Robert Moreno breaks his silence: “I would do it all the same”

first_imgMoreno acknowledged being “sad” about how the situation went and that “although I have not spoken to Luis Enrique again, I hope that one day we can speak again, because personal issues are above anything. I wish I could maintain my relationship with Luis Enrique. One of the things I’m glad is that I didn’t react when everything happened, because anger would have made me wrong. “Moreno, who also worked with Luis Enrique in Barcelona, ​​a team he is a member of, said: “I was not surprised that Xavi rejected Barcelona’s offer to train. Xavi is a very intelligent guy who is in training and must start training with his conditions, which now did not occur. Sooner or later he will coach Barça. I would have done the same, but I am not Xavi, I had to take advantage of my opportunity in Monaco. “He is happy in Monaco, which is a team “that came to look for me for what I showed those daysThey told me that with what I had suffered, I had to be willing to prove that they were wrong with me and I told them that they were not wrong. “FinallyHe considered Quique Setién’s style ideal for training Barcelona and praised Abelardo, the Espanyol coach who said that “He is a very good person and that does not abound in this world and it’s as important as being a good coach. “ Robert Moreno, former coach of Spain and current coach of Monaco, broke his silence with an interview granted to RAC 1 in which He acknowledged that “he would do it all the same” in reference to the succession of the events that precipitated his dismissal as coach and a hard attack by Luis Enrique, with whom he had collaborated for 9 years.Brown acknowledged that “it is true that I was selfish and I thought about my future because acting otherwise would hurt me, but one thing is the professional and another personal relationship. “ In this sense He pointed out that “it is false that he did not speak with Luis Enrique during the period in which he departed from the National Team. What happens is that In this world, if you like it, you can say what you want that nobody will believe anything bad about you and if you fall ill, you are always under suspicion. “last_img

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