days included a little experience to take out and share with everyone! Right or not

, welcome to discuss!The

station is included, is a very simple method, most people may have been used, but here I used a little trick, do not know the others used the original no, haven’t seen this experience! What tricks? You may have been anxious, call me how such nonsense here! Put skills to speak out, then slowly back to explain! Trick is time difference read more

Station owners do not touch the door of several major reasons

Chinese Internet users are growing every year, but their interest in web portals is beginning to decline.

Most of the

more often landing portal is 70, 80 – early by the network "poisoning" deep, because they are the first contact with the Internet so few portals, so every day under accidentally landing on portal news, know more information, and these people are accustomed to, once a new point of interest they will also become a portal, finally can’t stay back".

and now there are more and more people use search engines to find the information they want, such as Baidu, Google, more and more people go to the forum, some vertical interest circles of friends, chat, such as, Tianya; even the advertisers, put ads on some professional websites, because they can more accurate, more money, such as the IT, Hongyun advertising. read more

The important thing to do is to have confidence and courage

world financial network, since its birth, has been controversial in its own career. Lin also had less founder can not find the value recognition and distress, but now he is no longer worried about it, "the mouth in others, we listen to what others say on the line. There are always two sides to everything. I want you to see the sunny side of things."

Lin less: the world financial network editor, who worked at the world’s top 500 ABB, Goldman Sachs, good at financial occupation career planning, analysis of the development status and the potential of the financial industry by financial institutions post analysis, at the Xiamen University, Fudan University; college students occupation planning seminar held in Beijing, Shanghai, organizing and planning; Wuhan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, the financial community meeting…… read more

How to invest in home decoration jewelry store to save money

decoration shop is the most important part of the entrepreneurial shop on the road, especially for the home industry investors, a good store decoration is one of the ways to attract customers successfully. The Home Furnishing joined the shop for entrepreneurs, decoration natural indispensable, is not a small sum of money, if the operator is lack of funds, will inevitably feel more difficult for businesses to reduce spending, but also an important means to reduce operating costs. In fact, how to save this expenditure is also a secret, and now we have to look at specific.

read more

How to make your site cute

is now a popular era of personal homepage, as long as the Internet, it must be shuttling back and forth in the streets of the internet. It is undeniable that these sites are excellent everywhere, but not worth mentioning sites are also common. Obviously, regardless of website builder or net friend, everybody urgently needs to know where the good website is, so what is a good website?


      whenever you have, keep it in mind: user first. Without users, what is the point of the site? You may use ISDN, or you may use a high-speed line, but you must know that most people still dial the Internet through Modem at this point, and sometimes traffic jams are very serious. This has to be taken into consideration. After you have finished, you’d better dial the Internet yourself and test it yourself. read more

Eagles small websites facing crashes

this week, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued new regulations to prohibit individuals registered CN domain to be registered, must produce a business license or certificate of organization code, which makes many people feel wuleihongding, as if their future development is broken. And in order to meet the special movement of the national crackdown of illegal information, the site did not record the crackdown, many are screened on Internet access provide access to websites without filing website, forum, chat room will be shut down. Some large formal website, so got involved, not to mention the unknown station, is to let a lot of people complain incessantly. read more

Also talking about the influence of the size of traffic on website ranking

today home owners to see an article "the size of the flow to the website ranking effect", which comes with a good ranking, flow naturally high flow, high ranking, naturally good……… ", the first half of the sentence may be correct, the second half of the sentence really beg to differ there is some evidence:

in the "178 union" as the keyword search in Baidu, respectively Google and Yahoo, are in the first row, need to remind you is: this site has yet to carry out publicity, so very little traffic, in the same key words in "than the site traffic" is a multi site search results (over one million), and they are in the back row, so I thought: "high flow, the natural ranking is good……… This is not correct! read more

How do you make one million Give you some ideas

you are eager to be a millionaire. Your dream is to become rich from poverty and spare money to spend. You have so many ideas, looking for can make you rich overnight, bank account six zero way.

we can’t make money for you, but we can show you the way. The following seven selected industries are not only in the current economic situation, but also have great potential for development. Entrepreneurs bring the best business ideas across the country, and the concept of franchising creates many opportunities. read more

Competition between competitors websites is not learning

in how to do the site optimization process, a lot of experience in learning to share with competitors, how to learn? But look at the competition site layout, outside the chain, then, what are the benefits? You can take a shortcut through, in the search box input: site+ website domain name, you can see the competition website where do the link, I will follow, it saves a lot of time, the same, the site layout, website content update on all the competitors things take over, so learning, "as the letter as a book, the downside is that their website completely follow the competition website hips. Without innovation, only copy, beyond what about read more

How has the tide of reputation network failed

signature: Study of failure cases, than on the success of the case is more valuable, more fun!

speaks of word of mouth, and many people may have forgotten the web site that once tried to compare with the public. But in June 2015, after Alipay revision for the new interface, some of you will find the bottom bar Alipay appeared in the businesses of this column, click on the go to find many local delicacy, the film, hotel and tour around the business, and have discount message. This change after Alipay announced, it is gone for 4 years "reputation network" revived and re entered the service life of the local market by Alipay’s new open O2O interface, fighting the battlefield. read more

grew up on an advertising website

in 2005, just contact the site, the site content and rich knowledge of the infection, so she also wants to own a website, it can be some of the things you usually collected on the site to share with you.

didn’t even know anything about website design and planning at first, let alone website marketing.

has learned some website building software before, and can not be regarded as a layman any more. Understand some basic methods of website creation.

at the beginning did not buy their own domain name, space ah, then there are free space, to a two domain name, apply for it. So, I apply for a free space to practice. After the space application is good, the bigger question comes, what to do, what name is the website, that one time does not know where to start. read more

Forecast of China’s nternet industry development in 2009

2008 has ended, while China is influenced by the traditional spring festival. 2009 is still not in the minds of many people. The extraordinary 2008, in the minds of every Chinese people are indelible. 2, the financial crisis will continue in 2009, and will the Internet remain "winter" in 2009? It’s really a place for Internet users. Especially individual stationmaster, it is a heart disease. The personal webmaster is thinking about which direction the Chinese Internet will go in 2009. Is it in your favor? read more

How to retain users of navigation websites

a few years ago, the vast majority of users using web navigation, through navigation to find their own needs. Early site navigation is indeed convenient for the vast number of users, for the user online to do a very effective guidance, for users can not find the website to solve the trouble, such as good 123 site home is a successful site navigation.

but with the popularization and development of Internet, Chinese increased the number of Internet users, open the user knowledge, more and more in-depth understanding of the network, the navigation requirements are increasingly high, know more and more web site navigation, gradually catch up with the needs of users. read more

Alternative ways to increase web site chain

many articles have written some ways to increase the web site outside the chain, but basically are the kind of conventional, such as: friendship connection, message board, blog, soft inside of not say, everybody knows.

below said a few alternative increase site outside the chain method, both increased the chain, and may also bring you some traffic, for new sites can also speed up Baidu included. Personal ideas for reference only, do not like not to see…

1. webmaster space. Or a more conventional, and a large station station PR are relatively high, but also opened the webmaster space, now behind the opening, such as:, 248213 read more

ndividual stationmaster relies on network pioneering work why is it difficult to succeed

I believe that, in the webmaster this business on the road, really like Cai Wensheng, Li Xingping and Wang figure such as personal webmaster or minority after all, and that "to be a successful webmaster tired people have accounted for a large proportion of. So, today, I have devoted to this "personal grassroots webmaster why it is difficult to succeed" problem, and we have a simple discussion.

I think the reason why it is difficult for the grassroots webmaster to succeed is that there are several aspects: read more

For the website Baidu included insights and death

I used to be a foreign space, but IP recently blocked badly, don’t, he is stingy, reluctant to spend money to buy independent IP, only his own website move back from abroad, when doing the best is the first page keyword, not what the essence content of the site, so… To eke out a period of time IP was blocked up! (IP was not my website, my station is not illegal!) before GOOGLE and Baidu on my station is good, has included, basically okay, but after IP time…. About 20 days or so before I moved to china. Used to do is change to the domestic blog, CMS is used, but a start has been gathering, to the last GOOGLE I received more than 300, Baidu snapshot direct me to K! For a renewal after station did not cry to death last night, finally determined to do things, to the webmaster the master station found that China are many are here! (even if not now will must be!) this time it was discovered that the original deal with these things must work to produce results, check the death of yesterday… More than 20+ chain, is believed to be finished today, with the time of day, to change a program, a busy day, now finally ready, these days I will update every day, is a small test, starting from the Baidu page without changing the program every day, today how long will it take to be updated, calculate Baidu left me, and everyone will see me! Sorry, bother you time! But I have something to say, just feel comfortable, contact the network every day people have no friends, it is not the way! (every day on a computer, hard and lonely only we can understand each other!) I can be misunderstood, but I can’t stand nobody understand me! read more

Big brands to guide users to user centric difficult to produce radical innovation

"the customer is God."." This sentence is used as a rule to repeat: companies must be user centric. But there’s one problem: it doesn’t work. This is true: large brands guide users rather than being led by users.

, for example, Apple Corp, I asked some people in the Apple design group how to view the "user centric" design. What did they say? – "nonsense! The atmosphere was created to get consultants to have a bite to eat, and to give those insecure managers a false sense of security.". At Apple, we don’t waste time consulting users, and we shape our brand by creating great products that we are convinced that users will love very much." read more