Departure Clothing expands its classic collection

first_img The Best Men’s Waterproof Boots for Tackling All Weather For any clothing company, finding the perfect balance of creativity, style, and uniqueness goes a long way in making or breaking its reputation. With so many different companies offering incredibly similar merchandise, it’s no simple task to provide something durable and trendy while finding a devoted consumer base. When it comes to the Chicago-based brand Departure Clothing, partners Danny Loiacono and Zachary Sutter believe the company’s commitment to timeless designs and simplicity allows it to craft quality products which define style in their own unique way.Related: Truce makes the last backpack you’ll ever want to ownIts product line is simple: four different beanie types, a couple of T-shirts, a simple snapback, and the newest addition, a minimalist wallet. Cut from hand-selected Horween leather hide, Departure’s Clamshell Wallet echoes Loiacono and Sutter’s idea that simplicity isn’t the absence of things, but rather just the right amount. With the Clamshell’s release, the duo behind this incredible brand accomplished this very idea without it seeming like a gimmick. It’s an elegantly modest addition to an otherwise stunning collection of gear.Departure’s own mantra states the company remains “curious of the world around us,” gleaning inspiration from its beauty while staying aware of its fragility. “The line is all about utilizing your mind/body to create your own journey,” says Sutter, “we work for those who want to celebrate their character. Artisan hand crafted goods is what we do, connecting like-minded individuals is who we are.”This idea of a celebration of character rings true in every aspect of why Departure operates the way it does. The brand is wildly focused on providing style and fashion for those who don’t confine themselves to a specific subculture or class. Departure aims to make its products fit for any lifestyle, complimenting the uniqueness everyone already possesses. By adding the timeless Clamshell wallet to its impressive product line, it seems Sutter and Loiacono have finely tuned just what makes their company tick.“We are a brand that you bend into your own complex subculture, to compliment the uniqueness which is already you,” Loiacono points out. “We’re not here to tell you how to live, we’re here to help you become the version of yourself you value most.”Departure maintains a willingness to blaze a trail all its own by providing products void of what the masses deem hip or in. What’s most impressive about this approach is how wholly devoted partners Danny and Zak are to consistently achieving these goals and keeping humble. The products are fresh, but it’s the company’s vision and direction which allows Departure to truly shine. How to Choose the Best Organic Mattress for Greener Sleep 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Editors’ Recommendations The Best Valet Trays for Keeping Your Stuff Together The Nomadic Beer Maestros of Evil Twin Brewing Find a Permanent Home in Queenslast_img read more

In the news today March 7

first_img———SNC-LAVALIN URGED FEDS TO EASE PENALTIESSNC-Lavalin, facing a 10-year ban from federal business over corruption charges, urged the Liberal government in 2017 to water down the penalty scheme for corporate misconduct to the point a guilty company could completely dodge a ban on receiving public contracts. In essence, the company recommended the Liberals leave wiggle room for a “zero debarment” time period under the government’s integrity regime. The regime’s current rules disqualify offenders from receiving federal contracts for a decade, though in certain cases the period can be trimmed down to five years. The request was part of SNC-Lavalin’s submission to public consultations that explored the merits of changing Ottawa’s tools to deter and punish unethical corporate behaviour. The document was obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.———TRUDEAU TO APOLOGIZE FOR MISTREATMENT OF INUITThe prime minister is to deliver an apology today on behalf of the federal government in what is expected to be an emotionally charged event marking decades-old mistreatment of Inuit sickened in tuberculosis outbreaks. Justin Trudeau is to offer the apology in person while visiting Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. Perhaps more importantly, sources familiar with today’s planned event, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss an announcement that isn’t yet public, say the prime minister will also announce the opening of a database that Inuit families can soon use to find loved ones who died when they were transported south for treatment.———BUDGET DAY COULD BRING TAX CUT IN MANITOBAIt’s budget day in Manitoba, and many political observers are watching to see whether there will be a long-promised tax cut that would lead to an early election. The Progressive Conservative government vowed in the last election campaign to cut the provincial sales tax to seven per cent from eight per cent before the end of its first term. The next election is slated for Oct. 6, 2020, but Premier Brian Pallister has not ruled out calling an earlier vote. Opposition Leader Wab Kinew says if the sales tax cut comes today, an election will very likely be called early. Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont has said he expects an election could come as early as this spring.———B.C. GROUP WANTS COMMERCIAL SEAL, SEAL LION HUNTA British Columbia group is calling for the revival of the seal and sea lion hunt on the west coast, prompting some scientists to warn of ecosystem consequences for the controversial practice. Thomas Sewid the Pacific Balance Pinniped Society says seal and sea lion populations have risen in recent decades, becoming dangerous pests to commercial fishermen and contributing to the decline of salmon stocks. But Peter Ross of the Vancouver Aquarium says there hasn’t been an explosion in population, only a rebound to historic levels. He says seal and sea lion populations were decimated by over harvesting until their protection by the Fisheries Act in the 1970s.———ONLINE AUCTION REVEALS PIECE OF VANCOUVER HISTORYA glimpse of British Columbia’s sometimes seamy history goes to the highest bidder Saturday in an online auction. A legal document written after the May 1875 death of John Deighton — better known as Gassy Jack— lists the debts of one of the first men to bring liquor to the hardscrabble community of Granville, which eventually became Vancouver.  Brian Grant Duff of All Nations Stamp and Coin says the list has the potential to provide a better understanding of the city’s earliest years. Online bidding for the document had passed one-thousand dollars yesterday and Duff expects it will eventually change hands for several thousand dollars.———ALSO IN THE NEWS:— The BC Coroners Service will release the latest provincial statistics for illicit drug overdose deaths in 2018.— Gabor Lukacs, founder and co-ordinator of Air Passenger Rights, will ask the Federal Court to order reassessment of the penalty Air Transat was ordered to pay for the violations it committed in July 2017 by keeping passengers on the tarmac for five hours without adequate water, food or ventilation.— Statistics Canada will release its building permits data for January.The Canadian Press Six stories in the news for Thursday, March 7———TRUDEAU TO MAKE STATEMENT ON SNC-LAVALIN TODAYPrime Minister Justin Trudeau will try to put the SNC-Lavalin affair behind him today by acknowledging mistakes were made and promising to do better in future. But while he’ll adopt a more conciliatory tone, well-placed sources say Trudeau will continue to insist there was no unethical or illegal behaviour involved. Rather, he is expected to attribute the controversy to a breakdown in trust and communications between his office and former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the statement Trudeau is scheduled to make at an early morning news conference today. Trudeau’s government faces allegations that Wilson-Raybould was improperly pressured to stop a criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.last_img read more

Cat Lake First Nation tries to get federal attention by declaring state

first_imgInFocusCat Lake First Nation in northern Ontario has declared a state of emergency related to Jordan’s Principle due to mold in most homes in the community.According to officials in the community, three children have been medevacked out of the community over the past two weeks because of illnesses.They say numerous other children are suffering respiratory, skin and multiple other medical issues believed to be related to exposure to mould.Derek Spence, a Councillor for Cat Lake First Nation says something needs to be done now.“Day in, day out we face at least on medivac out of community” Spence told Infocus guest Host Dennis Ward. Spence says it’s not only children affected by adults and elders.“A lot of people are getting sick and dying from respiratory problems.” Spence explained.(Mold in one of the homes in Cat Lake)Cat Lake is 400 kilometres north of Thunder Bay.NPD MP for Timmins-James Bay, Charlie Angus, visited the community to see first hand, the conditions of the homes.“The community decided to declare Jordan’s Principle declaration because it forces the government to act. They had 12 hours to respond, up till now all we’ve gotten from the Minister is vague talk” said Angus.“We’re four weeks into a state of emergency. It took the Jordan’s Principle declaration to actually light a fire and get them to start to send in medical teams.” Angus said on Wednesday’s episode of InFocus.Selena Castel, who is from Mathias Colomb First Nation in northern Manitoba moved to Winnipeg because her son River is severely disabled.Castel believes it’s related to mould he was exposed to in his school.As APTN News has been reporting, the school has been closed since December and remains closed due to issues with mould.Castel says leaving the community was a very difficult decision but the family had no choice.“When it comes to your child you will do anything. And anything in your power to make sure your child is with you.”Castel says she is still searching for answers about her son’s condition.“Why is my son deteriorating? We’re going to be bringing my son home in a casket, instead of bringing him home alive” she said.Jordan’s Principle is named in memory of Jordan River Anderson, a child from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. Jordan spent over two years in hospital caught in a jurisdictional dispute between the Manitoba and federal government.He remained in hospital as both governments argued over who should pay for his home care.Jordan was five-years-old when he died.Jordan’s Principle is supposed to remove the jurisdictional issues as the federal government is tasked with paying for support and services for First Nations children.infocus@aptn.calast_img read more

SkyGreece Airlines files for protection after halting operations stranding hundreds

MONTREAL — SkyGreece Airlines has filed for creditor protection in Canada, a week after halting operations and standing hundreds of passengers.Lawyers for the Toronto-based company notified the Canadian Transportation Agency on Thursday that it plans to make a proposal to creditors under the Business and Insolvency Act.It says the court-supervised restructuring proceedings “will ensure that, over the long term, all stakeholders, including passengers, are treated equitably and receive fair compensation for their claims.”Canada Jetlines, aspiring no-frills airline, reaches settlement with former partnerCanJet suspends flying operations, looks for new business planThe move stays agency proceedings against the company resulting from a claim filed by passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs. He had been seeking an order to protect and compensate stranded passengers, which ceased operations Aug. 27 after more than a week of disrupted service.Lukacs had called on the agency to order SkyGreece to rebook its stranded passengers on other airlines and put up $8.7 million in security to cover passenger claims.Ernst & Young has been named as monitor, which will communicate with creditors and customers of SkyGreece, which was founded in 2012 and started operations in 2014 with one plane. read more

Diaspora group claims Sri Lanka still unsafe for Tamils to return

ATC acknowledges that the present Sri Lankan Government has made notable reforms in governance, particularly in relation to diluting executive powers and allowing for media and civil society freedom. Most Tamils fled Sri Lanka due to persecution and torture by the state. ATC says Prime Minister Wickremesinghe’s statement addressing such people “Come back, all is forgiven’ is grossly insensitive to say the least. The draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) remains in force, and there have been several arrests under this law in the past year. It has been reported that many people imprisoned under PTA were forced to confess under torture, and Sri Lanka has yet to come up with concrete plans to provide redress for those unjustly detained under PTA.Nearly eight years after the end of the war, the Sri Lankan military is still occupying significant portion of the land belonging to the Tamil people and the military intelligence and interference is ever present in day to day lives of Tamils.Former president Chandrika Kumaratunga, the chairwoman of the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation, stated that women who were widowed during the 37-year conflict were among the victims of abuse by officials who frequently demand sexual favours just to carry out routine paperwork. ATC also noted its strong disappointment and condemnation saying such statements only reflect that even the current Government has not acknowledged injustices inflicted upon the Tamil community.ATC called upon the Australian Government not to take any blanket measures towards Tamil asylum seekers, but to assess each individual case carefully; in particular, those with past political involvement should be assessed with extra care before decisions are taken on outcome and possible repatriation. (Colombo Gazette) Prime Minister Wickremesinghe emphasized in his statement, “Come back; all is forgiven; it is quite safe in Sri Lanka; we are just starting the missing persons office.” However, it says the advances on issues that are critical for the wellbeing of Tamil people – returning land occupied by the military, releasing prisoners long held in detention, tracing thousands of missing persons, and ending abuses by security forces, including torture by police – are extremely slow to non-existent.Juan Mendez, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on ‘Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment’, in a report released only a month ago, recommended to the international community “to ensure that the principle of non-refoulment is upheld by not returning to Sri Lanka persons, in particular Tamils, who may be at risk of torture or ill-treatment, in accordance with Article 3 of the Convention against Torture.” The Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) says Sri Lanka has not reached a point where every Tamil asylum seeker can return without worrying about the consequences.Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, speaking at a press conference in Canberra together with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week, urged asylum seekers who had fled the country to return. read more

Some Apple laptops banned from airline flights for fire risk

Federal safety officials have banned some Apple laptops from airline flights after Apple recalled the batteries because they could catch fire.The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Wednesday that it alerted airlines last month about the recall involving batteries for some Apple MacBook Pro laptops.Under FAA policy, some potentially dangerous items including lithium batteries can’t be carried on board or placed in checked baggage if they are under a safety recall. The item must be repaired, replaced or made safe by a manufacturer-approved method before going on a plane.On its website, Apple says a “limited number” of 15-inch MacBook Pros sold mostly between September 2015 and February 2017 have batteries that might overheat and pose a fire risk. Apple says it’s replacing affected batteries for free.The Associated Press read more

Annan concerned about split in Côte dIvoires reconciliation government

“The Secretary-General wishes to reiterate his appeals to all Ivorian parties to stop mutual recriminations, to implement faithfully their commitments under the (2003) Linas-Marcoussis Agreement and to immediately resume political dialogue, with a view to ensuring the effective functioning of the Government of National Reconciliation,” he said through spokesman Fred Eckhard.Mr. Annan also urged both sides to avoid any actions that might bring on further violence and confrontations with tragic consequences for the people of Côte d’Ivoire and West Africa.All parties in the country should cooperate with the Monitoring Committee, established under the Linas-Marcoussis peace agreement, and with Mr. Annan’s Special Representative, Albert Tévoédjré, so as to re-establish dialogue and resolve outstanding issues, Mr. Eckhard said.President Gbagbo’s move followed the UN Security Council’s condemnation of human rights violations in Côte d’Ivoire, especially those that occurred during deadly confrontations between civilians and government forces at banned opposition demonstrations in late March. read more

Ban appoints Colombian to head UNbacked commission to tackle impunity in Guatemala

Mr. Velásquez is a former auxiliary magistrate of Colombia’s Supreme Court, where he coordinated high-profile investigations into links between paramilitary groups and public officials. He also has extensive prosecutorial and investigative experience in Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office and as Regional Director of the Public Prosecutor’s office covering the Department of Antioquia. Mr. Velásquez succeeds outgoing Commissioner Francisco Dall’Anese of Costa Rica, who served at the helm of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) for three years, stepping down by the end of his term on 4 September.In a statement released from his spokesperson, Mr. Ban thanked Mr. Dall’Anese for his “deep commitment to the fight against impunity and efforts to strengthen Guatemala’s justice institutions”.The United Nations and the Guatemalan Government set up CICIG in 2006 as an independent body to support the public prosecutors’ office, the national civilian police and other institutions to investigate a limited number of sensitive and difficult cases regarding illegal security groups and clandestine security organizations and also dismantle them.Based in Guatemala City, the capital, since it began operations in early 2008, CICIG seeks to bolster the rule of law and is permitted by its mandate to conduct independent investigations and help authorities bring representative cases to trial in national courts. read more

Football The Barrettera comes to an end in Ohio Stadium Saturday

Ohio State redshirt senior quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) runs the ball in for a touchdown in the first half of the Ohio State-Michigan State game on Nov. 11. Credit: Nick Clarkson | Social Media EditorSaturday will mark the final time quarterback J.T. Barrett will sprint through the Hazelwood Family Tunnel in Ohio Stadium to take the field as a Buckeye. He has made that run every home game over the past five seasons, the first as a redshirt and each of the past four as the starting quarterback. Between that first game on Aug. 31, 2013 and Saturday, spanning 1,540 days, Barrett has set 22 Ohio State records, led the team to a national championship-winning season in his first year as a starter, and brought the team to two playoff appearances in three full seasons as a starter. Saturday will mark the end of an era in Ohio Stadium. Love him, hate him or stand somewhere in the middle, Ohio State fans will never again see Barrett doing quick cals with the students before the game, never again see Barrett stand at the Block O in the center of the field for the coin toss, never again see Barrett lock arms with head coach Urban Meyer and the rest of the team to sing “Carmen” at the end of every game. No longer seeing that familiar No. 16 taking snaps under center will be strange for those fans. He has seemingly been the quarterback for as long as anyone can remember. “I haven’t had time to look on it too much, but just a little bit looking back, it’s been a long time,” Barrett said Tuesday. “Five years is quite some time.”Barrett’s path to the final step in his career in Columbus has been a long, winding and often complex road. The Wichita Falls, Texas, native took over the starting quarterback position as a redshirt freshman after Braxton Miller injured his shoulder and missed the season. He lost the second game of his career as a starter, sparking questions that seems to have lingered throughout his entire career as to whether he should be the starter.Since then, he’s won a national championship and battled for a starting spot the following season. He’s been at the helm of two teams that reached the College Football Playoff and has always faced criticism from the fanbase. He has won 40 games and lost just six games over a span of nearly four years, and even in this final year, it took one loss to a top-five team for people to ask for him to be replaced by a quarterback who had made one total collegiate appearance.Through the trials and tribulations he’s faced every season, Barrett has been the most productive quarterback in program history. “Even if you get like a new job, you have certain goals you write out for yourself that you want to achieve and kind of like I said, you have a path on how to get there and you know what you want to accomplish,” Barrett said. “Then it’s almost like, well hold on now. God has a path too and it’s not always the same path. With that, there’s things along the way that I didn’t expect. God knew what was happening I think with those things. Positive or negative, I was able to build from them and I think at the end of the day, I think I’m a better person for all the things I went through.”His journey as an Ohio State quarterback does not end Saturday. Barrett knows this. Following the game against Illinois, he will travel up north to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a matchup against the rival Wolverines. Depending on the outcome, he could then be headed to Indianapolis for the Big Ten championship game.Ohio State redshirt senior quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) signals to the offense in the second quarter of the Ohio State-Iowa game on Nov. 4. Ohio State lost 24-55. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorBut Barrett is not looking past this game. He knows the significance of the game, even if it is coming against an opponent the Buckeyes are heavily favored to beat. Senior Day means the final home game for many players considered to be staples in Ohio State’s team dating back to its national championship winning season. As a redshirt freshman playing on his first Senior Day, Barrett remembers feeling motivated to compete as hard as possible for more than just the chance at a title, but for the seniors who would be competing in their final home game.“I remember looking at the older guys on our offense … playing for those guys and how much that meant to them that that was going to be their last time playing at Ohio Stadium,” Barrett said. “I think if anything that’s what’s going to be talked about as far as playing for something because you ain’t going to get that again.”That season, Barrett watched seniors like Jeff Heuerman, Evan Spencer and Devin Smith run onto the field to receive that final ovation from the fans, hug their parents and deliver them flowers. Saturday, it will be Barrett’s turn to make that run.Barrett has yet to give serious thought to the Senior Day ceremony, but he knows it will be an emotional moment when his name is called and he runs out onto the field for the final time to deliver roses to his parents.“I might see my mom cry for the first time,” Barrett said. “That’s a big deal. I’m 22 years old and haven’t seen that.”Barrett has taken the field at Ohio Stadium 33 times. Saturday will mark the 34th and final time. That run from the tunnel will mark the beginning of the end for Barrett. When he runs back into that tunnel at the end of the game, he will leave Ohio Stadium as one of the most accomplished quarterbacks to ever play on that field. read more

Skellig Coast tourism plan launched to capitalise on Star Wars interest

first_imgSkellig Coast tourism plan launched to capitalise on Star Wars interest The Skellig Islands saw a huge boost in global interest after they were featured in the reboot of Star Wars franchise. By Cormac Fitzgerald Short URL Jan 25th 2017, 1:11 PM FÁILTE IRELAND HAS today launched a new plan for the Skellig Coast area of Kerry aimed at capitalising on the massive interest generated by 2015′s Star Wars movie.The Skellig Islands saw a huge boost in global interest after they were featured in the reboot of Star Wars franchise.Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens features the larger island Skellig Michael, and the beautiful landscape was given global attention throughout the filming of the move.It will also feature in the upcoming sequel Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.People have since flocked to visit the small island, which is home to a former monastery and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Now, Irish tourism organisation Fáilte Ireland wants to capitalise on that interest and spread it around the entire Skellig Coast area. It today announced its visitor experience plan aimed at increasing “dwell time in the wider region surrounding the iconic attraction”.“This project is all about widening the current visitor experience from just simply being ‘a trip to Skellig Michael’ to a more immersive engagement with ‘the Skelligs Experience’,” said Orla Carroll, director of strategic development with Fáilte Ireland.Projects to achieve this goal include:Journeys inspired by the history of the Skellig MonksThe Cradle of Ireland’s Nationhood (centred on Daniel O’Connell’s birthplace)A history of global connectionsWhere the ocean meets the sky at the edge of the world (incorporating the ‘dark skies’ experience)A group of different concerned organisations are also coming together under the umbrella of the Skellig Coast Tourism Network.The purpose of this group will be to represent and coordinate the interests of the various local companies working within the tourism sector.Read: A new Dublin hotel backed by Denis O’Brien will be aimed at tech-savvy travellersRead: ‘Rural pubs were hesitant to chase the hen and stag market. Now we need it’ Wednesday 25 Jan 2017, 1:11 PM 25 Comments Image: PA Wire 11,260 Views Share26 Tweet Email Image: PA Wire Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Bid adieu to Lou at Saturday open house

first_imgVancouver – An open house will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday in The Columbian’s newsroom for Editor Lou Brancaccio, who is stepping down from his daily duties on Saturday after more than 20 years with the newspaper.Brancaccio, 66, recently announced he is retiring as editor but will assume the role of editor emeritus. His popular “Press Talk” column will now appear the first Saturday of every month.The Columbian’s newsroom is located at 701 W. Eighth St., west of Esther Short Park. Parking is available in the lot just east of the building. The first 100 attendees will receive free “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” mugs.last_img read more

Economic impact of ComicCon International San Diego

first_img Updated: 8:52 AM Economic impact of Comic-Con International San Diego 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings July 25, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) An estimated 130,000 people were in San Diego for Comic-Con International. The economic impact is estimated to be over $140 million.The event started in 1970 with just a couple of guys sharing their love for comics. Andrea Tobias Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News Tags: Comic-Con 2018, Good mo, Joe Terzi FacebookTwitter Posted: July 25, 2018 Andrea Tobias, last_img read more

Woman buys husband 1M winning scratchoff ticket for his birthday

first_imgIPSWICH, MASS. (WSVN) – Talk about the birthday present of a lifetime.A scratch-off ticket that an Massachusetts woman bought for her husband as a birthday gift ended up being a $1 million winner.Gjergji Prifti’s lucky ticket made him the second $1 million prize winner in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s “1,000,000 Double Jackpot” instant game, which features chances to win on both the front and back of the ticket. Prifti uncovered his big win on the back.Prifti chose the cash option on his prize and received a one-time payment of $650,000 after taxes.The winning ticket was purchased at the Richdale Food Shop on Market Street in Ipswich, Mass.The store will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Troopers Investigating Theft From Job Site On Gas Well Road

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Alaska State Troopers responded to a theft at a job site located in a new subdivision off Gas Well Road, on Monday. The investigation into the theft is ongoing and anyone with information pertaining to this case is urged to contact Soldotna Alaska State Troopers at 262-4453 or Crime Stoppers tip line/App. The job site is located off Echo Lake Road and Gas Well, operated by The Franke Co., a local business in Soldotna.center_img According to Troopers, suspect(s) entered the property, cut locks off two trailers, taking numerous hand held power tools. The suspect(s) also attempted to gain access to trucks and equipment on the site.last_img read more

Passage of state fiscal budget held up by Legislature

first_imgWednesday is the last day of the extended legislative session, but Alaska still doesn’t have a budget for the fiscal year starting in July. In fact, legislators haven’t passed any of the major bills that Governor Bill Walker proposed to close the state’s $3-4 billion budget deficit.Download AudioAndrew Kitchenman of APRN and KTOO in Juneau has been talking with legislators about the budget.Senate President Kevin Meyer, Jan. 26, 2015. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)TOWNSEND: What is the holdup on getting the budget done that the Legislature’s been working on for months?KITCHENMAN: The House passed its own version of the bill on Friday, but that was after the House had amended the bill to basically make it much tougher on the oil and gas industry. Much closer to what Governor Walker had originally proposed. And this is raising a lot of concern in the industry and among members of the Senate Finance Committee. So they’re looking for a bill, and they may introduce a bill tonight or tomorrow that has much smaller cuts in the oil and gas tax credits than what the House has passed.TOWNSEND: So what happens if the two caucuses can’t reach an agreement?KITCHENMAN: I spoke with Senate President Kevin Meyer about that earlier today and he laid out a scenario in which the Legislature draws money from the Permanent Fund’s earnings reserve account.That’s the part of the fund that usually pays for residents’ Permanent Fund Dividends, and that’s usually all it’s used for. It replenishes the main body of the Permanent Fund as well. And they’re talking about drawing more than $3 billion from that account potentially.TOWNSEND: Wouldn’t Governor Walker have concerns about that draw?KITCHENMAN: Yes he would. And he really spelled that out on Saturday. He sent a letter to legislators in which he listed a whole series of concerns. One is having that big of a draw could actually hurt the state’s credit rating because it would show that the state hasn’t made a commitment to get its fiscal House in order. Also, just drawing down their earnings reserve is going to make it harder to do dividend payments in the future.Kevin Meyer had a very specific response to that which is that they’ll do this on Wednesday, but then the Governor could call them back for a special session and then the Legislature, in that special session, which could start as soon as Thursday, could make these long-term changes to the Permanent Fund which are more along the lines of what the Governor has been asking for. In fact, Meyer says he hopes the Governor will be receptive to this approach.“I think once the governor understands that we don’t plan on just using the earnings reserve and not dealing with the long term fiscal stability and lowering that gap then I think some of his points will be moot,” Meyer said.KITCHENMAN: Now, Meyer admits that they’re going to have to sell the governor on this.TOWNSEND: Well, what does this mean for Permanent Fund Dividends?KITCHENMAN: If they just start drawing money from the reserves like Meyer raised the possibility of doing, then the Dividend could completely go away or be very, very minimal, just based on how much money the Fund makes each year. And if some years, the Fund didn’t make any money, then there wouldn’t be any money really to have for the dividend.Senate Minority Leader Berta Gardner says this scenario could be even worse if the Legislature doesn’t make the oil and gas tax changes.   I spoke with her in a noisy coffee shop earlier today about this.“If we don’t fix the oil company subsidies, we will have to use any draw from the Permanent Fund earnings to pay oil companies subsidies and that is rightly unacceptable to Alaskans,” Gardner said.So I don’t think the majority caucuses will get much support from the minority caucuses for this proposal, unless they can agree to the oil and gas tax bill changes much closer to what the minority wants.last_img read more

Exploring all hues of Karnas emotions

first_imgBala Devi Chandrashekar is ready to enthrall the audience with her new dance recital ‘Brihadeeswara – form to formless’ through the eyes of a Devaradiyaal. Bala Devi Chandrashekar is a Bharatanatyam exponent, research scholar, and a passionately committed teacher, who is known for her distinct scholarly style. Through her classical dance, she strives to interpret ancient philosophical and spiritual concepts and presents it in a classicism that is always contemporary in interpretation and communicates across cultures. All her productions are accompanied by world-class music. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe event will be held at India International Center, New Delhi, on August 12, 2019, 6:30 pm. Brihadeeswara – form to formless is one of her acclaimed productions. This exquisite production takes the audience on a journey into the life and mind of a Devaradiyaal, who like the name means one who has to dedicate herself to the eternal service of the God, one who leads the purest of pure lives. This unique production celebrates the way her devout soul is immersed in the spiritual fervour pervading the spellbinding edifice built by Raja Raja Chola and the intertwining of the spatial and spiritual vibrations experienced by the Devaradiyaal, as she goes about her daily life in the hallowed premises of the architectural wonder that is the Brihadeeswara temple. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveDevaradiyaal will explore all hues of Karna’s emotions trapped in moral dilemmas, the angst and the conflict with which he grew up all his life. This unique production weaves the connection between the physical, metaphysical, lyrical and spiritual significance of each facet of the magnificent structure. The presentation begins with a lyrical description of the beauty of the Devaradiyaal -in ragam ataana – one whose meditative state appears statuesque. Her tresses like dark clouds, the sun and moon ornaments glistening on either side of her neatly parted hair, her forehead ornament glittering like Shiva’s third eye – from head to toe she radiates rhythm and beauty. She, who is blessed with the eternal boon to be of service to the Lord, remains a nithyasumangali – meaning one who is eternally married. Her esoteric connection to the Lord is more than even that of a devout ascetic.last_img read more

Training camp is not even a month old and already

first_imgTraining camp is not even a month old, and already it’s been a whirlwind for Daryn Colledge.First, he celebrated the birth of his daughter Reagan Grace on July 26.Then, he had a nerve issue in his right leg that forced him to miss a preseason return to Lambeau Field — where he played the first five seasons of his NFL career — on Aug. 9.Now, just days removed from his first live action of 2013, the 31-year-old — who has played all 112 games in his career at guard — is set to embark on a new role. “Daryn got his first taste [of the preseason Saturday], and he did pretty solid,” head coach Bruce Arians said. “But, I’d like to get him some center work this week.”So what does the offensive lineman make of his new found ‘versatility.’Being the veteran he is, Colledge tried to downplay the description.“Let’s not go and say I’m versatile. I’ve never played center, so it could mean a lack of versatility if it doesn’t go well,” said Colledge. “I think in the NFL, especially an older guy in the NFL, the more you can do the better off you are.“Lyle [Sendlein] was injured last year, and we were put in a situation where we had to use backup. Now, I told Lyle if he gets hurt that I’ll kill him. It wouldn’t really matter because I’d be the starting center at that point, but it’s one of those things where it’s going to take some practice. It’s a new thing for me.”For Colledge, the biggest transition might not be the initial snap, but rather handling responsibilities that are unnatural to him at this point in his career.“The center kind of starts everything for us,” said Colledge. “He’s the leader out there. He’s the one who makes the mike calls and makes the line calls. He sets everything in motion. Top Stories “I told the guys if I moved to center that there will be no calls. I’m going to worry about the snap and get that handled. We can worry about the other stuff down the road.”While Sendlein missed five games in 2012, Colledge doesn’t have to worry too much about filling in at center. Before last season, the former Chaparral standout had started every game dating back to the 2008 season. – / 24 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

Traveling from Rome to Milan TrenItalias Freccia

first_imgTraveling from Rome to Milan? TrenItalia’s Frecciarossa, or Red Arrow, train is making the journey faster and more fashionable than ever.The new high-speed train from Rail Europe will zoom across Italy at speeds of up to 186 miles per hour, cutting traditional travel time by a full hour. Even more impressive than the Frecciarossa’s speed is its cutting-edge style: Created by automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who achieved fame for works like the Ferrari 250 and the Maserati Merak, the new train is just as luxurious as a classic Italian sports car. Upscale amenities—like gourmet cuisine, attentive staff and a comfortable station lounge for relaxing pre-boarding—prove you don’t have to fly to travel first-class.The Frecciarossa will connect Italy’s most important political and financial capitals in just three hours and 30 minutes. Starting December 13th, Rail Europe will add Turin-Milan and Turin-Rome routes. Visit for more information.last_img read more