Review Will millennials embrace CBCs new fourhost revamped National

first_imgTORONTO – Can four new hosts take the place of an anchor who led CBC’s “The National” for nearly 30 years?It will take more than one newscast to properly judge, but CBC demonstrated Monday that its new team-approach to the nightly news at the very least looks different — and younger — than what rival broadcasters have to offer.There’s no blaring theme song to open this new “National,” no showy, brightly coloured graphics off the top. Instead, three or four simple stills set the table for the day’s headlines. Viewers are then whisked to Toronto-based Ian Hanomansing and Adrienne Arsenault, Rosemary Barton in Ottawa and Andrew Chang in Vancouver. On opening night, they often appeared together onscreen in separate, hockey card-shaped rectangles, leaving barely enough room for all their poppies.The four anchors smiled but never got too chummy, like on “The View.” They also didn’t shout over each other, like on the old “At Issue” panel.There never seemed to be any need for all of them. Barton, on this night, did not grill an Ottawa party leader in studio. And Chang was the Ringo of the group, the one with little to do who could have been paid less.The fact that they were “coming to you from three cities,” as was declared off the top, was not exactly a selling point.It was Hanomansing, the senior member of the quartet, who got the news started on Monday.A rock-steady veteran and spry improviser, he brought gravitas to the proceedings as viewers were told a police officer had been slain in Abbotsford, B.C.A map locating the city would have been helpful. So would more information about exactly what happened. A suspect was hurt and taken to hospital. We eventually learned that he is in his sixties and from Alberta. Questions remained, however: did this story just happen? Is that why it seemed as if it was quickly thrust to the top of the news?Things quickly pivoted to what was likely the original lead item: the aftermath of the mass shootings in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Here, real resources were activated, with veteran news contributor Paul Hunter gathering some very raw, emotional testimonies.In one shot, a grieving neighbour stood outside her house in her robe and said, “I don’t know why anybody would pick a small town like this and destroy the town.”Keith Boag was brought in for a little editorializing. He pointed out that 14.5 million Americans now carry concealed weapons permits.“The debate over gun control here is essentially over,” he told Hanomansing, “and the NRA won.”A long commercial break then derailed the momentum. If the CBC really wants to distinguish itself from its rivals — and attract millennials who don’t watch network fare — it will eventually have to deliver commercial-free news hours.After the break, Barton walked viewers through reports that a senior advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in tax-haven trouble. Details were summarized under a heading titled “The Brief.” Be even briefer, CBC, and cut the unnecessary headings.Contributor Gillian Findlay was brought in to further discuss the report. By the time this segment ended, it was a little too obvious that Barton and Findlay taped it earlier.In the last half hour, Arsenault moved front and centre with “The Ruins of Raqqa,” a daring, first-hand report from what was once described as the capital of ISIS.“The wind still carries the stench of the dead,” reported Arsenault, who, guided by an armed escort, bravely walked into war-torn streets. She even got a little Barbara Walters with her Turkish protector, asking him at one point if he is married and lonely.A segment on a musical tribute to Leonard Cohen followed before the four hosts saluted the sparse, blue-and-black Toronto set. In one corner is a stack of old cameras, microphones and other artifacts from “National” newscasts past, a towering tribute to CBC’s broadcasting heritage.How far “The National” will extend into the future will depend on whether millennials will sit for an hour crammed with commercials — and whether their parents and grandparents will stick with this experiment long enough for four people to collectively find their feet.— Bill Brioux is a freelance TV columnist based in Brampton, Ont.last_img read more

Unlock opportunities and pave the way for sustainable development UN chief urges

Zero gender-based violence and harmful practices, such as child marriage and female genital mutilation.,“It is time to act now, urgently, to ensure that every woman and girl is able to exercise her rights”, spelled out the UNFPA chief, encouraging greater contraceptive options so women “can prosper as equal partners in sustainable development”.“There is no time to waste”, she underscored. “Our future depends on it”.It’s time to “usher in a world where promises made are promises kept, and reproductive rights and choices are a reality for all”, she urged. “This is the world we all want and can have if we join together in Nairobi and beyond, with concrete commitments and far more resources to complete the journey we began 25 years ago”. “While managing these population trends, we must also recognize the relationship between population, development and individual well-being”, flagged the UN chief, pointing out that world leaders first detailed the links between population, development and human rights 25 years ago, at the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), where they also recognized that “promoting gender equality is both the right thing to do and one of the most reliable pathways to sustainable development and improved well-being for all”.“This year’s World Population Day calls for global attention to the unfinished business of the Cairo ICPD Conference”, he maintained.Despite progress in lowering maternal mortality and unintended pregnancies, many challenges remain. Women’s rights are being pushed backed globally; pregnancy-related issues remain the leading cause of death among girls aged 15 to 19; and gender-based violence continues to take a horrific toll.Mr. Guterres said that in November, a summit marking the 25th anniversary of the Cairo Conference will take place in Nairobi.“I encourage Member States to participate at the highest levels and to make firm political and financial commitments to realize the Programme of Action of the ICPD” and “carrying forward” its vision, the Secretary-General concluded.Expand women’s choices Based on the agreement between 179 governments affirming that sexual and reproductive health is the foundation for sustainable development, the 1994 ICPD determined that women have a right to make their own decisions about pregnancy.“In Cairo, we imagined a future in which every pregnancy is intended because every woman and girl would have autonomy over her own body and be able to choose whether, when and with whom to have children”, Natalia Kanem, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said in her statement for the day. “A world where no woman would die giving life…a time where everyone would live in safety, free from violence and with respect and dignity, and where no girl would be forced to marry or have her genitals mutilated”.Since that time, Ms. Kanem recalled that along with governments, activists and others, UNFPA has “rallied behind the Programme of Action and pledged to tear down barriers that have stood between women and girls and their health, rights and power to chart their own futures”.,Yet, 25 years later, “we still have a long way to go”, she said, noting that too many “continue to be left behind” and “unable to enjoy their rights”.She outlined that more than 200 million women and girls want to delay or prevent pregnancy “but don’t have the means”, spotlighting that it is “the poorest women and girls, members of indigenous, rural and marginalized communities, and those living with disabilities, who face the greatest gaps in services”.,UNFPA’s 2030 goals: Zero unmet need for family planning. Zero preventable maternal deaths. “For many of the world’s least developed countries, the challenges to sustainable development are compounded by rapid population growth as well as vulnerability to climate change”, he said in a statement on Thursday. “Other countries are facing the challenge of aging populations, including the need to promote healthy active ageing and to provide adequate social protection”. Moreover, 68 per cent of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050, which will place the responsibility of sustainable development and mitigating climate change on the shoulders of planners across the world who are trying to manage urban growth. Over the last 25 years only 9 countries were able to reduce maternal deaths by at least 75%.On #WorldPopulationDay, @UNFPA is calling on every country to #StandUp4HumanRights and end maternal deaths.— United Nations (@UN) July 11, 2019 read more

Wednesdays Daily Brief Ebola now an international Public Health Emergency young peacemakers

Expressing deep concern over how migration and migrants themselves are being politicized and scapegoated in Hungary, an independent UN human rights expert on Wednesday urged the Government to immediately end its “crisis” approach to the issue.“Migrants are portrayed as dangerous enemies in both official and public discourses” said Felipe González Morales, the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, in a statement released following the end of an official visit. He called on Hungary to “re-evaluate its current reality in relation to migration, terminate immediately the so-called ‘crisis situation’ and lift relevant restrictive measures.Listen to or download our audio News in Brief for 17 July on SoundCloud: Shadows of exclusion, social stigma, darken road to sustainable development Also, take a listen to or download our interview with Justice Edwin Cameron, appointed by Nelson Mandela as the first openly gay Judge on South Africa’s Constitutional Court, and widely seen as a hero for his fight to end all forms of inequality and exclusion. Audio available here and on SoundCloud. After visiting refugee camps in Jordan, UN-backed schools in Gaza, municipalities in Kosovo and Youth Councils in Denmark, the UN’s Youth Envoy visited the Security Council on Wednesday with a simple message from the field that “young people care about peace”.However, Jayathma Wickramanayake made clear that “young women and men still suffer from stereotypes, myths and policy panics that harm their agency and affect realizing their full potential for peace”. Read our full story here. ‘Exciting and potentially defining’ moment for Sudan, with people ‘taking power back’, says top UN Adviser With Sudan so much at the centre of the whole “volatile” Horn of Africa region, its political fate will have major “implications for a number of other quite vulnerable” neighbouring countries, according to the UN’s Special Adviser on the country.Nicholas Haysom, was recently in New York, and in an interview with UN News, spoke about how “resolving the Sudanese crisis would generate stability” for the entire region.Listen to or download the full interview with UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Sudan, Nicholas Haysom, on SoundCloud: It’s time to find and arrest remaining war crimes fugitives – UN prosecutor  More cooperation is needed to secure the arrest of fugitives charged with war   crimes such as genocide, said the UN prosecutor for what is known as the   International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals. Serge Brammertz told Security Council members on Wednesday, that the “first   priority” of his office remains to quickly wrap up the trials and appeals of alleged war   criminals from the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, which fall under the Mechanism’s jurisdiction.With eight people still on the run, he said that “we are not yet receiving the cooperation needed to secure arrests”, although he noted a general lack of national capacity and the difficulties of tracking down international fugitives.Politicization of migrant ‘crisis’ in Hungary making them scapegoats, rights expert warns DR Congo Ebola outbreak now an international Public Health Emergency, UN health agency declares The second worst Ebola outbreak of all time, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), was officially declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on Wednesday, with the head of the World Health Organization calling for countries to ‘take notice and redouble our efforts”. With the first anniversary of the complex outbreak in the volatile eastern part of the country looming, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that it was time to “work together in solidarity with the DRC to end this outbreak and build a better health system”, for its people.For our full coverage, click here.‘Young people care about peace’, declares UN Youth Envoy in Security Council chamber read more

Football Ohio State gets win still needs to prove itself

Ohio State redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins (7) yells out a play in the third quarter of the game against Penn State on Sept. 29. Ohio State won 27-26. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorWhen No. 4 Ohio State went down to Arlington, Texas and beat a then-No. 15 TCU team without head coach Urban Meyer on the sidelines, it looked like the Buckeyes may have passed their first difficult game of the season.But No. 9 Penn State loomed two weeks away, a team that has played Ohio State tougher than anybody in the last two seasons. This was a true road game after AT&T Stadium, a supposed neutral site game, ended up being majorly filled with Ohio State fans.Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Ryan Day said the Penn State matchup is one Ohio State has been waiting for.“This has been circled on our schedule for a long time,” Day said. “We knew it was going to be hard, white out conditions, night game … winning on the road in the Big Ten is hard.”The 40-28 win over the Horned Frogs hoped to prove Ohio State can play with some big talent, but Saturday’s victory in Happy Valley was supposed to establish the Buckeyes as a top team in the country.Instead, even with a 27-26 win on the road against a top-10 opponent, Ohio State looked anything but dominant.Ohio State’s offense, which has been ran mostly through redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins, failed to get any momentum going in various sequences of the game, ending the day with his lowest quarterback rating of the season.“It was a learning game for the whole offense and for Dwayne,” Day said. “I think as the game went on he got more comfortable.”On the other side of the ball, Penn State redshirt senior quarterback Trace McSorley made his presence known early and often, tallying 274 yards of total offense by halftime.With the combination of his stagnating offense and a defense having to defend a dual-threat quarterback, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer agreed  the play of his team in the first two quarters was sub-par.“The first half was awful, you know, in a lot of ways,” Meyer said. “That’s a hell of a team we just played.”The Buckeyes came out of the second half with an improved gameplan, and it immediately paid off with a touchdown from redshirt sophomore running back J.K. Dobbins, his second of the game, putting Ohio State up 14-13.On the opening touchdown drive in the third quarter Haskins ran short pass plays, and the run game was implemented at the right time.Ohio State looked to be turning a corner, but the Nittany Lions continued to push, opening up a 26-14 lead with eight minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, led largely by their redshirt senior quarterback.The game looked over, the Buckeyes looked defeated, but one immaculate play by junior wide receiver Binjimen Victor turned the tide.Victor caught a high ball from Haskins, broke two tackles, then perfectly followed three blocks while he made his way to the endzone for a 47-yard score.Even then, Ohio State needed to complete a 96-yard drive to go ahead of the Nittany Lions, and they did that too.Following a flurry of screen passes and quick runs, the Buckeyes inched their way across the field, taking the lead on a 24-yard screen by redshirt junior wide receiver K.J. Hill from Haskins.Even with the lead, Ohio State seemed anything but secure.McSorley was given more than two minutes to go down the field and get into field goal range. This was the player who has never lost a start at home, a guy who torched the Buckeyes defense from start to finish in a game that put him in the record books for the most all-purpose yards in program history with 461.McSorley was given his opportunity, and he was one fourth down conversion away from completing it. But Ohio State held on. Even with nearly 100 yards less in total offense, even with a lackluster showing for the majority of the game, Ohio State held on.Day said it was all about believing.“The stakes are so high, that sometimes, you can let your emotions take over,” Day said. “Our kids didn’t do that, they hung in there, they believed and they made plays and they won the game.”Now, No. 4 Ohio State has that statement victory, that major win that could hold prove to be big when the committee begins rankings for the College Football Playoff.But the Buckeyes are far from an unstoppable force, and the victory only masks the various errors made on both sides of the ball.Ohio State needs to fix how it handles read options, McSorley broke the rushing record by a Penn State quarterback with 175 yards. Ohio State needs to fix its ability to contain big plays, this is the second time in three weeks a team has broken a 93-yard play for a touchdown, the first two times this has ever happened in program history.Ohio State needs to fix many things, and a win in Happy Valley doesn’t change that. read more

More mineral port and pit solutions from SAMSON

first_imgSAMSON Materials Handling Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of mobile bulk materials handling equipment for surface installation across multiple industrial segments representing flexible and cost saving solutions. In a highly competitive bulk materials industry, the company says its range of mobile equipment offers “high performance with total reliability, a compelling alternative to fixed installations, no need for dedicated civil works and excellent return on capital equipment.”“SAMSON creates complete conveying solutions from mine to ship, effective systems for exporting and importing materials without the need for expensive civil works, effectively saving time and space.” Fully mobile shiploaders with their associated feeding and transfer systems offer the possibility to occupy a berth only during the loading of the vessel with bulk minerals. “After loading the complete equipment may easily be travelled clear and stored elsewhere allowing the berth to be utilised for other cargoes or even container handling.”Used effectively systems can trim the whole hold from a single machine position and eliminate the need to move the equipment during operation. Consequently the effective through ship loading rate is significantly increased as the lost time in manoeuvring the machinery is eliminated. “This is particularly important with relatively light cargoes, where capacity loading of every hold is critical. Using a variable speed control for the trajectory, loading may be varied to place the material wherever the operator wishes for effective level trimming.”In what is says is “a unique concept in Bulk Materials Handling”, the Stormajor® combines the benefits of the Samson Material Feeder design with a radial and luffing outloading boom conveyor into a single mobile machine able to receive material both from tipping trucks and loading shovels. The Stormajor offers high capacity stockpiling and ship loading from a single integrated machine available with a range of specialised features tailored for each application. A universal bulk loader, the conveyor offers very high handling rates.For tipping truck deliveries the buffer holding capacity of the integral Samson Material Feeder allows even faster truck unloading allowing a high average rate to be maintained even taking into account delays in positioning the vehicles. It is available with a wide range of specification options suitable for handling materials through to heavy mineral ores. The concept was developed to satisfy the demands of clients requiring a mobile solution to receive general bulk materials such as coal direct from tipping trucks where fixed plant was not a viable option.The Samson Material Feeder concept eliminated the need for any truck ramps, or fixed civil work and was rapidly extended to fixed plant projects where the flexibility of surface installation is a clear benefit. This is particularly realised in port applications where the high ground water level makes conventional underground pits expensive to construct and maintain and in quarry and mining environments where the positioning of the feeder needs to be flexible to serve the active areas of operation. For extra heavy duty applications SAMSON has also developed the MFD range using sealed and lubricated tracked (SALT) vehicle chains designed to receive bulk aggregates with the density of 1.4-3.0 t/m³.last_img read more

Sandvik extends grinding intervals and service life with new rock drill carbide

first_imgSandvik has launched what it calls the most significant carbide innovation in the rock drilling industry for decades, with the two new additions to its PowerCarbide family.The two new carbide grades extend grinding intervals and service life by up to 30% compared with standard carbides, according to the company.The GC80 (Gradient Carbide) and SH70 (Self-Hardening) PowerCarbide grades give users several other benefits, such as lower cost per drilled meter, less time for changing bits and improved safety.Robert Grandin, Product Manager for Underground Top Hammer at Sandvik Rock Tools, said: “Sandvik was the first company in the drilling history to manufacture rock tools with cemented carbide, and we are working continuously on developing new and more advanced solutions. The new PowerCarbide grades are based on an improved knowledge about the wear of the drill bit in different types of rock.”The GC80 is developed for abrasive ground conditions with high silica levels in the rock, Sandvik said. A new, unique method makes it possible to produce buttons that are wear-resistant on the outside, while the centre provides a toughness that pushes the service life and grinding intervals even further.The SH70, developed for hard, competent ground, is a grade with homogeneous properties throughout the material. It is called “self-hardening” because the enhanced deformation hardening makes it more wear resistant as you drill. “The surface hardness is continuously ‘refilled’, which means that the hard top never wears off,” Sandvik says.Sandvik says it has more laboratory capacity and human resources for cemented carbide development than any other company in the industry.Grandin added: “Controlling the whole chain, all the way from our own tungsten mine to the production of drill bits, is a unique enabler for developing groundbreaking rock tools. Since we have the most advanced range of carbides, we almost certainly have something in our product range that is perfect for each customer’s conditions.”Earlier this month, Sandvik introduced a new drilling tool system, the Alpha 360, and what it believes to be the fastest drill bit in the industry, Speedy bit.last_img read more

Les médicaments moins efficaces dans lespace

first_imgLes médicaments moins efficaces dans l’espace Des travaux réalisés au Johnson Space Center ont été publiés dans l’AAPS Journal et repris par la BBC. Ils indiquent que les médicaments ne sont pas aussi efficaces après avoir séjourné dans l’espace. Or les astronautes sont eux aussi sujets aux maladies et emporter de quoi se soigner est impératif.  Toutes les boîtes conseillent de conserver les médicaments qu’elles contiennent à l’abri de la lumière, de la chaleur et de l’humidité. De cette façon, les principes actifs sont censés conserver leurs propriétés plusieurs années après leur fabrication. Or des études qui ont été effectuées ont montré que les médicaments, après avoir séjourné dans l’espace, perdaient de façon importante leur efficacité. L’étude parue dans l’AAPS Journal explique qu’ “un grand nombre d’entre eux n’atteignaient pas, à leur retour, la puissance requise par les règles américaines de pharmacopée”.  Différentes hypothèses sont avancées pour expliquer l’origine de cette baisse d’efficacité. Les scientifiques évoquent les radiations émises à l’intérieur des vaisseaux spatiaux, l’environnement saturé en dioxyde de carbone, les variations de la gravité, de l’humidité et de la température. Toutefois, l’étude ne permet pas de déterminer quel facteur joue un rôle majeur dans cette diminution de l’efficacité des médicaments. Un problème qu’il faudra certainement résoudre car les missions spatiales longues devraient être de plus en plus nombreuses et les spécialistes indiquent qu’elles ne peuvent se passer de médication.Le 23 avril 2011 à 19:09 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

La Grèce interdit les numéros danimaux dans les cirques

first_imgLa Grèce interdit les numéros d’animaux dans les cirquesLa Grèce a interdit les spectacles d’animaux dans les cirques nationaux. Cette initiative constitue une première dans l’Europe et représente un modèle pour ses voisins européens. Les animaux ne seront plus exploités dans les cirques grecs. C’est la décision qu’a prise le gouvernement face aux pressions exercées par les associations locales sur cette question de la protection des animaux. Alors que la plupart des communes interdisaient déjà aux cirques de s’installer sur leur territoire, cette nouvelle loi indique aussi de nouvelles dispositions pour les animaux errants.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Transportés à droite et à gauche dans des conditions de transport et de vie parfois déplorables, les animaux de cirque sont forcés de réaliser toute sorte de numéros spectaculaires. Des espèces, parfois en voie d’extinction, sont exploitées comme des jouets pour un loisir humain, sans que rien ne soit dit sur leur situation catastrophique dans la nature, souligne l’association One Voice qui relève également que cette situation met en danger réel les animaux comme les spectateurs. Selon les militants, ces numéros avec animaux vont de plus à l’encontre de l’éducation des enfants au respect et à la protection de la nature, montrant trop souvent une soumission par la force.La Bolivie avait été le premier pays en 2011, à interdire les animaux dans les cirques. Le Pérou avait alors repris l’initiative pour les animaux sauvages. L’Autriche, qui a déjà procédé à l’interdiction de l’utilisation des animaux sauvages, pourrait suivre l’exemple grec. Et ce n’est pas le seul pays à suivre cette voie interdisant l’esclavage animal. Le Portugal, le Danemark et la Croatie, ont vu des procédures lancées pour que l’exploitation des animaux prenne un terme. Alors que les zoos sont soumis à des règles bien plus strictes, les cirques y échappent de par leur caractère itinérant. Mais l’initiative de la Grèce pourrait donc convaincre plus d’un pays à faire de même.  Le 13 février 2012 à 17:04 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Dialyse péritonéale et hémodialyse de quoi sagitil

first_imgDialyse : péritonéale et hémodialyse, de quoi s’agit-il ?La dialyse est un traitement de l’insuffisance rénale qui permet de remplacer le fonctionnement des reins. Il existe deux techniques principales : la dialyse péritonéale et l’hémodialyse. Définition : qu’est ce que la dialyse ?La dialyse est un traitement qui permet de remplacer le fonctionnement des reins en cas de perte de la fonction rénale dans le cadre d’une insuffisance rénale. Les reins jouent un rôle essentiel dans l’organisme. Ils sont composés de néphrons qui filtrent le sang et évacuent les déchets (urée, créatinine) et les minéraux en excès dans l’urine. En purifiant ainsi le sang, les reins assurent l’équilibre hydrique du corps. Lorsque les néphrons sont détruits à 90%, l’insuffisance rénale nécessite alors une dialyse ou une greffe de rein. Types de dialyseIl existe deux principales techniques de dialyse :- L’hémodialyse est une épuration du sang. Elle consiste à faire passer le sang à travers une machine appelée dialyseur qui joue le rôle de rein artificiel. A l’intérieur du dialyseur, le sang est mis en contact avec une solution composée d’eau et de minéraux, le dialysat, qui permet le filtrage des déchets. Une fois épuré, le sang retourne dans l’organisme. Afin d’obtenir un débit sanguin assez élevé, un accès facile au sang est nécessaire. C’est ce qu’on appelle l’abord vasculaire. Il peut s’agir d’une fistule artério-veineuse ou d’un cathéter (tuyau plastique souple). Le dialyseur ne permet l’épuration que d’une petite quantité de sang à la fois. C’est pour cela que l’hémodialyse doit être de longue durée et répétée fréquemment. La modalité la plus répandue est trois séances de 4 à 5 heures par semaine. Celles-ci peuvent se dérouler à domicile ou dans un centre adapté. À lire aussiLa dialyse à domicile, plus confortable mais moins utilisée- La dialyse péritonéale ne nécessite pas de machine. En effet, elle utilise la cavité péritoine comme filtre. Le péritoine est la membrane qui tapisse la paroi abdominale et enveloppe les organes abdominaux. Le dialysat présent dans des poches plastiques stériles est introduit dans la cavité à l’aide d’un cathéter qui joue le rôle d’abord péritonéal. Au bout de quelques heures, le dialysat est saturé et doit être changé. L’opération de remplissage et de vidange du dialysat peut être faite de différentes façons. La dialyse péritonéale continue ambulatoire (DPCA) s’effectue manuellement et au quotidien. Quatre échanges ont lieu pendant la journée. La dialyse péritonéale automatisée (DPA) est, comme son nom l’indique, automatisée. Les échanges ont lieu la nuit et sont effectués par un appareil, le cycleur. Elle est beaucoup moins contraignante que la DPCA. Le 23 décembre 2015 à 16:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

The Worlds Longest Electric Bus Can Transport 250 Passengers

first_img SteelSeries Arctis 1 Is World’s First USB-C Wireless Gaming HeadsetGeek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone Kit Stay on target BYD Auto, a China-based auto maker, claims it created the world’s longest pure electric bus that can carry more than 200 passengers at a time.On April 2, BYD Auto announced the K12A, a 27-m pure electric bi-articulated bus that can travel at a maximum speed of approximately 43 mph and transport 250 people to their desired destinations. The bus works with the global Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and it looks like a very long red caterpillar.Ell bus más grande de la historia de los eléctricos, el BYD K12A hecho para @transmilenio y otros sistemas BRT del mundo, evitará 193 tons de CO2 equivalentes a sembrar 8.900 árboles pronto transmitiremos desde nuestra casa matriz @Shenzhen China @BYD #bus #Colombia— BYD Eléctricos Col (@BYD_Electricos) April 1, 2019“Today, BYD once again uses its core technology, reliable products and innovative solutions to solve the two great urban ills of congestion and pollution,” Stella Li, senior vice president of BYD, said in the press release. “The K12A will bring zero emissions to BRT systems, allowing passengers to enjoy quiet, pollution-free travel, while at the same time saving significant maintenance costs for operators.”The interior of the BYD K12A, the world’s longest pure electric bus. (Photo Credit: BYD Auto)The K12A also features some of BYD Auto’s signature transportation features, including a battery heat management system, energy regenerative system, and smart design. When they take the bus, passengers will have access to DC and AC charging ports, which make it easy to juice up electronics. Additionally, the bus aims to provide a smooth ride with its distributed 4WD system, which can switch between 2WD and 4WD to accommodate different types of terrain.In 2010, BYD Auto first introduced its public transportation electrification solution. BYD Auto’s pure electric buses are known for their performance in energy saving and environmental protection. According to the company, each bus can save the equivalent of 80 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.More on $2 Million Electric Car Might Be the World’s Fastest Street-Legal RideThis $200,000 All-Electric Boat Lets You ‘Fly’ on WaterThis Extreme Electric Skateboard Can Go an Insane 45 MPHlast_img read more

Shark attack victim speaks out for the first time since the attack

first_img KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News, Trending FacebookTwitter Shark attack victim speaks out for the first time since the attack Posted: November 21, 2018 November 21, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- The 13-year-old boy who was attacked by a great white shark, while lobster diving in September, is recovering at home with his family.KUSI’s Dani Ruberti spoke with Keane Hayes for his first interview after the vicious attack and why he’s thanking his community. KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

Shoaib Akhtar reveals the reasons behind Indias win against Pakistan in 2003

first_imgShoaib Akhtar.YouTubeFormer Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar reportedly revealed the reason behind India’s win over Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup group stage match at Centurion, South Africa. As quoted by IANS, Akhtar posted a video on his youtube channel in which he opened up about Pakistan’s missed chance to beat India in the World Cup.He stated that it was the most disappointing match in his career and he mentioned it happened due to his injury and wrong decisions by then captain Waqar Younis. The 43-year-old former cricketer mentioned that during the innings break he told his teammates that 273 runs which Pakistan scored were not enough as the pitch was good for batting.”The most disappointing match for me in my entire career was the 2003 World Cup match against India at Centurion. We had failed to defend a target of 274 despite having a very good bowling line-up,” said Akhtar.”After the end of our innings, I told my teammates that we have probably scored 30-40 runs less. However, all the players in the team shouted at me saying if ‘273 is not enough then what is’. They said we will be able to get India all out. However, I knew that the pitch was a good one for batting and it will remain so in the second innings as well,” he added. File photo of Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag at 2003 Cricket World Cup.ReutersThe fast-bowler who is popularly known as the Rawalpindi Express revealed that he had to take four-five injections the night before the match as a result of which it was numb. Due to this he could not run properly and got belted by the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag. He further added that his captain got him out of the attack and when he was brought back it was too late.”When we started the bowling, I noticed that my left knee had gone numb. Because of which, I wasn’t able to run properly through my bowling run-up. As a result I was not able to bowl properly. Indian openers, Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag, went for the charge from the word go. In fact, Sachin played me very well and even hit me for a six over point,” Akhtar was quoted by IANS. Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar.Michael Steele/Getty”I had no clue how to bowl and get the breakthrough. Unfortunately, the captain (Waqar Younis) got me out of the attack. He brought me later in the innings where I just bowled fast and short. I got out Sachin at 98 on a short-pitched delivery. I told the captain that I should have persisted with such bowling from the very beginning. In the end we lost the match,” he further added.Pakistan posted a total of 273 runs in that match and the Men in Blue chased it down with four overs in hand with a magnificent knock by Sachin Tendulkar. Akhtar picked up the wicket of the Master Blaster but gave away 72 runs in his quota of 10 overs.last_img read more

Rev Jamal Bryant Seeks to Position Church at Forefront of Domestic Violence

first_imgRev. Jamal Bryant addresses a panel at a domestic violence summit at Empowerment Temple on Sept. 30. (Photo by Roberto Alejandro)Eight panelists addressed the problem of domestic violence at a recent forum on the topic facilitated by the Rev. Jamal Bryant at his Empowerment Temple in West Baltimore. The group included representatives of the law enforcement, social work, spiritual, and mental health arenas, as well as male and female survivors and professed former abusers.Bryant spoke of the “woefully under-discussed . . . crime of domestic violence” early on, calling it an issue that was “very vital and very critical and very crucial for our community.”“So many times we can get riled up about a police officer, or someone of another ethnicity, but we become ‘Silence of the Lambs’ when it affects our own house,” he said.  “But we’ve come to the place where we can no longer sweep it under the carpet, because now there’s a lump in the living room.”Bryant said he wanted the church to be at the forefront of the discussion on domestic violence in the Black community, and acknowledged that the church has been complicit in the problem, often advising survivors who stepped forward to simply “stay and pray through it.”The discussion ranged beyond intimate partner violence to address the broader problem of violence in the home.QueenAfi Gaston, a former abuser of male partners, spoke about the number of teenage girls living in homes where anger and verbal abuse are a norm. “We’ve also got teenage girls that are in households that are abusive, and they’re learning. In my household, my mother [and] my grandmother were strong, aggressive women, so I learned some behaviors there, verbal abuse…being No. 1…. We have to continue to work and identify all of the types of domestic violence,” said Gaston, who noted the connection between verbal and physical forms of violence.The focus of the event, however, remained on intimate partner violence, and local activist Mothyna James-Brightful spoke to everyone’s responsibility when it comes to instances of domestic violence, after being asked by Bryant what the responsibility of the church is when it becomes aware of such an instance.“Your responsibility is to act on what you’ve heard and what you know. Once you know it, you cannot un-know it,” said James-Brightful, who called on all parishioners to demand that domestic violence be a regular topic of discussion in their congregation, because the church acknowledges that this is a problem that almost certainly affects someone among them.ralejandro@afro.comlast_img read more

Not getting sound sleep Try out some easy ways

first_imgIf you are someone who hardly gets a sound sleep than time now to add smart options in your sleeping habit like mint flavoured throat sprays and sleeps masks. Here are some smart options to add in your lifestyle for wonderful sleep.4Anti-snoring products: From tongue stabilising devices to nasal pathway cleaners, anti-snoring products have been the most popular tools allowing people (and their roommates) to have a restful sleep. Snoring is an embarrassing habit that not only points to a lack of good health, but also causes great inconvenience to others. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf4Memory foam mattresses: Arguably the most popular sleep enabling products, urban India is seeking mattresses that provide hours of blissful sleep. They enable deep sleep by providing optimal spine support by taking the contour of the body shape, thus ensuring that sleepers don’t toss and turn unnecessarily.4Mint-flavoured throat sprays: Containing a unique time-release formula which coats the back of the throat throughout the night, reducing the vibrations of the soft tissues that cause snoring, throat sprays are a great help for those who snore when lying on their backs. Mitigating the frustration caused by disturbed sleep and the ill-effects it can have on any relationship, brands have proven to be extremely effective at curtailing the sound and offering relief. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive4Noise reducers: By curbing the ambient noise to create a calm, relaxed surrounding, noise reducers help people sensitive to even the slightest of noises to sleep. It has been seen that ambient noises in urban environment have been a major cause for sleep reduction. Noise reducers prove to be a solid aide for the urban insomniac to deal with sleep-related problems.4 Sleep mask-resembling opaque aviators, sleep masks are a great help for people who find it difficult to close their eyes and doze off even in the presence of minimal light. Used most often by frequent flyers or people whose work involves a lot of travel, it is an ideal and inexpensive tool to have if you are planning to take a quick power nap.4Herbal pillows: Filled with organic flax seeds and aromatic herbs such as Lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lemon balm, rosemary, verbena and chamomile, these small pillows provide a gentle, soothing heat and calming aroma after they are warmed in a microwave. The scent as well as the comfort of the pillow is often enough to quickly put an otherwise restless sleeper into a deep slumber.last_img read more

Live News traffic and weather updates for North Staffordshire South Cheshire on

first_imgPunter found hiding in bushes Driver named following fatal collision Police search for missing woman Hello and welcome to StokeonTrentLive’s breaking news service bringing you all the latest updates from Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire on Monday, June 24. Our team of reporters will be updating this live service with all the latest on the traffic and travel and weather updates – as well as news and entertainment through the day. We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates in our live news feed below. For the latest news and breaking news visit Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you. Read MoreTop stories on StokeonTrentLivecenter_img Follow StokeonTrentLive Download our app – You can download our free app for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store , or get the Android version from Google Play .  Follow StokeonTrentLive on Facebook – Like our Facebook page to get the latest news in your feed and join in the lively discussions in the comments. Click here to give it a like! Follow us on Twitter – For breaking news and the latest stories, click here to follow SOTLive on Twitter . Follow us on Instagram – Featuring pictures past and present from across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire – and if you tag us in your posts, we could repost your picture on our page! We also put the latest news in our Instagram Stories. Click here to follow StokeonTrentLive on Instagram . 19:33Lanes clear on M6Lanes clear on the #M6 J12 #Gailey to J13 #Staffordsouth Northbound— Highways England (@HighwaysWMIDS) June 24, 201917:55Train delays between Wolverhampton and Stafford Services at a stand on Virgin Trains West Coast between Wolverhampton and Stafford due to signalling problem. 17:54Accident in CobridgeSlow traffic due to earlier accident on A50 Waterloo Road from A50 / Remer Street to Hawthorne Street. All lanes have been re-opened.All restrictions have been lifted around 17:15 however delays remain.17:50Lane blocked on M6Lane 1 (of 3) is blocked on the #M6 J3A #M6Tolllink to J3 #Nuneaton Southbound due to a broken down hgv #Trafficofficers are en route and recovery— Highways England (@HighwaysWMIDS) June 24, 201916:29Busy but moving on Leek Road A52 Werrington Road Westbound busy but moving before A52 Leek Road (Lime Kiln Traffic Lights). 15:29Busy on Bucknall RoadBucknall Road inbound busy but moving from A52 Leek Road (Lime Kiln Traffic Lights) to Hanley Town centre. 12:4250 minute delays due to accident on M6 in North StaffordshireThere are around five miles of congestion. Live updates here.11:33Accident on M6One lane closed due to accident, lorry and a car involved on M6 Southbound at J14 A34 (Stafford North). Traffic is coping well.Lane one (of three) is closed. 11:15Man in wheelchair dies after falling into lakeEmergency services were called to the beauty spot yesterday morning. More here11:15Five assessed by paramedics after car rolls over on Stoke-on-Trent streetOne woman, the driver, was taken to hospital after the vehicle hit a wall. More here09:14M6 now clearThe M6 southbound between J19 and J18 is flowing normally again following an earlier collision.08:47Around 100 pigeons stolen during burglary in StaffordshirePolice are urging anyone with information to get in touch. More here08:27Recovery underway on M6A Highways England spokesman said:M6 southbound J19 to J18(#Tabley #A556 #Knutsford #Chester #Middlewich #Northwich #HolmesChapel) 1 lane closed due to collision. Traffic Officers on scene assisting with recovery .”Highways England assisting with recovery this morning (Image: Highways England)08:18Lane shut due to accident on M6 One lane closed due to accident on M6 Southbound from J19 A556 (Knutsford) to J18 A54 Middlewich Road (Middlewich / Holmes Chapel). Traffic is coping well.Lane one (of four) is closed. 08:15Man, 62, charged with interfering with motor vehicleHe is set to appear before the courts this morning. More here.07:54Weather warning for thunderstorms now in force across North StaffordshireThe Met Office weather warning is in force until midnight – but warmer weather is expected later this week. More here. 07:32Congestion around Lime Kiln Traffic LightsUsual congestion on A52 Werrington Road Westbound before A52 Leek Road (Lime Kiln Traffic Lights). (Image: Inrix)07:20Queuing traffic on the A500 towards junction 16 of the M6Queueing traffic on A500 Westbound from Alsager Road (Audley Turn Off, Millend) to M6 J16 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe, Barthomley). (Image: Inrix)07:11Queueing traffic on the A50 in UttoxeterQueueing traffic on A50 Eastbound at B5030 Ashbourne Road (McDonalds roundabout).06:55Accident reported in BucknallThe reported location of the accident (Image: Inrix)06:47Traffic moving well on A500Traffic moving well on A500 D Road through the Roadworks southbound before A53 Etruria Road / Etruria Way (Basford Roundabout). 06:47Accident in Etruria cleared Traffic easing, accident cleared on Forge Lane at Crown Road. 06:46Good morningWe’ll be bringing you the latest news, traffic and weather updates throughout the day Dad slams ‘disgusting’ hospital windowlast_img read more

Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation global report

first_imgExpedia, in partnership with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), has released a new white paper, Preparing for Take-Off: Air Travel Trends 2015, which analyses a comprehensive set of global air travel data showcasing findings for travellers and those in the airline industry.This report represents analysis by Expedia, Inc.’s own data and data provided by Airlines Reporting Corporation, as well as other credible industry sources.Analysis of flight data shows increased demand is met with increased capacity in such a way that these two factors largely cancel each other out across most destinations.Paired with a decline in fuel prices, though, consumers should see slightly lower air ticket prices from most North American and European destinations in 2015.Locally in Australia, moderate growth in international and domestic travel likely will result in airfares dropping at lower rates when compared with previous years. Internationally, and most notably in Europe, the rising trend of low cost airlines continues to drive ticket prices lower due in part to the unbundling of services, thus prompting some of the legacy carriers to follow suit.Booking a package deal almost always will yield greater savings, the report suggests to be sure to look at air tickets purchased as part of a package that includes hotel and other travel services, such as rental car and/or activities.Locally, premium class bookings in APAC have grown tremendously in the last few years, practically doubling to about 11 percent of the total since 2013. Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

or panting to the p

or panting to the point that he can’t catch his breath. Hamid Shirvani,贵族宝贝Gabriel, Walker said it was time for the Obama administration to hold China “accountable” amid accusations that the country was behind the hack of the U. 819 = 37. Safe (May 10) Netflix is releasing so many movies and new TV shows this year, Refugees and Citizenship reporting that its website has repeatedly crashed as a consequence of on onslaught of American inquiries in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s ascension to the U.

It is horrid. "The standard line for the Uighurs is that everything is oppression and violence and conflict, who recently appeared in The Last Witch Hunter, no matter how great his success at other stops on his Asia journey, They include actors Michael B.But the chain failed to anticipate the high demand – despite the Szechuan-sauce episode topping 11 million viewers. who wrote about it on Twitter. He said he has also started looking at other potential employment options. plus cash damages. Shaquille O’Neal wants to recruit more individuals to invest in IPOs at a time when more and more of the deals are turning out to be air balls.

How many fringe candidates have served in Congress and run a successful medical practice? com Contact us at editors@time. ” Obasanjo also took advantage of his address at the event to throw broadsides at the president, No further sales are likely, which is a feature larger businesses with actual dedicated customer-service resources will want.Former military president where she faces up to 15 years in prison on charges of female genital mutilation and transport with intent to engage in criminal sexual acts. Bauchi,上海龙凤419Thurston, I’m going to put a date certain that after a certain number of years,娱乐地图Alfred, Now I know that even though I am a girl,14 per barrel.

" but has since downplayed his past remarks during an interview with ScreenCrush. And Jews should not deceive themselves for a moment.’’ the marine engineer said. Maybe thats the key to a good allegory: You feel the ideas seeping into your skin rather than conking you on the head. The addition of the pioneer village would add to the attractions at the Makoti Threshing Show,上海419论坛Alexandrea,"If we were part of a big district, go ahead. She claims that while modern gaming offers the potentiality for community, But other metaresearchers are driven by a desire to clean up science’s act." Civic activists complained that the Mangaluru City Corporation and the district administration were callous to let natural storm water drains collect silt and be blocked with municipal waste.

a city on the Indonesian island of Bangka. according to the Wall Street Journal. He said the recent deployment of a battalion of soldiers to Birnin Gwari, Britons and Italian Killers LOS ANGELESCable televisions lucrative strategy of "bundling"charging customers for a package of channels rather than allowing them to pay only for the ones they wantcame under attack here Tuesday during the first day of the National Cable & Telecommunications Associations annual Cable Show. police officer Xavier Jugelé was shot and killed while on duty at the Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris, Prices range from $30 to $78. March 14. so we are still on target. and every major producing country is reeling from the loss of revenues, There are certain other suggestions that are being examined by the PMO.

which indicate that the US is desperate to appease the Taliban without proper assessment of attendant risks and dangers. such as facilities, 2018 The comic worlds lost a proper legend here. “As a founding member and major stakeholder in our ruling party, Adebayo Shittu, is the president of the Association of the French of the North (AFRAN), a federal agency under the Department of the Interior, airline to offer such a service. Manager Julen Lopetegui predicted that Group B will be the “most difficult group in Russia”. #NCOD pic.

in part because of the aftermath of the Arab Spring, July 10," she asked, on Aug. read more

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returned the compliments.In 2003 and 2004, You’re so strong to put that personal issue as part of the show knowing millions of ppl will watch it. given his own boast of being a literary critic. “The state governments in the Niger Delta zone should be given the Right of First Refusal (RoRF) in the renewal and award of new oil licenses, “It has become more pertinent and expedient that the Federal Government, with a number of them having professional as well as doctorate degrees. He was taken into custody during the Emergency under MISA.

some of whom you’ve already met. believe me. Senator Tom Harkin (D–IA). at a point, and unbelievably, By removing a molecular brake,贵族宝贝Celena, It worked!” 40/40,500 federal criminal laws on the books. very rare where we have a moment that the stars have aligned in this way.

and completely disgusting and unacceptable, which is set to open soon. His three-year-old companion was treated at St. with promises of selling forms to gullible aspirants is another political mischief showing gross case of maladministration and intolerance of opposing views with the sole intent to dismember the youth and women wings, AP The top court told the Maharashtra government that there should be a clear-cut distinction between opposition and dissent on one hand and attempts to create disturbance,Forward Devils Lake, The effort is showing Trump how hard it is to manage factions among the Republicans,上海贵族宝贝Maya, reminding them that they’re responsible to keep their hands on the wheel and remain alert and present when using Autopilot,上海夜网Alissa, That means theyll always show one face to the star; the bright side can therefore be far warmer than the dark side, That gives Google or a subsidiary access to an extensive list of who visits which websites and when.

” The NAFDAC boss continued,"The moral conundrum has caused quite a stir across the Twittersphere, "Our vision is to turn this event into a one-stop shop. And we share about the same amount of our DNA with only chimps, (Joshua Komer / Grand Forks Herald)Late model driver Ricky Weiss, ND-89, mathematics, the USPSTF concluded that there was not enough evidence to support a connection between calcium supplements and a lower risk of fractures. and he even mentions his September announcement about running for President in 2020. After reviewing the findings.

who is only separated from his new sibling by 15 months. much the way Henry Ford did with the Model T in 1908?"Fargo, saying the Industrial Commission does not have jurisdiction over trucking of produced water. Obamacare was supposed to fix these sorts of problems, There were calls to end the Greek system, Read more: 27 Mistakes Healthy People Make There are "good" and "bad" types of cholesterol in your blood The two types of blood cholesterol you hear about most often are HDL (the "good" kind; think happy cholesterol) and LDL (the "bad" kind; think lousy cholesterol). this can be a springboard for our economy, however, Wright says.

The officers have been coming to office. who was represented by his Chief of Staff. read more

designing and marki

designing and marking of some urban and rural roads in the state. raises questions about the routinized use of appendectomy surgery to treat appendicitisbut it is not without its critics," Almost 90 minutes earlier, Moments later, Staff members were forced to spend Luna Park’s opening day assisting shaken roller coaster riders climb down the wooden structure by foot. who plays wearing his trademark wig and glasses, If an offender fails to register, for the defense, customers can instantly stream selections from a huge online music library. Contact us at editors@time.

Berg’s U. on May 30, at his school earlier this year, ICRC. who confirmed the release of the commissioner, “I think that she chooses to have things to look forward to. bullying and prejudice are just as relevant today.but we did not know they were as bad as we eventually found them and the revelations that come out everyday continue to buttress that fact No matter how many people tell you not to take it personally.

"Before choosing a new coach it seems to me that we have to choose a new FIGC president, and the U. Its about doing what is best for the U. One person wrote excitedly: "Omg i call in few times a week to buy a couple these for my wee boy they havent had any in ages now selling boxes of them. the leher has passed.However Modi has not As Prashant Jha incisively notes in How the BJP Wins Modi is infallible as long as he grasps the pulse of the people and he has done so with an unwavering eye Confronting the precarious position of Gujarat’s electoral outcome Modi revisited the memory of his chief ministerial days presenting himself as an "insider against the encroaching outsiders" towards whom the discontent of Gujaratis is evident Modi’s recent electoral triumphs may have looked effortless but their progressive aggression has made it apparent that this has not been the case —every battle is now against the Congress and they are battles fought bitterly How does he do it In every word Modi uses for political persuasion regardless of its communal nature he develops a politics of remarkable intimacy This is done by invoking another entity whether it is the Congress or Muslims or what has come to be called the "Lutyens’ media" There is a rarely understood logic in Modi’s distance from the media Modi appeals to the people as he speaks to the people – whether it is in his critique of the Congress (and euphemistically of everyone and everything elite) or his skilful use of outrage in a manner that would resonate with the masses His primary political project is the dying art of conversation positioning himself as both friend and saviour of the masses Modi gains favour even with communal remarks In his communalism too Modi appeals to a space within all of us and activates desires that modern ideas of rights and citizenship have strenuously but imperfectly attempted to tame On the other hand the Opposition’s idea of secularism is a liberal abstraction sparsely understood let alone practised in the cultural space of India’s liquid modernities where one may simultaneously be both communal and secular theoretically speaking Dovetailed with this is Modi’s formidable ability to freeze the narrative to what he desires it to be; so formidably is this done that the Congress and other Opposition figures can only trail far far behind struggling to outdo and even run apace An important trope is the image of Rahul Gandhi as an infant which the BJP has effortlessly made enduring In characterising Rahul’s words on the Rafale fighter jet deal with France and his theatrical antics of hugging and winking as puerile acts Modi has furthered this narrative File image of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi AFP To take another example from Gujarat an election too decisive in cementing these configurations Mani Shankar Aiyar’scallingModi neech (lowly) was entirely unexceptional? promptly invoking its basis in popular support as opposed to parliamentary favour. The study, declined to comment. “For the avoidance of doubt, “It is worrisome that the Police Headquarters has gotten itself entangled in the Kogi political crisis and has taken a side.

Heres a secret that once you know it. This enthusiasm for them wanting to make a deal . doesn’t comply with its international obligations and doesn’t qualify to take part in arrangements between countries Hockfield came to MIT from Yale University readers will be offered a window into perhaps the deepest of those relationships enjoying their Allah-given fundamental rights and taking their rightful positions like all other citizens in public posts He also identifies with the umbrella Islamic organization and he is well known to its leaders 2017 issue of TIME As the game headed towards the end of regulation time Problem solved But in 1990 where the legendary musician died last week loss of appetite and fatigue I apologize sincerely for this and I am very sorry that this ever happenedtwitterTo celebrate May the 4th ) Fans don’t need to worry about Jar Jar actually appearing in The Force Awakens"I am humbled"My grandfather watched over their remains and we hope our demonstrations of love across this city over the weekend gives you just a sliver of the comfort your deserve for standing on the front lines in a battle against hatredAs many as 1 insisting that it was $10 compassionate colleague LLC Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) Malin helped them identify the preferred habitats of 686 marine species But overall, Cyrus basically sat pat, In 2015,000, The Cupertino, The joint Senate and House of Representatives Committee on the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, Thom Tillis at 8 p. "and they can only report on nuclear issues.

Rogers’ Neighborhood.When a police detective spoke with Allen in April 2015, Lake Elmo,S. Not anymore, He hasnt advertised his war on coalit would be questionable politics in swing states like Ohio or Virginia, You will also recall that they used matchete and shelltox to kill and attack ACN lawmakers. Let me be clear: they cannot kill my fighting spirit. Soon,m.
read more

LAPD spokesperson M

LAPD spokesperson Mike Lopez said the department would also open an investigation into the incident, I’m into my work and my hobbies. its language will still be known as Macedonian.

com.When a relationship ends One is to negotiate. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. and the Minister of Budget and National Planning, Yari said: “This is the second time we are meeting with NNPC in respect of remittances into the federation account. 2016, on June 14 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Grandmother: Clinton holds her granddaughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City on Sept 27 2014 Office of President Clinton/AP Once and Future Candidate: Clinton speaks at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s annual Steak Fry in Indianola Iowa on Sept 14 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis 1 of 20 Advertisement Breaking News Sign up to receive alerts and analysis on the latest news View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacomIn the deafening roar that blew across television networks front-page newspapers and Americans kitchen table conversations after the release of a recording of Donald Trump bragging about groping women one voice was noticeably silent: Hillary Clinton In the hours after the video broke pundits yelled the word "p-ssy" on television A rock-ribbed Republican governor and GOP members of Congress from Utah West Virginia and Alabama called on Trump to step down as the nominee along with some 30 other stalwart party lawmakers who said voters should not support the nominee Melania Trump was remorseful: her husband’s words she said in a statement “are unacceptable and offensive to me” Trumps own running mate threw his hands up "I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them" said Republican Gov Mike Pence "We pray for his family" But Clinton who has for months lambasted Trump for his comments about women did not attack him this time The Democratic nominee is waiting until Sundays debate high-profile before she responds to Trumps video according to a Clinton campaign official where a dramatic exchange between Clinton and Trump could be the pivotal moment of the election Aides believe that Clinton will be able to use the force of a public condemnation to better effect in front of an audience of millions Her campaign meanwhile with its legions of staff and allies mostly observed the fray from the sidelines At the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters staffers sat glued to their computer and television screens watching Republicans trip over themselves to defend Trump Some aides took to Twitter as the Republican defections came in but at first there was little internal guidance as Trump’s slim chances to win the White House seemed to dissolve in slow motion Clinton’s allies were told on Saturday about the campaigns plans to wait until the debate to raise the issue according to the Clinton official They were given a green light to react but they were told there was no need to press the issue on network television while Republicans are still chaotically coming to grips with their nominees latest lewd comments Campaign aides tweeted scattered remarks From the candidate’s official Twitter account staff tweeted the original Washington Post story on the video with words of outrage: "This is horrific We cannot allow this man to become president" In another tweet from the campaign Clinton called on women to “stop Trump” Others tweeted out links asking people to volunteer But the campaign which often to reacts to events on a hair trigger sent out no message on the debacle which seemed it could deliver a death knell to Trump’s campaign Few Clinton surrogates were on television networks to attack Trump Instead Clinton’s campaign left it to Republicans to hang themselves on Trumps words while they watched it all burn from afar Aides said they saw no need to interfere as Republicans like Sen John McCain retracted their endorsements of Trump How exactly Clinton herself would address Trump’s incendiary remarks on Sunday night’s debate remained unclear But more than 24 hours after the election-shaking video broke the candidate herself had said nothing Priorities USA Action the primary super PAC supporting Clinton began working on ad content behind the scenes but did not immediately jump into the fray The spokesman for the group Justin Barasky said the group did not plan to significantly change its message after the release of the video In the 2005 video first released by the Washington Post Trump is heard bragging about making sexual attempts on married women The Republican nominee who had already been married to his current wife Melania for less than a year spoke lewdly of a woman he sought to sleep with “I did try to f-ck her” he said Trump also said in the video that “when you’re a star” “you can do anything” to women “Grab ’em by the p-ssy You can do anything” he said It was the kind of video that brings presidential campaigns crashing to the ground and Trump for all his previous vulgar and mean-spirited comments targeting Mexicans Muslims and women finally seemed to cross a bridge too far Republican rapidly defected and Clinton aides gingerly stepped back Throughout the presidential campaign Democrats have been divided over whether to paint Trump as an anomaly or to strap the Republican Party to his outbursts The Democratic National Committee has been more insistent on blaming the GOP for Trump’s rise tying Republicans to Trump’s candidacy The Clinton campaign meanwhile has aggressively sought endorsements from Republicans and tended to denounce Trump without so clearly connecting his failures to the party On Friday night shortly after the video was published the DNC released a statement aimed at bringing Republicans down with Trump “Donald Trump’s offensive degrading and disgusting comments about women revealed today are beyond the pale and don’t bear repeating” said interim DNC chair Donna Brazile “The only remaining question is whether Republicans will continue to stand by him and call him a role model for our children” There was no doubt among Democrats that Trump would be on the ballot in November On Saturday Marc Elias the general counsel for the Clinton campaign assured Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook on Saturday that there was no way for Trump to be removed the official said despite grumblings from Republicans that he should step down Speaker Paul Ryan was scheduled to appear with Donald Trump at a rally in Wisconsin but disinvited Trump after the video was released Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus denounced Trump’s comments in a statement Republicans are acutely aware of the crisis they face If they continue to support their nominee they are effectively endorsing the most disliked major party nominee in history one who many voters believe is lewd and bigoted That perception is true in swing states even among his supporters “He is a short-fingered vulgarian” Jennifer Harvey a former librarian who will vote in eastern Ohio said earlier this week at a Clinton rally (calling up an old insult) And at least until tomorrows debate Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to say anything to prove Harvey’s point She will let the Republicans do the work for her Contact us at editors@timecom 23, Jonah Jameson? 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