Family and small hotels from now on all in one place

first_imgThe National Association of Family and Small Hotels, an umbrella association that brings together small hoteliers and represents their specific interests, presented a new modern website with a list of all small family hotels – www.omh.hrSmall and family hotels are annoying a lot in our market and are at a disadvantage. They are mostly hampered by legislation, categorization and minimum conditions, parafiscal and local levies, and unfavorable financial conditions for day-to-day development. “The adventure is more and more dangerous and risky. When we talk about investing in small and family hotels, it is most profitable to invest in apartments for rent, and not small and family hotels.”Pointed out Šime Klarić, president of OMH, and added that the Law on Small and Family Hotels should finally be adopted.12 years ago, OMH made an official document with a list of what hinders their development, which was submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, but to date there have been no changes. The only thing that has changed is VAT in catering. Today, OMH, in its regular and associate membership, has 146 hotels and 66 high-quality boarding houses and agro-households from all over Croatia, representing a financially independent interest group.The National Association of Family and Small Hotels (OMH) was founded in 2004, driven by the need of a growing number of small hoteliers for an association that will represent their specific interests and enable the continuous improvement of the quality of their offer. The mission of the OMH Association is to bring together the best family and small hotels in Croatia, which are characterized by uniqueness, recognizable quality and authenticity, providing guests with a unique experience.Personally, I think that small and family hotels are the future of our development and a solution for extending the season, ie seasonality, because large hotels cannot be opened out of season due to high costs of cold drive, while small and family hotels certainly can. Also, small and family hotels sell an authentic story, exactly what the motive of the trip is.last_img

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